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    I agree about me far too aggressive. Should’ve held those guys injured guys back more. I think I was just in a bloodlust mood there … for their men and mine. It seems when the game last longer they send in reinforcements after reinforcements and it becomes more like MNB2 where I am not progressing as much.


    I will try to be less aggressive, don’t know if I can be as patient as Arise though. I’ll try to switch up the experience guns and skills more. I must’ve made a clicking mistake when I didn’t choose arty for my signaller. For the aggressiveness in HtH I am trying to get the ribbon …. if there is one … for HtH combat.
    Clarification on the grenade … if I click the grenade icon again it will cancel it? always afraid of moving the cursor down there because it might click on the ground and go off.

    I must admit, its much more fun playing when ahead and getting hell from them … but I seem to get knocked back alot as well. I will play less aggressive and and try to spread out skills and stats more.



    Not wanted to sound to harsh, sorry. This but my opinion.
    Since you did achieve a victory all is well for your profile since it does not matter with how many men you win and how good they are in the end since every new game brings new meat to the front.
    Overall you are not doing bad. Just made/make a few unwise tactical moves like not using cover as much as possible or having unsuited men up front or not bringing every man into firing position at once thereby cutting possible battle power considerably.
    URB On!



    Taken from the Discord MNB3 Channel. Way to good to not get proper credited.



    I’d be curious if this becomes a common tactic and if it works.



    Charging over the field with say Commandos seams to be a common tactic as far as I have heard.
    Although I also feel that got very lucky there. With a full team of maxed men I would surely not do so. Especially with slow pokes in tow.
    Very interesting to see how the game handles this. Instead of enemy soldiers all stopping at the hight of the first soldier (for example) most keep running field downwards unless they decide to target someone. Did they not “SPOT” us?
    Also should you be able to win a field with enemy soldiers still at large?
    Should the enemy not go into full retreat once your first man reached the end-line?
    XP deduction per enemy soldier that you left on field?



    Re-posted from the front page into the Forums for better feedback.
    urbzz posted an update 10 hours ago
    this is how its done

Viewing 6 posts - 61 through 66 (of 66 total)

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