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Video of Mud and Blood 3 (Open Beta)

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    Here is the general open beta video thread, please share video here.

    If you are willing to have a open channel for lot of season show, then it will be very welcome to create special channel thread to let everyone enjoy your show. >o<


    Not a very interesting video, but this maybe helpful to @urbzz as it displays how tanks behave against each other.


    As I do saw a lot of men is argue about the over power of HMG, so just simply make this video to show how to deal with the HMG in the MNB3.

    The Heavy MG always lead with lots of death in the real battlefield, because you will be kill in just single bullet. also, they are extremely accurate consider their heavy caliber is pretty good in long range. I am going to show you how to deal with them without problem in the MNB3.

    I deal with about 6 or 7 HMG in this 1 hour video, so just jump to watch about the way to clean them, I also use my poor English skill to explain something here, hope this will be helpful. >o<

    *Use LOS Blocker to sneak attack or snipe the gunner, or just use a Bazooka behind the tree to take it down.
    *Gian experience wisely and protect the men who with the vital skill, do not always put the expereince men in the front.
    *Be patient!

    Thanks you for watching. XD URB on!!!!


    That is a very interesting video @anomie. Toughest Stuart Tank that I ever did see.
    However it should not be able to hurt a Tiger tank. Sherman yes but not a Stuart.
    Good HMG survival video arise. Hope that helps our seemingly suicidal new players a bit.
    Way to little input here folks now that all of you are playing the game.
    In case you all missed it. The home page has a new addition. …and anyone get what I mean..
    Till the enjoy some hard core GI madness.


    Has no sound cuz i messed up on my recording.

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    Very nice recording mjr. 😀
    Hell of a slaughter ally there. Dumb thing when the spawn point is short of where you are kraut mowing.
    Sure tried to do that tank in with TNT. I never tried it like that before.
    Dam tin can almost bagged your commando short of the end line.

    Here a for ahead game in the Hedgerows that gave me a few good medals.
    If I would not have screwed it up with the leader man due to getting distracted for a sec I may have continued to advance.
    Crappy that I never even used a single skill of his before he got bagged.
    Still a very good game. Love to use non-standard troops layouts.
    No Scout, Marksman or Commando for this insaner run.


    With mines visible now, I could get the gold star. Did not read the patch notes before playing, was happy as a clown as I found my first mine 🙂
    Videos are very long, for intensive fights look at second part. For whatever reason, I did not encounter a single tank in all 12 maps. Even had an engineer ready – to mine the sh** out of german tanks a la MnB2.

    Some footmarks:
    part 1:
    14min end first map
    32min end second map
    46min end third map
    1:02 end fourth map
    1:15 end fifth map
    1:27 end 6th map
    1:40 end 7th map
    1:52 end part 1 and 8th map

    part 2:
    3min lost rifleman
    5min lost medic
    26min end 9th map
    38-42 intense fight with waves of germans
    47 end 10th map
    109 end 11th map
    128 begin of the end, last stand

    If you watch the video and see any interesting moments, please leave the timestamp as comment, thank you!

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    Just noticed, if my counting is correct, I continued fighting only 11 times, looks like the first map you start also counts as “advance”, if you really need 12 advances for gold star as stated.


    Set a tank on fire with a rifle grenade, however I think I killed it with arty, not sure.


    I watched a bit of your awesome advance videos.
    I am currently no where near the silver star so I can not even start to give tips here.
    Frankly the game is URBing me hard right now. I can not take more then one field if at all.
    Actually I am loosing every second game right now but then go 3 fields in a row in the 3rd game to get back on schedule.
    Here (CUT out) of those close calls.


    For fun here my last game.


    @Lance So much for sandbags providing much cover, eh? I’m rather surprised that first RG didn’t just blow away the sandbags. If I had to make a recommendation or suggest something I would’ve done differently, it’s that I wouldn’t have kept my guys so close, though I’m not sure keeping them separated would’ve saved them from the bullets much either.

    Mexican Batman

    Moved this to the Open Beta vid topic. Will lock the Alpha one to prevent bumping.
    At first I was like, Field looks like after the beach with just about the same resistance.
    First your men where like snipers then the RNG god turned the table and you got almost wiped out by just a few regular krauts.
    Lucky Signaller opportunity calls save the day. Way superior support was the key to an easy victory in WW2 but in game all the bonuses the Signaller has makes him to good not to always use right away.
    Easy win since being on time hardly ever causes reinforcements to come.
    Hanging around that long a few days ahead would have been different. Actually not much of a strategic advancement from your side. I’d say you just got lucky in the end.

    For game analysis. Could you tell us (roughly) how many games you played till you got to day 90?

    Maharbal Barca

    Here’s a silver star run I did today ft. community challenge.

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