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    Druzyna=Druzhina(дружина)=Company (or squad in this case)
    Strzelcow is kinda similar to strelyam(стрелям), which means shoot, so shooters or riflemen.
    Okopac sie=Okopavam (Окопавам)=Dig in
    Szturmowa Taktyka=Shturmova Taktika (Щурмова Тактика)=Charging Tactics (or stormers in this case)

    By the way, I have some order/radio/building/whatever cards ready, but I need more information on what resources are in the game, how do you gain them and overall economy of the game.


    I really love board games. Especially the “fighting” types.
    That is some massive work with great detail to the board and rules Kacpo and I sincerely hope that others will enjoy it with you.
    Lord knows that I am bad at finishing my own ideas like that cause on the old forums I started to create a MNB2 Playing card version and I still have but a rough draft of a MNB1 board game idea somewhere.
    Alas around here nobody is willing to play such with me. Heck, they are all way to busy with constantly making money to play anything at all.
    Have fun and Board ON!


    Well, that’s exactly what it says.
    Maybe the last one is more exactly “Assault tactics” or “Storm tactics” but that’s about it.

    You asked for some more to be show. Here are the cards I printed and used in the current state of the game (Except for the icons. I added them once the cards were already printed):

    The contains of a card are:
    In the top, left corner:
    Cost of the unit, upkeep cost, waiting time. To the right there is name and attributes of the unit.

    The symbols below are the statistics:
    Movement type and Movement speed. Initiative.
    Armor. Cover.

    Crosses show the durability of the unit.

    At the bottom there are attacks available.
    The numbers I and II tell if these are primary or secondary attacks. Each unit can only make 1 primary and 1 secondary per turn, even if they have more.
    Then there’s name of the weapon and another statistics:
    Rate of Fire
    Possible damage

    and attributes of this attack.

    Rifleman team.

    Armed with Rifles, Fragmentation grenades and AT grenades, they are versitile backbone of the army. Good at defending points they can engage all targets but lack pushing power. If they find a good fighting position, they can be hard to dig out, even if they can’t deal much damage back.

    Assault team.
    Storm Tactics

    Armed with SMGs and Stick grenades, these guys are all about getting up-close and personal with the enemy. If they manage to get close enough, they ignore enemy cover entirely, making their SMGs lethal against even wll entrenched infantry. Not only that, thanks to Breakthrough skill, if they manage to kill the enemy, they can move and attack again, allowing them to wreck havoc among the enemy lines.

    HMG section

    Their main weapon is the heavy machinegun, excellent at pinning down enemy infantry, stopping their advance and reducing enemy fighting potential. They have no anti-vechicle weapon and their MG is quite inaccurate. However if they manage to get into proper firing position, they become harder to kill and can fire faster
    and more accurately.

    Hit & Run

    This light vechicle is very fragile and can easily be killed even by rifle fire. But it’s also the fastest unit in the game that can run behind enemy lines and harass enemies. The weapon is quite ineffective while on the move. The jeep can also move after attacking, giving it chance to avoid enemy retaliation.

    Field gun

    The slowest unit in the game, field gun is tricky to use. It has very weak stats when it’s moving, and can lose fights with tanks it’s supposed to counter. But if you let the cannon set up and prepare to fire, it can shred tanks before they have chance to attack. It can use both AP and HE shells and receives extra cover, firerate and accuracy if it stops before firing.
    However, low initiative meanst it’s relatively easy pray to enemy infantry that get’s too close.

    Medium tank
    Tank is big. It’s expensive to produce and maintain in the field. But it’s also the strongest unit in the game, capable of turning the tides of battle on a flank. It’s armed with a cannon and coaxial machinegun, which means it’s a threat to any unit on the battlefield. The tank fears only other tanks, prolonged artillery fire and well positioned AT guns.

    The Howitzer is a powerfull weapon, than is excellent at supporting the frontline from the rear. It’s slow, defencelss at close range, dies easily, and requires extra turn before it can start firing after moving.
    However, in return it offers devastating, although inaccurate, fire at longest range.
    You’re hiding behind stone wall? Sorry, this 150mm shells doesn’t give a damn and reduces your cover rate by 1.
    You think you’re safe inside tank? Even if the shell fails to penetrate the armor, it still deals damage.
    You’re digging in, hoping to outlast the barrage? Bad news: shells come from above and have fairly high chance at getting behind your cover and into your trench.

    That’s all for the units currently in the game. There are some others that I wanted to include, but omitted for the sake of simplicity:
    The Recon team Fast, agile squad. armed with marksman rifls to harass enemy infantry and get out of line of fire before they can retaliate. They can also direct artillery fire, increasing it’s effectiveness.
    Engineering squad They provide field repairs for allied vechicles and can clear out buildings with a flamethrowers. Other than that, they lack combat power.
    Tank-hunters Anti-tank infantry armed with AT Rifles, Satchel charges and maybe a rocket launcher. They are effective counter against enemy armor, but I wouldn’t send them to 1v1 a Heavy tank.
    Mortar team A second-line support team, mortars can provide indirect fire support with explosive or smoke shells.
    Armored Scout Car Fast, not impervious, but resistant to small arms fire and armed with an autocannon, the scout car is pretty much Jeep on Steroids.
    Heavy Tank. “Sword” A Tiger’s cousin. Fast for it’s mass, heavily armored and capable of fighting enemy tanks head on, while also being a fierce opponent for nemy infantry.
    Heavy Tank “Hammer” A KV-2 look-alike. Slow. Unstoppable. armed with short 150 mm gun, designed to obliberate any defences and punch through enemy lines. There’s nothing subtle about this machine.


    You have my utmost respect and commendation for all the work you’ve done for your board game, Kacpo! I’m just getting into board games and table-top RPs myself now and your game seems like something that would be right up my street! I suppose the only thing that bothers me is that, given that there are no other tank types currently, the medium tank unit should really just be ‘tank’, huh? But I’m just nitpicking at this point XD

    I’m curious as to how the game set up initially before players start making moves and rolling die. Is it strictly two player? Are unit positions selected by the players or are there scenarios that the players follow? A little of both perhaps?


    Thanks @Tyrud.

    Other tanks were present at first, but I cut it out for the test build.

    The initial set up is that players start with single rifleman squad in their deployment zone and start from there.
    Of course, first few turns are relatively quiet as no one is really shooting at anything.

    The economy of dispatching new units work like this:

    You have Supply points for which you buy new units.
    You receive +15 supply every turn, but your income is reduced by every unit you have on the field. You can never receive less than 5 supply, tho.
    The maintanace cost is dependant on the unit. Infantry costs 1/turn, while tank costs 3/turn.

    Each turn, you can order new unit, but it will arrive no sooner than next turn. Tanks and Howitzers take the longest to deliver to the front, because you have to wait 3 turns.

    Supply is also used to reinforce and repair damaged units.
    Repairs can only be done in the deployment zrea (your corner of the map.)


    Some day hopefully…


    Looking good @Vipility
    Can’t wait to see what you’ll make out of it.

    Small update on my game:
    -I’ve added 2 new units.
    -Changed the Initiative and Overwatch mechanic.
    -Minor balance changes (mostly reduced damage of all weapons)

    (Some louse sketches of the squads from the game. Save for the Tank-Hunters, they are not in. Yet.)

    Previously units with higer initiative moved first and fired first. This was to represent the reaction times of in combat situations. However, I found that low initiative units often just avoided fights they didn’t want to take and moved away after seeing what the enemy is doing.

    That’s why I reversed the order of movement:
    Now the LOWEST initiative moves first but the HIGHEST initiative fires first.

    This better in my opinion reflects the reaction and agility of units and their ability to adapt to situation.
    This change means that Players must now think more about what they plan to do, as moving a like a tank or howitzer requires now more dedication and forethought.

    The other change is than now only some units may enter Overwatch. These are Rifleman, MG section and AT Guns.
    Also, now units can maintain their overwatch if they do not move in their turn, increasing their effectiveness as area denial tool.

    (slightly more detailed drawings. Not and actual game ilustrations)

    Finally, there are few new faces. Say hello to
    Sappers and Recon.

    Initiative = 6 (quickest unit in game)
    HP = 3
    Armor = 0
    Cover = 1
    Movement = foot
    Speed = 3

    Marksman Rifles
    range = 3
    firerate = 3
    accuracy = 2+ (best accuracy in game.)
    penetration = 0
    damage = 001111

    Their special skills include:
    -they don’t have reduced movement in difficult terrain and have better chance of successfully crossing a river.
    -They can move after attacking, allowing them to harass enemy squads without catching return fire.
    -They can direct artillery fire, allowing friendly Howitzers to re-roll any misses against enemies in Recon’s sight range.

    Initiative = 5
    HP = 4
    Armor = 0
    Cover = 1
    Movement = foot
    Speed = 3

    range = 2
    firerate = 4
    accuracy = 4+
    penetration = 0
    damage = 000111

    range = 1
    firerate = 2
    accuracy = 4+
    penetration = 0
    damage = 011112

    -Flamethrower deals extra damage against infantry in buildings and entrenched positions and partially ignores cover, making them effective at dislodging enemies from defensive positions, provided they can get close enough to use it.
    -They can also restore 1 HP of an allied vechicle in their vicinity instead of attacking.

    I’ll keep you updated if something new happens.
    In the meantime, keep up the good work everyone and URB ON!


    From my experience, the most fun part is understand how people build up their board game step by step.

    Keep up good work @kacpo >o<

    I always wish to decrease the step and dice when I am building a board game, but somehow if you really want a full function , it seems some counter or dice check is necessary. Your art skill is awesome, I like the setting too.

    I will keep following the update. XD URB on!

    Red Leader

    I actually created my own cards on my off time. They are much simpler and only requirer a single D6.
    I could post a screen shot if you guys want to see my card design but they are in english. I could provide translation (Thanks to google translate) If you are interested.


    @redleader Go ahead.


    Yes do post your game ideas folks.
    IF however it be something more then just a single post thing then please create your own thread as not to hijack this one. 🙂

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