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    Basically a thread for sharing music. Any genre goes, though preferably minimize the not-so-nice (if you know what I mean) content.

    So our site has died — for the second time. True sadness. I loved the place! Big salute to ChillyCurve; your hard work and dedication shall never be forgotten.

    But anyways, yes. Death. We Urbanians are surrounded by it and understand it as part of life. Truly, it walks behind us.
    Knowing that, why not play some classic hard rock? This band is one of the predecessors of progressive rock, and one of their drummers, Carl Palmer, joined prog supergroup Emerson, Lake & Palmer, who released their debut album this same year, 1970.

    What an album! It sounds very suitable for Urbanian culture, like Sabaton for instance; what a way to start this thread, too!


    (Sorry the video starts about 30 minutes through. YouTube.)


    (Disregard the above reply. Just problems for me, it seems.)

    Here’s a nice rocker. Vocals are just pure brutal.
    “Pictures of a City” by King Crimson, live at Summit Studios, Denver (1972)


    Urb went ahead and posted this beauty of a compilation a few days ago with the message
    “Good tunes for programming or studying.”

    I concur

    I was playing a game called Gunpoint not too long ago and I remembered how good the music is. Here are some samples that fit in well with urb’s selection, albeit more jazz/electronic flavored:

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    As long as we’re on the topic of random stuff to listen to while working:

    I dig up a lot of weird stuff on Youtube and this one really makes me want to make a game with an atmosphere like Galaga or something but with plants… *shrug*


    Assault Suits Valken – 14 – In Despair

    Massive Attack – Superpredators (jackal remix)


    Recently finished the original Deus Ex. Great time.
    And great soundtrack. One of the most memorable in all of PC gaming.

    Same goes for Morrowind.

    Very different in terms of theme and atmosphere, but both are just gold standards of video game music. Brilliant stuff. Great homework/background music, too.


    If you’re gonna listen to anything today, do listen to this. Preferably at a good, high volume.

    Obscure Seventies rock/metal does have its shining moments among its shining moments.


    King Crimson + STWALT = Absolute epicness.


    Playing Recon again and therefore looking for fitting music I found this.

    Paladin Andric

    Okay fellas, let me hit you with some combat music.

    Literally ANYTHING from the Total War series is A++ top tier material (well, anything from Medieval 2 and earlier).

    Here’s some of my absolute favorites.

    Plays when in combat as the Vikings

    Plays while in combat as a European nation

    Plays after you have lost a battle as a European nation

    Plays while in combat in Western Europe

    Plays while in combat in either the “Britannia” or “Teutonic” campaigns

    Plays while in combat in the Middle East

    Plays while in combat

    Plays while in combat

    Plays in the march/skirmish phase, before any melee combat has started

    Plays in the march/skirmish phase, before any melee combat has started

    Plays on the campaign map


    I love the music from the Total War series! Ever since I was young and playing Rome, I fell in love with the soundtrack, particularly the soothing guitar/harp rifts in the campaign map. Same goes for the campaign music in Medieval 2. A great series all around, with great music all throughout!

    Here’s to more of it in the future

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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