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    Both are good. It is up to you, love to watch the Recon video. >o<


    Considering something is wonky when i try system sound and mic, i’ll just have the recon audio.
    Video ETA 30-45 min.


    Sorry, nothing was working out right; the game was having major lag spikes, I spilled my Dr. Pepper (Thank god not on my computer) and the audio didn’t record… Will try again tomorrow, Sir Arise.


    I went up Recon again with my older profile, as the newest lose >o<

    Still bring the Huey tactic here, the best thing to prevent friendly fire. Just keep the distance. In some of case, I found that VC are so deadly with their shot gun. 0o0 Maybe it is because I am in the two star general rank, so have much higher strength. ….Orz…..

    Huey support tactic is the most common one I love to use in the Recon, as it is cheap, fast, no friendly fire and no available time problem, just make sure you have enough smoke.

    Enjoy the show, it is short.

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    Could this be a bug? Here I extract in 1300 hours, which is well past 5 hours, yet I still manage to get a killcard.


    hmm maybe a secret part of the last update to make that missions Kill card not so much of a killing kart.
    Very impressive that you made it near the extraction zone in the time you did.
    I could only make the Kill Card by intentionally going overt and through the following lucky run.
    Time to test this out. 🙂


    New profile. Forgot to change the HTML to SWF and my save got overwritten I guess but it was just a captains profile so no problem there.
    New profiles are a lot more fun in Recon anyways.
    Here my first game. Not exactly the best mission to get started with but at least it was very fast.
    The actual mission only takes some 2 minutes. Most likely a record time there.


    Not much going on today. Well here is something to watch. Next mission on this profile. Even easier and just as fast.


    Three is a charm. With my drunk Sarge getting into a fight while still in Jail I kicked him out.
    That left me with no capable RTO Ranger.
    See the next AARvid if that made any difference in a mission with 0 heat at 2ndLT rank to RECCEE 10% of the AO.
    Easy as a walk in the park, right?.


    Always interesting that people hit you-tube vids 300% more of the time when the player is present here instead of following a link.
    Towards my last vid, Mission10% reccee, nobody seams to have noticed my big plunder there.
    To my defense it was played in the middle of the night and for some strange reason I was sure to have made the right call over and over.

    Next. Another Pilot Rescue BUT this is my first game in FOG and it was not as easy as the last pilot rescue mission but a bit more fun on the suspense.


    Nice call sign, there Lance.

    Fog, along with night time, are probably on of the most interesting mechanics to work with and against in Recon. Enemies and Rangers don’t see a damn thing, even when they’re staring you in the face. With a high level Recon team, the advantages definitely shift towards you team as long as trap levels are low.

    Crazy that you managed to spot the pilot in that mess, but a job well done nevertheless.


    Bush Master! First good Call Sign in a while. On my last games (new profile that somehow got swapped by this older one) it was Lost Cause. Not a good name for a LLRP team. Thanks for watching and yes the Fog is a great addition an works a lot better then the current Rain.

    I was also amazed to see the massage “xxx has spotted a friendly” and not seeing anything on the screen.
    Luck was on my side that I did see him after panning a bit because otherwise it could have taken a lot longer to pick him up. Guess the Fog and other factors do not count and he gets spotted automatically within some 500 pix.
    And another lucky thing was that this is the 2nd pilot that I can get home alive on this profile.
    All others where found dead on my last bigger profile if at all.

    Here a Deep Recon Mission. Man I wanted to blow that Bomb but I though I better do it after having done 25% reccee.


    Was trying to have my newest recruit get up-close-and-personal with the VC as part of his first mission. With the way he put down that smoke, we might have a Ninja-Ranger on our hands!

    One thing I was trying to emulate here was the “Figure Eight” and “Box Tactic” as shown on the wiki:

    Box Tactic

    Figure-Eight Tactic

    The execution wasn’t perfect, but when it comes to getting the drop on the VC? THEY WORK! They come onto our backtrails like moths to a lightbulb! Haha!


    Finally someone elses video to watch again.
    Great display of tactical team movements. The Smoke Screen Snatch was a good idea.
    Excellent mission Patrol Report. Keep up the awesome work!


    @Lance Thanks! Will do!

    I’ve got a better for you guys.

    Moral of the story?: No one expects the farmer.

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