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    I’ve played and followed this game ever since the alpha came out and I’ve absolutely loved it, but one question has always hovered over my head. How does the tour system work? I just finished a 2nd tour with 96% merit and I was denied another tour. Is it really ALL based on merit? And is there a maximum tour amount? I’m pretty confused on this and it’s kind of pissed me off that I had 96% merit that I worked pretty hard for to have it not pay off. If it is indeed all based off of merit, I think that system should be changed or nerfed a little. Not really historically accurate. Maybe base it on average merit instead?


    96%!!!!!!! Well, That is a very bad luck. =口=

    Tour system is only base on the Merit, X% of merit means you have X% to be assign another tour. SO that is pretty sad lose a profile with a 96% merit. Damn fine URB factor!!! ( If I remember not wrong >o< )

    Here is some tip I will like to provide you:

    In order to make sure have a 100% merit in your final day is very important. You have several way can help you reach as close as possible.

    *Collect Intel as more as possible.
    *Gain kill card with a perfect mission as more as possible.

    Base on previous requirement, when the final day come, mostly the Merit will be at least 75 around if you really follow the Recon game system requirement. ( With some bad luck might have some bad memo or wrong mission decrease some merit near the ending day.

    *Find your kill card: Detail Paper work each of them should give you 10 Merit.

    If this still not enough to get 100% Merit, then

    * Use Intel to buy the kill card, try to find another Detail Paper work until you reach 100% Merit, and you should do this very carefully that you have to save at least 100 Intel to do your final job if you can not find enough Detail Paper work.


    *Use Brief the CIA to trade 10 Merit with all your Intel.

    If this still can not reach 100% merit then prey!!!! Or blame yourself not hard working on the mission. XD

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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