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    i say make a suppressed 1911 and use a ribbon to get it say…. 50 handgun kills? i also agree the mac 10 should be a secondary
    id also like to see sem-auto/full auto shotguns for instance the sega-12
    i also think you should be able to have a Bipod as a piece of equipment that when used increases accuracy and gives a bonus saving throw vs incoming fire and instead of having a suppressed version of everything have a 2 different suppressor equipment for both primary and secondary weapons
    it also might be cool to add a command button that changes the weapons fire mode like single/burst/full auto

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    Lol. They should also put in a belt fed, hand-crank operated grenade launcher too 😛


    Instead of suppressed M1911, I’d like to suggest another gun: the Mk 22 “Hush Puppy” silenced pistol. Perhaps it could be a ribbon for killing some amount of NVA dogs (“Hush Puppy”s were used by the SEALs to take out guard dogs quietly). There was a suggestion for semi-auto shotguns, but considering the fact that most semi-auto guns in-game fire ludicrously fast, this might not be an option. The Saiga-12 is a modern russian shotgun that started production in 1997. Our lurps wouldn’t be able to get their hands on future tech, now could they…


    whoops i always assumed the Saiga-12 was older since it is basically a AK chambered for shotgun shells… similar to the SVD/Dragonov

    it would be nice to have a heavy hitting revolver and for the MAC-10 to be a secondary weapon also a scoped M14 would be pretty great just came to my mind looking at your profile picture

    but for suppressed weapons i think it would be better to make suppressors an equipment item one for main weapons one for secondaries so you dont have to code in 6+ weapons obviously it wont work for shotguns but make it so it lowers the effective range by a % and increases the jam chance by a %

    i think there should be a bipod equipment that when used gives a bonus to accuracy and an extra saving throw bonus to the soldier using it

    i also think that flack jackets should offer some substantial protection vs shotguns maybe a 20% damage reduction and a 10% damage reduction for .45 ACP caliber weapons since flack jackets could stop those as well

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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