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    Good Mooorning Vietnaaaam!!

    I lost my save game at MnB 3 so i got back to Recon once again…i refreshed my vietnam era music and dirted my boots with VC blood again…

    Long story short i would like RECON to implement MACV(Military Assistance Command Vietnam)…what i mean is for you to be able to have at your chalk not only Rangers but also other types of Troops(Joint Recon Teams) with different skills( and disadvantages maybe). Here are some examples:

    – ARVN Troopers(Viet Skill +3 but gain experience harder)
    – SEALs(+1 combat or +1 stealth maybe)
    -ANZACS(Australians and Kiwis fought Valiantly at Vietnam)
    -CIA Field Agent(+1 Viet maybe and he can only take very low bulk)
    -101st Airborne Troop(faster insertion/extraction from AO by Huey)

    Of course each type is unlocked with rank or ribbons or merit(for example if you impress 3 times the CIA then u can field CIA agents)…also each type has its own uniform.

    My second recommendation is RIVERS…it could be nice to have sometimes a river crossing the AO…of course that means new insertion/extraction method and support…i mean by boat!! you can cross the river at some points very slow(like as it is now with rice fields or lakes)

    Finally i would like to mention a VERY good suggestion from other member…Viet skill adds proficiency with VC weapons and also TUNNEL RATTING(if u spot a tunnel hole you can place C4 and close it[-fielded troopd in your AO] or send one man to clear it like an action with a chance to add lots of intel or get wounded[or die])


    Might as well use this topic to place something Huey related.
    This is a very good video on how the current air command could be improved and at the same time made more RL like.


    Can Rolling Thunder be added please.


    Also can we add a soldier called the “White Feather”.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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