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Video of Mud and Blood 3 (Open Beta)

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    People should give replies to those that take their time to upload and display games here. :/
    Since Joker has, again, problems posting in the forums I will copy this over.~Lance

    The moment your squad is over the finish line, and 3 of them “detect” a mine …video will follow, link today in profile, guess maybe tomorrow can post in normal forum again.

    Arise replied 3 hours ago
    lol That mine is hide under the day text, good work German.


    It keeps beating me why players instinctively upgrade the first GI to Medic because someone is hurt.
    You are 3 days ahead and no enemies show up for the next 5 minutes and not till you go up some 2000pix or so. whaaaa…
    OK then 3 time reinforcements. HMG crewman sure got out long before you got close to him.
    O I get it. He was a deserter and you shot him in the back. 🙁 Pistols are totally useless, no.

    Going slow but sure seams to work well for you. Also lady luck is heavily on your side seeing how that grenade should have ended the game.
    And I am also noticing your little defensive scam there. Well it is the AIs fault for not reacting to your men is that situation.
    I would have stayed so long in that place until everyone had max XP cause what could have gone wrong.

    You threw a grenade at your Signaller! :8 LOL

    And here come all the reinforcement soldiers all at once again.
    Target practice… Notice! Not a single enemy soldier out of about 40 shoots back at you.
    You sir bribed the game. 😉
    Now I know why, despite the very easy first half og the field, the game took so long.
    The end is and will be one of the greatest URB moments we have ever witnessed.
    Thank you Joker for this awesome movie.


    Wonderful attack! Gotta take notice of smokes used that way, i always throw them between targets to interrupt LOS but i guess it’s better as concealment!
    Just a question, why didn’t you take the sitrep opportunity call at 17:30? I think experience is pretty valuable expecially in a new squad. Where you holding the call hoping for reinforcements?
    Lol at that ending URB ON!


    @Lance Yeah, medic is often a bad idea, I thought the firefight is under control – was mistaken hehe. Main reason it was medic in this case: first upgraded soldier was on position 4-6, there I want to have sniper, medic and sig. Sniper could help me very much at start, but would keep exp away from my other guys. Yeah not many germans for some while, would have rather liked some lone germans to come and train my soldiers a bit.
    As soon as my first rifleman gets grenades, it is a different game. Then I see waves of germans as exp for my soldiers, with grenades and rifle nades killing most and pinning the others.
    I sometimes throw a grenade at my singnaller – want to keep him at the edge xD

    @Stealingold I am not 100% sure if smoke always works, but sometimes it seems to help.
    Sitrep: wanted to make the run compareable for profiles with less opportunity calls (can do 7 or 8 on that profile), because with only 2-3 calls you will for sure save them for reinforcement.

    Hiding mines in the endzone is just unfair! 🙂


    No war movies to watch lately. 🙁
    Well here a short of mine.


    Joker posted on the front page.
    This weeks´ community challenge was a hell of a game. A german tank joins our party (when I started recording). Start watching at 1:50 – that german gunner is assume! Then the seek and hide from tank starts.
    Watch a Signaler become a true killer machine, with a very funny mad-dash style of play.
    Really love the tank at the end, as soon as he had fixed his gun on one soldier, another one of my soldiers was closer to him and he needed to adjust his gun again.


    How this can remain reply less is beyond my knowledge. *sign*
    At the start I was like. “easy going for other as usual”.
    But then that MG42 totally shredded your men within a few seconds.
    Not even I have experienced a slaughter like that before and believe me I have seen a lot of URB in my days.
    First the Tiger Tank passes you unnoticed but then it comes back. LOL
    The way you charge with your Signaller is hilarious.
    I believe 99% of all player would have used another unit to go point.
    I have never seen such an effective M3 before in this game. The RNG God must strongly be with that Signaller.
    This vid just made my top evening movie. 🙂


    I must be doing it wrong. Help?


    Lol. I feel you. I’m currently at D+41 Outskirts of Vire ahead of schedule by 1 day. A tip. Don’t advance all your guys at once because they’ll either mortar you, artillery you or rush you with a platoon size jäger. If one of your guys get hit, fall back and heal.


    Thanks for the tips @nexwiz and that is a very good tip in city combat for sure.
    Here a neat city run. Since just about everyone uses a Signaller and scout I decide to do without.
    Ended up with 2 Gunners that maxed towards the end of this but I still feel that they are not that good of shots.
    Along at least 1 maxed Frenchy. This dude was very entertaining and got URBed so hard along his journey. Watch Molotovs lighting up this Road to Victory!


    Here the final late night war movie. Worth the watch as always.

    One Kidney

    After a near squad wipe, a Panzer, and several waves of reinforcements, I was able to comeback and take the advance.

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    Maxed squads are so sexy. Been forever since I had one. 🙁
    Still daring to move everyone at the same time and then so close to enemies that could use skills themselves at any time.
    awwwee out unfriendly sniper mortar come full force to the URB once again.
    Those bastards are ruining every second game of mine lately.
    Just like there >> First shot is a near miss and the second shot is ALWAYS dead center.
    That must have shaken you badly caused you used the Medic Kit on someone with max health.
    Just to make sure, right. 😉

    Upgrading the Signaller from Carbine to Tammy Gun at this point would have seamed good in my view.
    Zooky-kay-yahiii motherfuckeeerssss….. :mrgreen:
    Medics utilizing Intensive-Care are so effective in healing up a whole dying squad like having Jesus powers.


    @keni Here a St.Lo special just for you as support towards your bloody struggle in this city.


    To quiet on this front… Time to change that.
    Enter >>> MORTAIN.

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