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    A lil about the nuances of Recon’s line of sight. Did you know that in order to be ‘flagged’ an enemy has to be within the field of view of a ranger (in addition then line of sight and range) but once a enemy is flagged (which mean the enemy is now known to the team due to excellent communication) then any rangers that are within line of sight can engage that enemy even if they are not within the field of view.
    This represents the above standard situation awareness of Rangers during combat.

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    we now have rangers that locate enemies and aim at them

    of course double line of sight is in
    so no more weird shooting on moving targets

    I’m pretty much at the start of it all. working on path finding and line of sight is done now im into the basic combat algorythm
    fun stuff tho
    lua is very clean
    lets run this through the community.
    shall weapons be ordered through a supply run at the cost of merit
    All rangers come with their basic M16 of the chopper but if you want to order a crate of Stoner LMG you will have to pay merit and make a memo then receive it few days later.
    This means if you lose a team and they have the good hardware this can hurt you.
    This mean that you could collect weapons from the enemy as well
    But that would render kill cards useless… hmm any thoughts?


    my idea on merit purchasing

    Have rank linked to the limit of everything but merit is how you purchase it.
    (from here on rank is going to be a number the higher the number the higher the rank)

    For example a rank 1 commander will be limited to 4 rangers, 8 weapons (4 m16s 4 1911s)
    A rank 2 commander will be limited to 5 rangers, 12 weapons (5 m16s, 5 1911s 2 of commander’s choice) and has unlocked the ability to purchase stoners and Browning Hi-Power

    Kill cards will allow you to receive 4 guns that are not counted towards your inventory, for example a stoner 63 kill card will allow you to kit 4 of your rangers with stoners at rank 1 or allow you to kit 4 of your rangers with stoners without having to use armory slots


    i love this idea or using merit as some kind of currency instead of getting weapons through unlocks and killcards (and killcards would still be useful with that last part of the second reply), i am also excited about the part of losing those guns if you lose your team, i guess this would also be the case if you leave a ranger behind, how would you manage the equipment? would it still be the same as always or there would be some change as with the weapons?
    i think that you should not have a limit on the weapons you can have though, it could just allow you to buy whatever at the cost of your hard earned merit, or perhaps it could let you buy aditional weapon slots with the merit

    in this case maybe rank-ups could work as instantly winning some merit depending on the rank, what’s your opinion on this?


    urb asked = shall weapons be ordered through a supply run at the cost of merit
    No. Makes no sense to me to have to use up precious merit ; ie, gain weapon = lose respect with command.
    What about the current Rank Gain Unlock?
    Since Recon is more of a realistic game then “basic US equipment” should be available right from the start. M2Carbine, M16, M14, M3, M60, Boomstick, Mines ect..
    With Rank-Gain much more weapons and items could get unlocked then now.
    I am basically suggesting that All “standard” gear, Support Options, Upgrades(unlocks) to your FOB, wearable gear ect, be unlockable through rank gain.

    Things that are not US Standard like other nations, including enemy, weapons and gear could be unlocked through Kill Cards OR ??

    The current item number limitation (4 per ) is really a bummer when one equips just small (low bulk) objects.
    Using a block system as lots of games do feels kind of wrong for an MNB game.
    I would be OK with simply having more item slots available since the BULK system could be tuned to be more restrictive so that bring along to many high bulk items gets blocked.


    Should be able to get additional merit from killcards, use the same old game changing cards like Montagards, Clandestine ops etc, but include some new ones, say, cards that improve chopper door gunners or new weapons to equip on your choppers or something, or AC’s fire more shots for x amount of days maybe


    Sayyed Tyrud
    I really like having the kill cards, especially because I think players ought to be rewarded for well executed missions (though how brutal would it be if doing exemplary missions just means rolling for a chance at a kill card :sweat: ) In my view, a good mashup of the two systems would be that as the war progresses/you rank up you get access to more equipment, but really more standard stuff. Your M14s, improved M16 models. Stuff that was common and that would be low cost in terms of merit to requisition a few more if they cost anything at all. Kill cards could be used to permanently unlock the ability to requisition more niche or prototype weapons and equipment. Things like the Stoner or infrared-scope sniper rifles, that definitely were not used wide spread but you could finesse since you proved yourself a capable operator. Be prepared to drop a not insignificant amount of merit on the stuff, however.


    I think kit carsons should show up in your chalk selection screen
    they’d act slower and have some worse off stats but be better at detection
    and you should be able to give them M16’s
    instead of just acting like a permanent Montagnard.


    by urb
    A new form of support call will get implemented.
    He said we could make suggestions to how this could work in game / mechanics

    Nicholas Andersen

    For a more difficult siggy skill check, definitely hit a target?


    Not more difficult but maybe takes a lot longer to get “activated”.
    How about the RTO man will make a very long call (like one whole minute) till he gets all needed information to HQ and IF he gets disturbed while calling the action fails.
    Radio Skill will simply determine if the action will get started at all or cancelled due to (ex) bad reception, unavailability of processing, out of possible operating area or simply because he sucks at relaying the proper coordinates.
    For URB ad realism factor 20% of the strikes (urbzz mentioned this as well) would not hit the target but fall randomly in the AO.

    After the successful strike confirmation (“it’s on the way”) it would still take a considerable amount of time to actually hit.
    Maybe 3 hours in game so you can either get out before to then see the results in your debriefing or wait for the hit to then make your own BDA in a now very hot AO zone.

    Nicholas Andersen

    That’s a good idea. I like it.


    Hey! I just say my own suggestions to the new Recon game based on my experience on old Recon.

    – In prep phase you can choose item from a list so you dont have to cirle +20 diffrrent items for 4 different rangers, items could have description on them so you can save time writing wiki
    – make game smooth even though heat score is over 70. I had bad perfomance issues when map was full of bodies
    – more soldiers avaible! this would be cool as you rank up
    – dont unselect ranger if you move him, i dont see the point in that in current game
    – bigger skill lvl cap, i felt sad when 5 was limit, mnd2 made exellent job at making super soldiers, super fun!
    – keep killcards!
    – keep current intel and heat system. it worked very well!
    – even though recon had big variant of guns, i think none of us knew the pros and cons so we didnt use them, try to fix that problem
    – make bazooka more accurate, it was sad when when you actually needed it, it missed tank…
    – capturing enemy was very cool thing in game!
    I suggest that you dont remove anything good that was in previous game, but i have trust on you guys!
    in my opinion recon idea worked a lot better than mnb3


    Good ideas
    Most already addressed like the way items will get pre selected before missions.
    The game will run a lot better on the new code so no worries there.
    We will keep it at 4 soldiers since they will get even more functions so more soldiers to control would become to hectic.
    5 skill in anything in combo with high xp already is OP so no more needed.
    “Bazooka”?? In game we have a one-shot-disposable light launcher that can take out anything.
    Enemy Tanks? are not in unless you refer to the HVT = AAA Tank that only comes when you did the HVT requirements.
    Nice participation. URB ON!


    M72 Law in recon was inaccurate, that made it inreliable. My heat score is constantly over 70 and BTR-90 are common things around and they are very deadly. My M72 missed many times, making my squad vulrunable to cannonfire.


    in all honesty. constantly playing with 70+ heat is just asking to get URBed
    If you keep missing then maybe you do not take your time aiming before firing and the screen moved to much when you do
    I for one fine the LAW very accurate.
    Thanks for the info

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