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    Starting this NEW LUA MnB2+3 game suggestion with basic interface suggestions.

    1) Game display size, directional flow and layout.

    Since by now (some 15+ years later) most PC players will have a much larger monitor where the current 400×600 pixel game field seams like it belongs on a smart phone or tablet.
    a) Enlarge the game field to 1000 x 1000 pixel or whatever is feasible to do but make it much bigger
    This will give the player a lot more room to actually do “Tactics”.
    It also makes for a much less crowded field later on.
    Also gives soft skinned units a much better chance to not get killed/hurt from explosions.
    b) Keep the up – down game-play. Not only is it absolutely a core aspect of mnb but also continues to give the player the feeling of the enemy poring down on them trying to dive them out through the bottom of the screen.
    c) Move all the game controls and information displays off the actual visible playing field.
    Left and right of the game field should be enough room for icons, popups and banner-roll quick information like WARNINGS should/could be over the game or under it.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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