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    Somehow the take down will function less, yeah. XD

    Damn! I notice the box location. :p



    Thanks for the vid Arise. BTW We are looking for vids of successful mission for the wiki for all mission types.



    @urbzz You mean a complete mission full video, isn’t it?

    Well, I will call the reinforcement and also try some work on it. XD

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    This vid should clarify what the best weapon in Recon really is. 😉 *Mission related
    I loled at the swings your man did on that trench NVA while his trench buddy apparently also laughed at that scene for a while before intervening with a more effective method of take-down.
    Guess that Rangers knife had a weapons-jam. Could be cause this is urbzz game we are playing.
    THAT Drop Box find … Totally URB!!!

    @urbzz. Videos of Recon missions are all on my you-tube channel. (all other games too of course)
    However I think that I do not have successful mission vids for all types.
    I suppose a mission vid for the wiki should be a lot shorter then a full mission recording.
    2 – 5 minutes crop?



    A crop version that instruct the critical steps would be nice yes. It’d be important to avoid 30 sec of gameplay then …ta-dah!!! success.



    @lance lol I don’t know, maybe he is too nervous and forgot to take his knife out of his scabbard. XDDDDDD

    Yeah, the video should be cut to few part, shouldn’t be too large.

    ( Don’t forgot to bring up the Caramida9’s video >o< )

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