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    The Lone Ranger

    Nice game @lance to bad[ kind of] you didn`t get to see the MG GIB chance.



    Joker posted an update an hour ago

    Can at least post first leg of the run, think I have third, and fourth also on vid, but got game bugged I think in 6th or 7th leg, well was ready to halt anyway, won last 1/3 of field with a single medic alive, but 1/2 screen from finish line he is bugged now 🙁
    First leg of 7 day ahead video in Brest:
    Not many videos at all around here, and even less ahead videos. Is reason why I also post not that interesting legs.

    Medic is unbugged now! won the field with only medic alive – he is a real killer! and overestimated fields I have done, only 11 ahead now, so did only 5 if I count right.

    Most interesting may be the first couple of minutes. German MG42 and Sniper, standing next to each other, hard to face that combo with green troops.



    Very nice vid and thanks for the link to my tube.
    It’s to easy when you find a place for your squad that has good los cover for you, defense and the enemy spawn point is such that they mostly run past you even if you do not kill them all along the way.
    Mortain all the pillboxes are so good for us and not them.
    The enemy AI still needs serious help and not just that their soldiers get god like aim at some point.



    Due to high demand I present you a new profile run that I sadly had to end with this vid of leg 7 due to running out of playing time.
    All original men. NO Signaller or Gunner used. Could have easily gotten the gold star with these dirty bastards for sure.



    A never give up attitude can make for some very rewarding games.



    I was wondering what you use to record? Had a very intense game where I had to maneuver my low exp troops against a Panzer IV and wished I had recorded the whole ordeal.
    Btw, love your videos, keep em going! 😀



    It is all in the HELP link >> topic on the top of the main page in line with Play URB Games.

    Next up is a fun run with Commandos, Medic and of course Frenchies.
    Intentionally the Frenchies to test them a bit more.
    Conclusion: While it is a good balance of a rather week fighter that can be replaced about every half a field he is only somewhat good with maxed rank and some form of better weapon if possible.
    In almost all my games the ? (weapon upgrade) played it’s jokes on me since it whent from one downgrade to the next. Like Shotgun to carbine then Pistol.
    The Baguette is not really helpful since its cool down is to long to be of help.
    The Wine on the other hand is awesome at bringing anyone from 0 to 100 moral in a few gulps.
    And since it can be shared you can up 3 men with this to reasonable moral levels.
    Great when in a “down” pinch with multiple men. Considering that, Wine is better then the Officers Moral boost.
    Molotov-Cocktail is a so so weapon skill. It is not usually immediately deadly unless the enemy bursts into flames.
    That actually happens quiet frequently so it is not uncommon.
    Effective is it when targeting a defensive position like a Trench or a “gathering” tree since the enemy will group up there and stay there despite getting toasted.
    Since it burns for a considerable amount of time it can be more effective then a grenade.
    Here the 5th and final leg of a new profile game.

    The music in the background is from an UNKNOWN you-tube channel play list that just happened to be open.
    For more audio then I regularly play with I let it stay but please no questions on the why that and what is it.
    O in case the vid does not play due to copyright shitzz then please post that here and I will remove the music.


    The Lone Ranger

    Looks like the music makes it unwatchable in the U.S..



    Rifleman only try out. Notice this is the second leg.
    One GI got a ‘nade to the head and did not participate in this run.
    Basically without at least one Medic with Intensive care these boys will eventually bleed out.
    In this game I feel that luck was also not on my side. *see first minute
    Desperate need to spend upgrades on Medal Heal greatly reduced the effectiveness of my men.

    Will upload a “clean” version of my previous recording soon.



    Interesting set up, Lance. Reminds me of one I’ve been meaning to try out, but I’ll leave that for when I actually go through with it. Back to this.

    3 RGs right at the beginning without being able to respond to them with your own sucks pretty bad, but could’ve been a lot worse too. Seems with the riflemen heavy squads you want to be very aggressive, pushing forward with explosives and accurate fire. You certainly had the latter of those, but not being able to invest in any nades at all was a real problem, particularly when the Germans started sending hordes at you.

    Rather cynical if effective use of a meatshield, though it ended as I thought it would with no ability to heal. Really gives perspective on the use of the medic. You basically trade away one guy’s fighting capacity to give the squad sustain.


    The Lone Ranger

    @lance the updated version of Commandos and frenchys is STILL blocked.


    M I L L I O N Y E A R S



    For an MNB player waiting 10 seconds feels like a million years.. . . BC

    Finally got my last vid to be free to view but in return you-tube killed ALL the audio.



    And it seams that I still can not get games form here to save at the moment.
    I feel like an idiot but eventually I will figure this shittz out.
    In the meanwhile I present you this starting set up.
    While my mostly rifleman team sucked elephant balls due to their starting crap this team is a real killer and fast at that too.

    Report: Survival Ribbon was not awarded. Nobody died, not even after stopping at leg 4.
    Notice; Medic was not used. Nobody was resurrected or so either.



    This take can be seen as a bit of a strategy guide.
    Included is; How to use Bunkers for xp farming and a way to charge a heavily defended Hedgerow when no explosives are available.

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