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    First ever gameplay video of a low heat level pilot rescue I tried to do by the book. Let me know what you guys think and any improvements I could make.

    In remembrance of the LRRPs who fought in Vietnam and all combat vets.

    Sorry I wasn’t able to get the sound up and running. This is my first time making a gameplay video so I’m still familiarizing myself with quicktime. I’ll have it ready for the next mission. Enjoy!

    PFT C. Sinclair- Pointman
    CPL Y. Goldberg- Medic/Auto Rifleman
    SGT O. Lutes- RTO/Assistant Team Leader
    SGT K. Hawke- Demolitions Expert/Team Leader

    Key POI:
    0:17 Intel Brief
    2:24 Insertion
    3:33 NVA Truck Pass
    9:55 Pilot engages enemy in firefight, mission goes overt and LRRPs prepare for rapid advance toward gunfire
    10:10 Team encounters lone VC Contact, pilot gets hit and goes down around this time
    14:10 Bird Dog comes around for a low pass and locates crash site
    17:32 Nightfall near vicinity of crash site
    20:33 Pilot grab
    24:30 Approach toward previously identified Secondary Extraction Zone
    25:35 Extract Huey enters AO
    26:30 Pickup and Extract

    Mission successful- received HK33 Killcard for Rangers completing mission uninjured

    visit to create your own stories! All credits for the game go to URB and his testers

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    When I saw that Truck drive past your LZ at the start I was like BDA?? too? 🙂
    Mixed mission would be real cool. Like a main mission with one or more side missions from the current mission pool.
    Very good game recording. Your time line report is also good.
    Interesting that the Patrol Report said you spotted 11 men. Did it perhaps count the Truck as 10 men?
    Hope to see a lot more of them with audio if possible. :))


    I think it was the truck but it also could’ve been the pilot providing me some extra intel points before he died :(. I figured the sound so my next video should be perfect. Do you have any requests?

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    Requests?. Not realy. But if you like, if you have this mission available, a radio relay mission would be interesting.
    Please show the mission brief too so that it is clear what mission you are on and the requirements to that.


    Hi! I just started playing Recon and it’s a lot of fun! I recorded my second mission (BDA) to see if I was doing everything ok, and/or to get tips if I didn’t. But a have a little problem: I do not know how to upload a picture or video to here. May I get some instruction? Thanks 🙂


    Hi @Nebula thanks for playing Recon man. You are now part of a very select few hehe. Simply upload your video on youtube. Once that’s done simply copy and paste the video link in here and it should work! 🙂 Can’t wait to see it !!


    Just simply paste your video link on the post it will show! ( You need to upload your video to somewhere like youtube….etc!

    (Ops Boss you are fast!)

    To asking a tip you can simply create a thread on the MNB forum to ask it, good day on the ground!

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    Alright, thank’s a million guys! BTW @urbzz it’s nothing special, just a little test. not even any combat. Get a pillow and a night light ready lol. First MnB Recon Mission (BDA)


    Is that video working for you guys? I can’t open it.


    Working fine. Link and all. Nice video. Easy win. Since the BDA got reduced to just one crater there should be more to it then simply spotting that crater.
    Maybe you need to take a picture of it or search at least one of the bodies that is there.
    What is your problem with the link?


    Oh yeah, I read something on the wiki that said I should take a pic of the crater. will do next time! The link would send me to a blank page with no URL at the top. Idk it’s working now. Maybe someone just needed to click it.


    Here’s another video of a Firebase Defense redeeming myself of last video’s boredom, but without Audio for a reason I figured out right before I uploaded the video. Firebase Defense | Find and defend

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    Should I do commentary?


    You don’t NEED to take pics of the crater but it gives you the same bonus as taking pics of anything else.


    Alright I finally downloaded a screen recorder that works and will be uploading a video shortly. Would yah guys want Commentary or no?

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