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    Swedish Commando

    6 men 1 goal. Reach Sweden. I will again post the intro story sorry if it become repetative.

    Six Swedish commandos took the wrong boat on their way to GΓΆteborg and went to Britain where they were pushed in other boats. They followed not understading a bit and realised a little late they were participating in D-Day! Luckily the commandos survived the first assault and managed to clear a beach will they Push through Germany to reach Sweden or will they fall? Please follow my Youtube for any upcoming videos about them please react with some fun squad builds i can use for them. (2 spec ops is a must.)



    Spec Ops were Re-named as Commandos I thought? :/ ..in any case…
    Suggest trying 4 Commandos with 2 Medics for support. Gives you 2 3-man teams that can deliver a deadly crossfire. Don’t give the Commandos BARs, leave them with the Tommy Gun which while not being a weapon of distance, can be lethal up close.(especially when your Entire Crew has them)

    Off the boat, I enjoy 1 Siggy, 1 Medic, 2 Gunners, & 2 Riflemen. Again I try and maintain 2 3-man crews, but your gonna have to send the Medic back-n-forth, so that only goes so far. IF your lucky enough to get them ranked-up, you’ll have a good team.
    The Commando thing I started 3 days behind, and was able to get a Gold Star Before having to call in a Frenchie.

    Will follow the Youtube story, but can’t seem to find the trail.


    Swedish Commando

    I will post links of my videos here but they are in the works and yes i kinda renamed spec ops as Special operations sounds less epic than commandos.Than you for the tips and tricks might trade 1 person in for a marksman they can do pretty good when you need them.

    Tommy guns are devastating BAR kinda ruins it even the lewis is better.



    How about a sniper?


    Swedish Commando

    That is kind of what i meant.


    Swedish Commando

    Well i did it i made an hour long video about me being bad in MNB3.

    Expect a written story for this tommorow along the other video.



    Currently streaming this on my apple tv in my living room while having a beer. This awesome. Send halp.


    Swedish Commando

    Join the army they said… https://youtu.be/QlcuR8jAMVc



    Off the beach they go and at around min 2-3 their adventure almost ended right there.
    Grabbing the nearest trench is not always the best way to go as learned from WW1.
    Good thing you did outflank that enemy tree rat in time but alas the Commandos weakness to perma-pin got you at the same time.
    Thank the developer for super medics on our side but are you not going against the ALL must be Commandos theme there. πŸ˜‰
    *imagine that some players actually suggested that the enemy should have such Medics too. πŸ™„

    A bit after that and some rankings up the power of automatic weapons shines through. Literally in the number of holes put into enemy soldiers. πŸ™‚

    Arty and no idea where all your men are at….. LOL
    Tips at this point;
    1) Use the number keys to select individuals faster and use the 9 key to move everyone at once.
    2) Do use the Clean Function ( ! ) to reduce the game lag.

    Can’t see that you are using their skills very often.
    Tip 3): Invisible super soldiers usually do not get targeted be the enemy.
    4) TNT has a very large area of effect. You can place ane on the other side of a LOS blocker like a tree and it will surely kill everything in the vicinity without your men even neding to expose themselves.

    Barbwire in a river is brilliant if it be covered by that water sprite like I once had barbwire inside a wall that I ran into and it basically killed my man.
    That was some awesome URB I tell you.

    And another moment of pure luck since that Pack 88 did not fire a single shot at your men.
    See TNT has a very large effect range and btw you lucked out there again cause that self made blast could have easily killed someone.
    And another easily cleaned field and then you stop? O next vid I see….

    Finally things are getting serious again after that first encounter now in field number 5, 6?
    TIP: Running zig zag doe not impress the AI but rather gives it more time to shoot you.
    Nice going against that tank with that one man.
    TNTing it was a good idea even though you could have first hid behind that hay barrel because it blocks LoS.
    Then go stealth and TNT it and then run strait back behind the barrel.

    WOW!!! Worst URB tank gun miss but totally random killer hit shot ever at 12:20 in the second vid.

    French meat feeds/ sacrifices or where you hoping for FF? French fighters are a lot better in MNB3 then in the previous game.
    Get one maxed then use him wisely and you will not be disappointed. Just do not play around with the ( ? ) Weapons Upgrade unless you are feeling very lucky or prefer a perfectly good soldier with 50 combat to run around using a pistol.

    Took you a while to realize that there is a HMG backing the enemy up since that Tank cam into range. πŸ˜‰
    TNT blast range . . . You did see it in a few fields before so….
    Another TNT charge for that tank. Did you not see that you destroyed its MG in the very first blast.
    You could have simple passed it at this point and you also did not check for the moral status of the next bomber.
    And another sacrifice gone to waste. Dam tough tank. Maybe a bit to tough ee urbzz.
    You actually forgot about that HMG again…. 8()

    Well I be. The Medic is alive and kicking. I though that he died in that random tank blast but it seams that everyone just forgot him.
    So now it its time for that fabled end line sprint.
    Good thing the Frenchies are so willing to be sacrificed over and over. πŸ™‚
    Very noble of you to go back for him but this is war and noble things tend to get everyone killed.

    Dam you lucked out again during that reinforcement spawn. 10 vs 1 should have been your doom.
    The bunker provided some LoS blocking I think and that Hedge was close enough to dive through.

    Excellent war movie Swedish Commando. Please keep up the good work. :mrgreen:


    Swedish Commando

    Might continue with a new squad. Still writing a written story for the videos and i will try to give the next squad some names.



    Nice ideas there Swedish Commando.
    I could not tame myself on not trying this out so I made a vid too.
    Game was a bit harder considering it started 4 days ahead. 2 fields full of anguish but no tears since everyone was a Commando.
    Well save a few Frenchies but they swear more then they cry. If they would get some sot of bonus for taunting the Germans that be cool.



    All commando runs are my personal favorite, though perhaps in the future switching one guy out for an officer in the future may ameliorate the problem of perma-pins that commandos so frequently suffer from in tight situations.

    I’d say you dodged a bullet or 10 around the 6 minute mark when that German gunner had his MG42 jam. Commandos if not pinned also prove to be quite effective against stationary positions like mortars since they move so quickly. Probably always worth closing in anyway, since any long range combat nearly always ends poorly.



    True true Tyrud.
    The idea to send an Officer along sounds good but is not so in game since his skill “unpin” only does just that once and without a serious moral boost to go with that is fairly useless since the very next bullet will insta-pin any low moral soldier again.
    Ans since the skill “Moral Boost” only gets applied to a single soldier it also has it’s limitations on a hot battlefield.

    @generaaljari We would love to see more action from you. πŸ™‚



    Tyrud’s words of advice seeped in and I made a commando play with one Officer on their side to see how that goes.


    Rick Wong

    I pity for the Officer, he must be like: ”Hey, wait up guys! too fast! cant catch up *huff huff*”

    In all seriousness though, I found the combination of 3 Commandos, 1 Officer, 1 Sniper and 1 Engineer to be the most beneficient, adding that you may come across a minefield underneath, it always good to bring out a sapper to assist the Commandos’s journey, sniper is for long range targeting should you encounter lot of MGs, and Officer, as explained above, to reduce the stuckness of Commandos in middle of battle.

    Frenchy + Engineer will make full anti-tank lads, granted they have max skills each, with Engineer just need the two left of it talent to make work.

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