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    I want to suggest that certain weapons should be available during certain time periods.

    For example the M16 & m14 vs M16A1
    1965 the m16 was brought to nam, after 1969 they fixed most of the problems with the m16 and issued the M16A1 to replace both the m16 and m14. The M14 was no longer an Infantry rifle and was updated to the M21 as a Marksman’s Rifle. After 1969 the m16 gets removed from inventory and replaced with M16A1 gets slightly better stats and the M14 gets replaced with the M21 with slower fire Rate and better accuracy.

    That is all I have for now will try to find more later.

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    Service history M72 LAW
    In service 1963–present

    Please correct your faulty Time Specific Weapons and Items post.


    Can we add the American sniper rifles such as the M1903 and the M1917, these were both used in Vietnam to an extent.

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