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    Dam crowded shed there.
    The frantic screaming of the survivors after the bomb drop was almost hilarious.
    Your men keep yelling “contact” but they do not shoot at anyone. False spotting??
    Adjusting arty to the north is not or not always. Guess you only get 3 adjustment shots before the the guns-crews get tired.
    I just heard a Take-Down. Did you recruit a farmer or something?

    LOL I just now get it. You did recruit a Monty but did not tell him to follow anyone and he is doing the spotting.
    He is also a super spy with admantium skin.

    O the shed is “inside” the firebase. That explains all the foot traffic. That’s real cool. Never seen that before.
    Those villagers must not be happy to have the VC as guests. Now another one rats out the traps to you.
    The distance this works at seams a bit to far.
    The mop up looked like a piece of cake.
    Awesome video!!!🙂



    Anyone remember me posting recently about not having seen a Game Over on my current perfect, no Ranger deaths, profile.
    Now watch this Pilot Rescue mission with an almost all green team cause what could go wrong.



    @lance Those pressure mines truly are the scum of the Earth. What’s even more URB is when your point-man steps on one just when you’re about to move him somewhere else.

    ” I just now get it. You did recruit a Monty but did not tell him to follow anyone and he is doing the spotting.
    He is also a super spy with admantium skin.”

    Hehe, the URB part for the VC about this was that I had never recruited a Monty. That farmer gave away their position out of his own free will. In fact, this is not the first time that I have witnessed this. Villagers seem to automatically spot the VC for you regardless of whether or not you have recruited them.

    While that is URB for any nearby VC, the villagers tend to do more harm than good for commanders that have a stealthy play-style. From what I have observed, the VC might shoot at the villagers, too. While this is an interesting feature, I find it unfair because it makes you go overt due to circumstances that were *way* beyond your control. And there’s nothing you can do about it, either. Even if you kill the VC harassing them, a QRF is bound to come to the village and the whole cycle just repeats itself.

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    Lance is you prolly have the best call sign in the business right now (Bush Master)



    @Dox. Actually Pressure Mines are the “best” traps in Recon.
    The worst are regular Mines since I never had it that a Ranger survived them and their killing range is just as bad for the other men leading to an instant Game Over if you are bunched up “without” any chance to survive.

    Bush Master.
    Yes, it is a lot better then most of the ones I had in the past.
    However my green team of the doomed that just died together (deadly blast range seams to far) was avenged by my A-Team in the following 3 missions.
    Here the same mission redone by my A-Team. Actually my only active soldiers till the replacements arrive.



    This bad boy took, thanks to some problems in my line, 2 days to upload sp I do hope that lots of folks out there will at least have a look at this.
    BDA (Battle Damage Assessment) Mission with a lot of twists and turns.
    I basically hent on a Rock-‘n-Roll spree here which is uncommon for my play style.



    Yo, I’m back active again guys. Thought I’d start a fresh Recon profile and mess around. Yet another hunter/killer mission. I won’t complain, the best first mission to have.



    Second mission on this account. It’s been so long since I’ve played that I forgot how to deal with the dogs. I’ve actually NEVER seen a dog rush me. That’s actually really cool. Fun mission, lots of action in the first bit. Didn’t expect that. I could’ve played it a lot better, but eh.



    Fog day is good to hunt something. >o<

    One thing to point out, actually @mrprofilen you don’t need to turn on and turn off the radio always, when the radio is on, you can get some important message from HQ, and know the support status. Radio can operate for enough longer for most of mission. XD

    When the dog team come, you need to immediately hold the squad, if you doing right then dog team will not be able to found you and they will simply leave the AO.

    I thought that if someone can get killed by dog must be cool, but I never saw any case. lol



    Yea, I thought you were supposed to halt when a dog came. Honestly, I never even heard it until the second time, right before getting spotted.

    I also like to turn off the radio because the only helpful things to me from it are the QRF and the BirdDog message. I just turn it off to save power. It’s a habit I’ve been doing since I started the game, I can’t stop it even if I tried.

    Thanks Arise for watching, I really do like the fog missions. Hope to get more.

    Will be posting everyday this month unless I get a job. Happy hunting!



    Another hunter/killer mission with a kill card. I tried killing the second trenchline off map with a Spectre before I got there. Didn’t really work. Sorry for the lag, Firefox is being really weird, might have to switch back to my main browser for smoother gameplay. Also, I randomly clicked my claymore as I was waiting for extraction and got a kill, haha.



    Sorry for the 20-30 seconds of no action at one part. I had to get up and help someone. Also, still haven’t switched off of Firefox, so lag is still there. I don’t want to restart this save. However, I think I can replace my one in Opera and just use it there.

    Low heat, low action, kill card. The way you’re supposed to do it.



    Great war movie shows. In the first you kind of ambushed yourself by hiding behind that rock right next to the trail.
    I was surprised that the Claymore did not kill that VC. Should have.

    POW find was real lucky in the Fog to just stumble over one.
    Fog works great against the VC in my games since they seam to be almost blind then. Even the dog ran past your men a few times.
    The “guards” must be busy dispatching the last batch of prisoners from the report that the Bird-Dog gave you.

    3rd game starts and you run from the LZ strait into a trench. Priceless URB!
    I would love to see that scene in a real war movie.
    Ghost Squad reward in THAT game?? Guess you lead the deadliest “ghosts” of the jungle.
    Good work there.



    Thanks Lance! I’m starting to get back into the Recon groove. Game hits all the right spots. The claymore is a weird device for me. It never kills when I need it to, but when I’m running away, it sure does blast people to hell and back.

    I was trying to use the rock to break LoS to the left of me, to watch front and back. Didn’t really work. The trench was one of the scariest things that’s happened recently. Besides almost getting shot on the last video as I was going to the LZ. Guy just comes out the tree like, “how you doin’?”

    Anyway, thanks Lance. Hope to see some more of your videos as well.



    SKS rescue mission! Since someone wanted to see an SKS mission, I decided to hop on one of my main profiles and commence action. Also, I have confirmed 100% that firefox is lagging Recon out. Curses Firefox, one of my favorite browsers. So, I will be backing up all my saves on Opera and switching over to Opera.

    EDIT: Stupid grammar.

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