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    Maybe too complicated for a RL board game, but for online multiplayer that would be AWESOME!
    Hint hint, Urbzz…

    I might rage because I hate losing to sheer luck, but you know…



    Well, actually I’m going to make a play-test paper version in order to test out the scale (range vs. movement) and unit balance.
    Also, I’ve got a friend who’s learing Unity who expressed interest in making it into a digital version, so we’ll see how it goes.



    Ah, yes. Complex board games, my favorite. Personally @kacpo, I don’t feel as if it is too complex/too many numbers. In fact, I’ve made plenty of games myself for personal use that use a shit ton of numbers and or dice (I made a game that uses a game type of thing. I.E outcomes in-game influence a real political scenario, etc).

    I’m pretty sure we could figure out a way to test the paper version online, maybe with the use of one webcam and a bunch of mics, haha.

    I’m fairly interested, and I might be able to help depending on what is requested of me.



    Huh…the game idea that you guys are proposing sounds a lot like the Panzer General Online game I used to play on before it got taken out. *Sign* I rly miss that game, spent sooooooo many hrs on it…everyone liked it, but fffing bastards had to take it offline >:[



    Well, ther are few things I still have to work on;
    Balance of units.
    Ideas for objectives. Both; the Strategic (main ones, worth the most points) and Operational (revealed through the game, that give less points.)

    The movement and combat phases are already quite polished (save for tweaking unit’s statistics.)
    But the Command, Deploy and Radio phases are what I’m still figuring out.
    To recap:
    1st Phase of a Turn: Command phase
    That’s when Objectives are revealed (1 per turn I think.) and Order cards are drawn.
    I still need few more ideas for minor objectives.
    I think that Command points are going to be removed and instead you can only use an order once, and then you must discard it.
    Also, you can use the order card at any moment in the game, BUT if that order affects combat, you must play it at the begining of shooting phase.
    If it affects movement, you must play it at the begining on Movement phase. ETC.
    I think that some situations may allow you to draw more order cards, but that’s just a concept so far.

    Then, ther’s movement and combat.
    As I’ve said, they are ok IMO.

    And then there’s Deployment
    In that turn, you deploy on your edge of the map (or in specified deployment zone) new units. These units are called in during RADIO phase, so at best you’ll have to wait one turn before they can enter the battlefield.
    Some units, or maybe thanks to some orders or other shenanigans you can deploy them in a special manner (Paradrop, glider or boat insertion, flanking like a 222 :p)
    Also, this is the time when units can be reinforced, repaired and can receive extra equipement.
    However, that can only be done under certian circumstances:
    -Infantry can only be reinforced near the deployment zone. Vechicles need to find a workshop or machine park (or something like that) to perform repairs, unless they have field maintanace kit.
    I’m still not sure whether the units have to wait a turn to reinforce, or is it done in one turn.
    Also, not sure if that’d cost Requisition points, or just the time spend pulling back and reinforcing is costly enough.

    Final phase is Radio procedures
    There are few things that happen:
    -Victory points are given for everything that happened this turn.
    -Requisition points are given to players.
    -New units (Orders, reinforcements as well ?) are ordered for requisition. Keep in mind that units may arrive no sunner than on Deployment phase of next turn. Heavier units may take longer to deliver.
    I’m still not sure how to balance this economy.
    I have few ideas on wher to get requisition from:
    1 -Player has a constant pool of requisition points which is a sum of his deployed units and spare requisition that can be used to purchase more. When you lose a unit, you instantly receive it’s cost back, allowing you do redeploy it again.
    2 -Player starts with some requisition and receives constant amounts of it, slowly over time.
    2.1 – Player recives requisition every turn, but the amount received is inversly proportional to the number of units in the field. The more units you have, the less you gain. If you take heavy losses, you can replace them quickly.
    3 – Have it being generated by structures in the field (Radio towers, ammunition or fuel caches) that remain in the posession of the player. (I’m not sure about this method, simply because it can lead to snowball effect, where one player dominates the field and therefore can deploy more troos than the enemy, giving him no chance of coming back.)
    4 – Give players some of it for start, and then give one-time reward for capturing specyfic objectives in the field.

    So, yeah. there’s that.
    @mrprofilen (and anyone else for that matter) If you want to help, I’d need an opinion or ideas for following:
    -Ideas for Order cards. Something small, but what can make a difference, but balanced out by comoparable small, but potentially siginificant drawback.
    -Ideas for Strategic objectives. The main goals of the game. These places on the map that everyone is always going to fight for. Also, maybe scenarios.
    -Ideas for Operational objectives. Smaller goals, that can be done for extra points. Not too complex.
    -Opinion: Should orders be dependent on Command points, which have to be gained and spent, or should I just keep the Order cards as a single-use asset?
    -Opinion / idea for reinforcement and repair of damaged units. How to do that. Or even, should I bother with it at all?
    -Opinion / idea on the Requisition economy. Which of these systems sounds the most appealing to you? Or maybe you can suggest a better one?

    Thanks for feedback so far eveyone.
    I’ll kepp working on it in the spare time.

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