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    Hey all! I’ve played MnB:R off and on since it came out to the general public. I’ve always wanted to have more weapons in the game, so this is my suggestion list. Feel free to add on if you think a certain firearm could be added!

    M14E2: This is a variant of the M14 that consisted of a few modifications to help it become a squad automatic weapon, it competed with the M60 and (Obviously) failed. However it still saw combat in Vietnam. I think this would be a good option for bridging the gap between the M14 and the M60, picture it functioning like a BAR but with slightly different statistics to make it viable.

    M2 Carbine: Full auto M1 Carbine, another variant of the M2 Carbine is the M3/M2 or M3/M1, This is just a standard M1 or M2 with an infrared optic.

    .357 Magnum: I’ve always thought the handguns in MnB:R were trivial to an extent, sure they’re a good backup if your M60 gunner has a jam in the middle of a firebase attack, but that’s really all they’re (Practically) useful for. So here I am, suggesting a high power revolver (It could be a Colt Python or a Model 27)

    M40: I think it would be cool to introduce a bolt action rifle into MnB:R, I know it would be a stretch for practicality sake but I kind of view this more as a novelty, maybe it could be used for taking out an HVT or something, but I think the M40 would be a cool addition.

    Feel free to add on to this list if you find any other Vietnam era weapons that might be useful in MnB:R!


    I was under the impression that the m40 was already in the game you get it for not rage quiting 10 missions in a row or something. I love the idea for a revolver tho.


    Yes the m40 is in the game but these a very good suggestions. On to the list of things to be added 🙂 (adding weapons in mnb:r is easy.


    A quick Wiki search proved you to be correct. +1 to intellect my friend.


    I have a HUGE list of weapons suggestions, check them out here:


    Okay, if this is going to be a DEDICATED weapons suggestions thread then I’ll just lump all of mine from previous threads into here:

    -Mas-49 in lieu of the M1 Garand. Competitor to the SKS.
    – Type 63 rifle. Automatic SKS.
    -Silenced AK47 for the Counter-LRRPS. Either that or non-Russian AK47s, maybe Chinese/Romanian/Czech/Hungarian.
    -Sturmgewehr 43, for Militia hands. Derelict and jams a lot.

    Sniper Rifles:
    -Would love to have an M21 in the game, pretty much the M14 with more range.
    -Savage 10FP in .223. Relatively low damage but it ought to be very light.
    -Steyr SSG69. More damage, less ammo.
    -Silenced snipers, maybe the Dragunov or something. That’d be freaking scary.
    -FR F1 sniper, left over from the French forces.
    -Lee-Enfield sniper rifle.

    Machine Guns:
    -M60E4, less range but less weight.
    -Degytarev DP. Less fire rate than RPD but more accuracy.

    Submachine guns:
    -Uzi as a primary. Lightweight and good for close range.
    -We have the PPS-43 already, why not include the PPSh-41? It’d be awesome.
    -Swedish K M/45s (Suppressed).
    -Beretta M12. Because it looks cool.
    -Sten Mk VI or IIs: Silenced Sten.

    -More shotguns. Maybe have the Ithaca 37 sawn-off with less weight but less range/damage.
    -Remington 11-38, less damage but it’s SEMI-AUTO.

    -Pistols need individual stats even though they are rarely used.
    – It’d be AWESOME to have a silenced pistol, preferably the “Hush Puppy” Mk. 22 used to take out Viet Cong dogs quietly.
    -Maybe the S&W .357 revolver. More power, less ammo. Or the Model 29. I’d like to play with a little “Dirty Harry” style.
    -The Mac-10 ought to be a secondary. Really. Otherwise nobody will use it.
    -Also, then more people would use secondaries.
    -Also make a silenced version. I heard that was it’s most common form.
    Micro-Uzi as a secondary as well, more range than the Mac but less fire rate.
    -Some Viet Cong secondaries, like the TT-33, Makarov, and Stechkin. Stechkin would be awesome, just make it really inaccurate.
    -Vz.61 Skorpion as a secondary. One of my favorite guns.

    -Super rare China Lake grenade launcher. Make it a semi-auto primary with very little collateral damage.
    -HE grenades vs. frags: HE has more damage, less radius vs. frags, which are vice versa. HE will damage vehicles more as well.

    -Flamethrower. For rangers, it’s a little too conspicuous (snort) but why not have the option. It’d be great for fire-base clearing missions.
    -M6 Survival Weapon for pilots. It’s a rifle+shotgun that’s far deadlier than pistols. Also have it available for (very rare) kill card as a secondary.
    -Different knives. Balisongs are cool. Machetes would have more weight but more damage. Also have a function where a machete can cut down some foliage (speaking of foliage, there should be more of it).

    AK47 variants!
    The VC used several grades of AK47. This should be reflected in Recon. Stats are listed as Damage/Range/Fire Rate/Jam Chance.
    Listed by rarity among VC forces, with 1 being the most common.
    1. AK-47: 100/70/5/.7: Reliable but mediocre stats.
    2. AKM: 120/80/5/.4: Updated and it has the legendary reliability that everyone knows it for.
    3. Type 56: 120/100/5/.4: High quality Chinese copy with some improvements.
    4. AMD-69: 120/80/7/.5: Quick assault AK47 carbine, Romanian variant.
    5. VZ.58: 120/120/8/.4: Powerful, rapid-fire Czech AK47 variant.

    Other guns:
    FN CAL: 100/100/8/.5: Shorter, lighter FN FAL in 5.56×45 NATO.
    Nagant Revolver: 50/40/Semi/0: Just for kicks. Unique, awesome, gun.
    Stechkin pistol: 60/60/8/.8: Russian auto pistol.
    Makarov PM: 40/40/Semi/.9: Viet Cong standard sidearm.
    Tokarev TT-33: 70/40/Semi/.5: High-velocity Viet Cong sidearm.

    Mr. Fields

    An MG-42 and a Luger, for the derp and for the Mud and Blood 2/3 reference.


    The STG44 would be more fitting, it’s actually kind of practical.

    Mexican Batman

    I would like to suggest the M-16A1 , it was used in the Vietnam conflict . It should have slightly more weight , more accuracy , less jam chance and 30 round magazines at the cost of a slightly lower fire rate since they have to have some nerfs I guess. Someone else suggested this before I am sure but the same type of grenades the vc’s use should be available to US troops via killcard. The Tomahawk should be available as a melee close quarters weapon that the troops can use in stealth or not and should do much higher damage than the knife. ( Rangers were famous for using Tomahawks during Vietnam ) I also think Bayonets should be available on rifles ( unless they’re silenced ). I also wonder if the Bren Gun could be added to the game , I think it would be a nice addition to the game. Someone also suggested colored smoke grenades be used for calling some types of support in . Not sure if that would be too much coding but it sounds like a really cool idea to me. I also think maybe a sawed off double barreled shotgun would make a nice secondary . It would have slightly less damage and range and lots of re loading but you get a shotgun as a secondary.


    Some great suggestions here. I’d personally like to see some more French weapons from the 1st Indochina War come into play such as the Lebel or MAS rifles. Some Smith and Wesson revolvers would be amazing too, for Smith and Wessons were some of the most common revolvers at the time. I know M1 Garands were somewhat uncommon, but I would like to see those too. Maybe add some more shotguns too like a Remi or a Winchester.I understand that Mauser C96 copies were supplied to the VC as well. The C96 would be absolutely badass to include as a killcard. Many other WWII-era Axis weaponry was used in somewhat common amounts such as the Japanese Arisaka, Nambu, and Type 99; German K98, FG 42, MP 40, StG 44 etc… You devs have done one hell of a job on the MnB series and I’ve played it ever since the MnB 2 beta was introduced. It was a big part of my childhood and you all have improved the series even more with Recon. Again, one hell of a job.


    My list has the MAS, the shotguns you mentioned, as well as the S&Ws. 😀

    And some of the German weapons you mentioned as well!

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    Logan Koland

    Brendan: I agree with you there, some more French weapons would be great. They are historically accurate, too!

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    SOG-Modified RPD Machine Gun:

    The RPD machine gun is normally associated with the of the early Soviet military and various third-world arsenals. Nevertheless, the weapons got some unconventional modifications from an unconventional American unit.
    During the Vietnam War, Military Assistance Command, Vietnam established a “black” special operations group under the innocuous sounding designation of Studies and Observation Group; the new unit consisted of Army Special Forces, Navy SEALs, and Marine Force Reconnaissance personnel.
    In 1965 and 1966, this unit was given permission to begin cross border operations into Laos and Cambodia, with the objective of observing and interdicting logical operations on the Ho Chi Minh trail. Given the covert nature of their missions, SOG operators often carried non-U.S. weapons into the field.

    The RPD was a gas piston-operated machine developed at the tail end of World War II by Soviet small arms designer Vasily Degtyaryov.
    It was chambered in the same 7.62x39mm intermediate rifle as the famous AK-47. Given its place in Vietcong and North Vietnamese hands, the RPD was suited for SOG’s unconventional needs, but went a step beyond.
    SOG operators cut the RPD’s barrel down to the end of the gas tube and shortened the stock, bringing the overall length down to just 31 inches.
    SOG also modified the RPD’s drum magazine to hold 125 rounds instead of the usual 100, as well as adding a piece of linoleum to muffle rattling inside the drum. These modifications created a compact, yet still controllable machine gun that only weighed 12 pounds.
    For a small, outnumbered SOG recon team trying to break contact with pursuing forces, the custom RPD was the last word in portable firepower

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    TIP: To give a bit of advice here when creating topics.
    Labeling them to broad like “some suggestions” just asks for people either not showing much interest since nobody knows what exactly is in them and mostly it seams that new topic creators are generally rather lame on how to describe their creations resulting in more “this is a suggestion” type thread that nobody really knows what is in them then decently labeled ones like this “Weapons Suggestions” one where the obvious intent is quickly seen.

    The current variety of main firearms seams to cover most aspects of Recon game play that was available to either the enemy or our LRRPs.
    Asking for very rare weapons that are way inferior to what is already in game makes little sense to me since obviously they be only neat for collectors but will see very little actual combat.
    Giving them to the enemy in masses would lower their overall already way inferior combat strength to a point where playing the game at low heat would resemble a duck hunt more then a war game.

    However I do see some use to introduce a few more firearms that could fill a niche of some sorts. Here a few that I noticed that were historically used. I will re-post listed ones first.

    M2 Carbine:
    Historical stuff; The following article covers about what I could dig up about the M2-Carbine during ’68 (time of Recon). Interestingly I could not get direct Ranger info on this.
    Taken from a Vietnam War forum post:
    My late father served from 1960-1968. M2’s, M1897 shotguns and 1911’s were the primary AP weapons (AF Post) through most of his enlistment, though they had M1 rifles, Thompsons and BAR’s in the arms rooms. He said he didn’t see an M16 or M15 revolver until 1966 when he was assigned to Forbes AFB.
    The M2 Carbine ran at 750 to 775 RPM. At 750 RPM it is firing at the rate of 12.5 rounds per second so it will empty a 30-round mag in less than 3 seconds.

    So basically the M2-Carbine was the pre-predecessor of the later M16 variants.
    Notable differences to make this Recon feasible.
    Shorter effective range then the M16.
    Slightly slower rate of fire.
    Lower damage.
    Low jam chance.
    Great suppression capability.
    Available from the start. Compared to the M1-Carbine the difference would be to ammo hog and run dry fairly fast but it would have the same bulk to stay under the magic green bulk status.

    Would love to have an M21:
    Similar. This would be a great upgrade from the M40.
    Could use the first designation XM21 since it officially came in in ’69.
    Slower rate of fire but a much higher effective range.
    The m40 could still have the farthest effective range so that it would still be a outstanding weapon.

    Shotguns: -Remington 11-38, less damage but it’s SEMI-AUTO.
    That sounds nice.
    There was also a full auto shotgun with a 10 round box mag as an experimental weapon. Sadly I can not find it anymore.

    I wanted to post more but the site told me that would be unsafe and blocked my previous compound post.


    Lance: The “rare” weapons that people suggested don’t have to be implemented commonly into the VC arsenal. These suggestions are good suggestions, there’s no such thing as a bad suggestion unless it has nothing to do with anything. If anything, these suggestions show that the community is active and willing to participate. Weapons such as the Lebel and MAS were simply historically accurate and captured from the 1st Indochina War. The MAS in some respects was better than the M1. Just as potent with accuracy. It could be implemented as a sharpshooter weapon. In terms of the M1 Garand, the ARVN used it more than most other rifles and it was pretty common. Definitely in need of a revolver without a doubt. Revolvers, in my opinion, are the most needed gun so far. In terms of the VC, the VC used whatever they could get their hands on. The “rare” weapons I and others mentioned were far more common than the Baikal and the shotgun/muskets. WWII-era weapons were commonly found among the VC and I think more should be implemented into the game. If you’re worried about the VC being underpowered, swap the Baikal with literally anything. In my opinion, the Baikal probably should be the rarest weapon in the game and yet it is the one of the most common among low-rank VC. That probably needs to change.

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