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    To all those that have problems utilizing the Stuart tank in an effective manner this may show a way how to.
    TIP: To get the most and best usage out of a Stuart Tank right now I have found that it is best to call it right at the start of a field.
    This is somewhat not how it was originally intended as a break-through unit for the end line since it will be long gone by then but it is great to get about 1/3 rd the way (depends on how fast IT advances) but till then it soaks up all the damage since there is no enemy unit right now that does not firstly target our top most unit.



    And cause three is a charm I present a rather tough game.
    Start is Hedgerows Day 4 with 6 days ahead.
    Close to the end they really had me working my men to the bare bone to win this one.



    *Intel on what happened between the last game up top here and the following war movie.*
    The game D4+6 was a bit tough but I still won the field with 3 men still alive.
    Used 2 Marksmen, Signaller, Scout, Rifleman and Medic.
    Was surprised that the game did not Reinforce so much. Had good cover, no enemy tanks or roads.

    Game D4+7 started OK I guess with just a single enemy sentry before a Hedgerow and some 30 pix behind that a Wall.
    Nobody had more then 3 xp by then and I was certain that there be plenty of enemies on the wall since no enemies shot at me from the Hedge.
    I Charge the wall and hope to quickly gang up on single enemies all while overrunning potential stationary units.
    As suspected there where some 4 soldiers on the wall. I rushed for HtH but due to long pins only single GIs got into HtH eventually.
    Some 4 more enemy soldiers joined the fisticuffs and I lost one man after another. Game over within some 80 seconds of getting to the wall.

    The next game started a bit better since I got about 3 field lengths up past 2 Hedges with only 1 GI dying on me.
    All while the game repeatedly giving me some 5 messages of Enemy Reinforcements where the last one was a Tiger Tank.
    I planned to make a stand behind the second Hedge and lure the nearby enemy soldiers towards me to pick them off but they remained on the other side of the Hedgerow.
    The Tiger Tank drove fast and was soon about to come close enough to where an attack by myself would get hindered by the arrival of the tank so I decided to charge those enemies on the other side of the wall with but one Marksman as upgrade.

    It was an intense battle where my men quickly ranked just to die right afterwards.
    Even had a ZOMBIE marksman because I used the medal upgrade while the was getting pumped full of MG42 bullets.
    I retreated back behind the Hedgerow with my last man, a heavily wounded basic Signaller. REFRESH…

    Here I present to you my last game.

    *days ahead games can be fun but are normally a waste of time if to far ahead in my opinion since a loss is about 50% plus 10% per day ahead insured.

Viewing 3 posts - 46 through 48 (of 48 total)

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