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    Here are some failed attempts



    Hey guys, been awhile since I posted on the forums. Decided to play MnB 3 this time, something I haven’t given much love despite the hype I had for it. I assume this is where MnB 3 videos are posted?

    Doesn’t seem like the video is embedding, let’s try it this way.

    This mission wasn’t as interesting as the two previously that I had(flak 88 engagements and heroic halftrack destruction that I have recorded but not uploaded ) but it did involve a decent long-range engagement from a river trench to a stonewall. That engagement also shows off a pretty decent assault that involved suppression fire from our machine gunner. Let me add that spec ops is probably my favorite class from MnB 3. I would have loved to keep going instead of halting but I had barely any time to spend today.

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    Nice play man. I like your aggressivity at 7:00 when you are stuck that stalemate with the Axis having an upper hand on detection. As Patton would say, often going forward is the only way to go. I know a lot of good MnB who would have retreated behind the hedgerow and flush the Germans who would have come to investigate.

    Well done. Good aggression.



    SpecOps class sure is great. I prefer to use him to detect enemies over the Scout for more realism (Scouts much further spot range is OP) and his better close range combat ability as well as his assault like skills.
    Would love to see those other recordings too. ­čÖé



    Hello, another sorta short video (advanced one extra screen), but a pretty good fight nonetheless. Once again showing off how much I love the Specops as he handles business quite well…

    Now, let’s say I got pretty lucky in this one. The Flak 88 could not hit the six men in front of him, and one of my men had a rifle grenade land beside him, yet he survived.

    The Specops proved very handy when he assaulted a trench solo, albeit with cover fire. I also used this run to test the mortar. I really like the damn mortar.

    I’m going to try and stop posting paragraphs when describing the video, there’s probably no need for it. I just like explaining my strategies.



    Bad day always. XD



    That seams to be anything but a bad day. A bad day would mean that you would not make a single field but since you chose to continue advancing I’d say it was a good game.
    Very risky stuff at the start but you pulled everyone together again and formed a heavy hitting squad.

    Then at the start of your 3rd(?) field you call arty on that first wall (good choice since walls are tough) and also send your commando charging in.
    Realized a bit to late that the shells would kill him too. ­čÖé

    Tanks are currently OP if you do not have a Bazooka handy.
    At least they catch fire eventually. *Frenchy, yo Frenchy…….
    BBQ time!!!

    You charge the next wall that has lots of troops and an HMG with just 2 men.
    Out of arty… LOL

    Seams that the enemy commander saved a lot of troops for the finish line.
    Sucks to lose so close to the end after such a long play.
    But overall it was a good play and mostly an enjoyable to watch video.
    Thank for sharing. :))



    Yeah, that is quiet close for the ending line, but I can’t find the way to heal my Gunner in the late. So I think upgrade the mortar is a wrong decision as I can save it for another healing. QAQ

    And the noob action- Send your commando to the friendly arty landing zone is probably the most stupid action I ever had since I start to play MNB3. lol

    Skill downgrade since I have not play this game for a long time. XD

    Happy for the next run. ww

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