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Upgrading sounds and weapons.

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    The Pig

    Could MnB2 be updated with the new weapon sounds and the voice lines of practically all the troops including the Germans from MnB3? I feel like that would be awesome, because the sound of the Kar98 never had me worry about my men getting shot at with it, but when I played MnB3 I exercised extreme caution cause it sounds like it can pack a mean and nasty punch.


    A lot of the voice lines for MnB3 have come from media that I recognize; you can hear some Band of Brothers lines in the ambient background and a lot of the unit lines are from Company of Heroes. Urb would have to confirm that, but I’m 98% sure. And I’d definitely love to hear them in MnB2 as well.


    Personally, I prefer the gun sounds in MnB2 over MnB3, not that the ones in MnB3 are bad. I think keeping the sounds distinct in each game gives them a more personal and unique touch.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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