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    Bring some old stuff to here. Please enjoy the old Urb game full with URB factor.

    My show:

    Arise’s Urbanslug Game Play Video

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    Recently someone mention the most URB’s Urb game, I believe it is Urbanslug. Nothing but you ca die very quickly, make a right decision and keep you alive like the real battlefield. It is it, the Urbanslug!

    Get a long time not pay this game, so this is not my best record, but sure everyone can try it on your own way. >o<

    To download this game, please head to the Urbzz Games Download Heaven thread.

    Please enjoy the show. XDDD


    someone very unimportant… also you can play on newgrounds if you dont want to DL


    Ha!Ha! @jack


    I am going to share some personal tip to play this game.


    These picture show my way to control this game, and currently I feel it is good then any other way. I do try other way but non of that is convenient like this one, so feel free to try it.

    Left: [4]
    Right: [2]
    Enter, or leave vehicle: [3]
    Cover: [3]
    Shoot bullet: [6]
    Grenade: [7]
    Switching weapon: [8]
    Reload: [9]
    Airstrike, Mine, Blade normally can be use with any hand( Z,M Space ), mostly you don’t need it. When you need it, means you already been pin down now!

    General Principle:

    *Always put the finger on the down key, this can provide multiple effect.
    1. You can shoot and immediately take cover with a super fast speed!( Not always happened but usually)
    2. You can avoid the sudden show up plane kill you.
    *Kill the guy who can call the reinforcement immediately, or you are going to have a very bad day very soon! ( Urbanslug have the most super fast reinforcement ability then any other Urb game, like MNB2’s officer, or OFV’s NVA HQ. It is fast to killing end!!!! I have warn you, be careful. )


    *The Blade hot key seems not good for use, it is too far from the main control place, maybe change to Enter? Not very sure, but “Z” is too far away I think. (Personal view)
    *Guess we can have some more update on it. >o<

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    Bring the old game back, still fun and brutal, I still like it.

    As my old video, the voice is very low so, put the speaker louder then you can heard my voice. XDD
    Sorry for the equipment, I think I will never be able to fix it. lol

    Enjoy the show. XD

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    @Arise – How do you outlast the enemy helicopter? Sometimes they seem to stay for a long time and one of those swordsmen ends up cutting my character up.

    Also … why is it when a player fails the helicopter LZ pickup that it always says Mission Complete yet the player can’t move in the next mission?

    I found out today that Vigilante missions come with perks 😉 You’re not fighting nothing.


    @lwillter Sorry response for so late. XD Because I am out of here for too long. ww

    *To survive the Landing helicopter, Kill the gunner, or keep moving before the gunner out. That will be the only two option to stay alive.

    1. To kill the gunner you can grenade few rounds, or use a powerful gun with lots of bullet.

    2. Run fast, mostly stay in the start place you inter the map is not a good habit in some of mission, in some of mission the enemy reinforcement will get in after some period of time. Keep with your hand for Pistol, you will move faster. Before the helicopter come, you will heard the sound. Then run very very fast, don’t even stop for something.

    *That is the bug for sure, maybe I can let @Urbzz know about it.

    Yeah, money if the best feed back in this game, although you die quickly in this game. XDDD


    Haha! I beat survival mode :p

    Can you beat it? 😉


    I never beat it, I would say that is a bug.

    I can survive to 200+ seconds the game is not end still lol

    I am sure something must be wrong on it. ( AT least on your game. )

    XDDD Whatever, nice game.


    Ah I found out it isn’t game over … it’s a brief pause before being thrown into combat again. What do you think of this survivor mode playstyle?


    Survivor mode, like extraction missions where you have to hold out for a certain amount of time, can be brutal as hell because sometimes the combination of enemies on the screen that are thrown at you makes it impossible not to get hit by something. Banzai swordsman combined with MGs or snipers are a big pain par example.

    I’ve never used the mines, but clearly they’re not that great if your vids are anything to go by. Your runs seem to go about as I would expect most survival runs to go, though you’ve certain gone on way longer than I ever had (just means you get to listen to the awesome SFX and music for longer!). It was an interesting bug at the end of the first vid (should really be no way to complete a survival mission)

    Always great to someone take the old slug out for a spin, so keep ’em coming LW, though you might want to lower the game volume a bit on the next vids XD


    Made a video for you 🙂 Did well this time. I usually use my bolt action rifle as a last ditch effort to stop a swordsman. Still covered if under fire but able to shoot with a powerful shot.

    I killed a truck with a machete. Going to replicate just to make sure.


    Pretty good run LWillter, I bet you hate yourself for reloading in that bomb run 🙂


    Pretty good run LWillter, I bet you hate yourself for reloading in that bomb run 🙂


    Nice run, LWillter.

    I never see that screen so. lol

    I feel my Survival mod is always brutal as hell, guess I play not good enough. XD

    BTW, call me on Discord as I constantly been block out from the site. Thanks. >o<

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