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    Maybe too complicated for a RL board game, but for online multiplayer that would be AWESOME!
    Hint hint, Urbzz…

    I might rage because I hate losing to sheer luck, but you know…


    Well, actually I’m going to make a play-test paper version in order to test out the scale (range vs. movement) and unit balance.
    Also, I’ve got a friend who’s learing Unity who expressed interest in making it into a digital version, so we’ll see how it goes.


    Ah, yes. Complex board games, my favorite. Personally @Kacpo, I don’t feel as if it is too complex/too many numbers. In fact, I’ve made plenty of games myself for personal use that use a shit ton of numbers and or dice (I made a game that uses a game type of thing. I.E outcomes in-game influence a real political scenario, etc).

    I’m pretty sure we could figure out a way to test the paper version online, maybe with the use of one webcam and a bunch of mics, haha.

    I’m fairly interested, and I might be able to help depending on what is requested of me.


    Huh…the game idea that you guys are proposing sounds a lot like the Panzer General Online game I used to play on before it got taken out. *Sign* I rly miss that game, spent sooooooo many hrs on it…everyone liked it, but fffing bastards had to take it offline >:[


    Well, ther are few things I still have to work on;
    Balance of units.
    Ideas for objectives. Both; the Strategic (main ones, worth the most points) and Operational (revealed through the game, that give less points.)

    The movement and combat phases are already quite polished (save for tweaking unit’s statistics.)
    But the Command, Deploy and Radio phases are what I’m still figuring out.
    To recap:
    1st Phase of a Turn: Command phase
    That’s when Objectives are revealed (1 per turn I think.) and Order cards are drawn.
    I still need few more ideas for minor objectives.
    I think that Command points are going to be removed and instead you can only use an order once, and then you must discard it.
    Also, you can use the order card at any moment in the game, BUT if that order affects combat, you must play it at the begining of shooting phase.
    If it affects movement, you must play it at the begining on Movement phase. ETC.
    I think that some situations may allow you to draw more order cards, but that’s just a concept so far.

    Then, ther’s movement and combat.
    As I’ve said, they are ok IMO.

    And then there’s Deployment
    In that turn, you deploy on your edge of the map (or in specified deployment zone) new units. These units are called in during RADIO phase, so at best you’ll have to wait one turn before they can enter the battlefield.
    Some units, or maybe thanks to some orders or other shenanigans you can deploy them in a special manner (Paradrop, glider or boat insertion, flanking like a 222 :p)
    Also, this is the time when units can be reinforced, repaired and can receive extra equipement.
    However, that can only be done under certian circumstances:
    -Infantry can only be reinforced near the deployment zone. Vechicles need to find a workshop or machine park (or something like that) to perform repairs, unless they have field maintanace kit.
    I’m still not sure whether the units have to wait a turn to reinforce, or is it done in one turn.
    Also, not sure if that’d cost Requisition points, or just the time spend pulling back and reinforcing is costly enough.

    Final phase is Radio procedures
    There are few things that happen:
    -Victory points are given for everything that happened this turn.
    -Requisition points are given to players.
    -New units (Orders, reinforcements as well ?) are ordered for requisition. Keep in mind that units may arrive no sunner than on Deployment phase of next turn. Heavier units may take longer to deliver.
    I’m still not sure how to balance this economy.
    I have few ideas on wher to get requisition from:
    1 -Player has a constant pool of requisition points which is a sum of his deployed units and spare requisition that can be used to purchase more. When you lose a unit, you instantly receive it’s cost back, allowing you do redeploy it again.
    2 -Player starts with some requisition and receives constant amounts of it, slowly over time.
    2.1 – Player recives requisition every turn, but the amount received is inversly proportional to the number of units in the field. The more units you have, the less you gain. If you take heavy losses, you can replace them quickly.
    3 – Have it being generated by structures in the field (Radio towers, ammunition or fuel caches) that remain in the posession of the player. (I’m not sure about this method, simply because it can lead to snowball effect, where one player dominates the field and therefore can deploy more troos than the enemy, giving him no chance of coming back.)
    4 – Give players some of it for start, and then give one-time reward for capturing specyfic objectives in the field.

    So, yeah. there’s that.

    (and anyone else for that matter) If you want to help, I’d need an opinion or ideas for following:
    -Ideas for Order cards. Something small, but what can make a difference, but balanced out by comoparable small, but potentially siginificant drawback.
    -Ideas for Strategic objectives. The main goals of the game. These places on the map that everyone is always going to fight for. Also, maybe scenarios.
    -Ideas for Operational objectives. Smaller goals, that can be done for extra points. Not too complex.
    -Opinion: Should orders be dependent on Command points, which have to be gained and spent, or should I just keep the Order cards as a single-use asset?
    -Opinion / idea for reinforcement and repair of damaged units. How to do that. Or even, should I bother with it at all?
    -Opinion / idea on the Requisition economy. Which of these systems sounds the most appealing to you? Or maybe you can suggest a better one?

    Thanks for feedback so far eveyone.
    I’ll kepp working on it in the spare time.

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    Hi, so it’s been a while, but I’ve got news:

    I’ve finished the prototype and are now playtesting it with my family.
    I had to cut out a few things to make it simpler adn easier to explain and playthrough, but it still took 7 pages to write down the instruction.

    Here are few pictures of how does it look like:

    The victory points counter and flag status. as you can see, Blue controls two of the objectives, while red hold only one.

    The unit tokens and unit cards. Tokens are placed on the field to represent the fighting unit, while cards serve as a handy data-base for all the statistics and attributes of the unit. The three in the photo are: Rifleman team, Stormtroopers team and MG section.

    The playing board. You can see the river, roads, forests and buildings as well as deployed units and strategic objectives (the yellow stars).

    It took some efford to make, but overall, I’m satisfied with a result


    I meant to come back and reply last time you made a post, woops.

    Anyway, I’m impressed, and kind of excited. The board actually looks really nice.

    You say you are playtesting now, how is the playtesting?


    I’m just… impressed. Good job, looks amazing. It’s good to see people that have dedication. I’m looking foward to playing it someday. In the mean time, I’ve been working on a medieval arena PVP game. I finally gave in on the RNG and it works pretty well for the moment. Might share some details in the future once I get a proper camera.

    Once again, I’m glad I brough your creativity out on the board (no pun intended). Looking foward to a game’o’paper.


    Man this board game looks very interesting. check these guys out when you ready to print !!


    Kacpo, dude, your board game reminds me an enlarged version of Panzer General Online. You know, if you wanna know some further improvements to this game you could ask me. Cause there are special abilities from Panzer General Online (especially with Panzer General Online, I loved that game, because it had like special move orders, and fuel supply that you HAD TO WATCH OUT FOR!!! Also, you can veteran your units TOO 😀 !!!!!), and this card game called tyrant (and it had like the coolest of abilities. A few examples include regenerate (50% chance for a unit to revive instantly after being destroyed), armour I-IV (The amount of damage it can block), pierce I-IV (It doesn’t add to your base damage, but it helps you immensely to go through armour), swipe (attack units that are place in front of the diagonal left, front, and diagonal right), weaken I-IV (When activated it lowers the, damage of single enemy units by the level of the weaken ability. Some rare units had weaken ALL I-IV…which means you can lower the damage of ALL deployed enemy units by the level of the weaken ability), flurry I-IV (An ability which allows you to attack the same unit 2-5 times, depending on your level, but the attacks would be useless if your base attack is lower/equal to the base armour of an enemy unit [if it even has any armour]), und there was rally, summon, heal, counter, mimic, evade, chaos, poison, shield, and other sorts of crazy abilities.

    **sign** I miss those good ol’ days

    Oh…speaking of which, hey URB…have you ever thought of making a board game similar to Kacpo for your site? I mean, it could be relatively simple (I think? :/) to build, because it wouldn’t rely heavily on animations, detailed pictures, and coding (I think? :/). And you can easily adapt the tile squares for different types of terrain easily for ground/air, sea, and even SPESS 😀 .But the only downside is that a board game like this would be only at its most fun if it had multiplayer mode 🙁 (And I know that your really reluctant about multi player…but I guess single player is fine too…cause I faced cheezy assed AIs in the Panzer General Online, and Tyrant game, so it was fun enough without playing against a human player :D)


    Oh man…I ffffing loved Panzer General Online, and tyrant. AND ITZ SSSSSSOOOOOO ANNNOYING THAT the game devs for those games decided to pull them off…never to be played again…I mean IDK why they took it down, they put in things like P2W loot boxes, so ppl were still paying (well…I wasn’t, because I ain’t dealing with that nonsense) for them…like jeez. 🙁


    By the way, can you show us around some more? (My slavic powers give me the ability to understand other slavic languages without knowing them.)


    OH HOHOHOHOHOHOHO…..yes plz do Kacpo…DROOOOOOOOL O____o


    Oh…and by the way Kacpo…how do you depict air units in your game? Do you put air units on top of your units if they are both placed on the same tile, cause that method may be difficult to distinguish your units apart from each other (because it obscures them).

    Other board games like Advance Wars go around this problem by depicting their air units almost like ground units that can’t occupy the same tile that another unit is on…but this leads to some rly funny things. Like air units being blockaded/boxed-in by enemy ground units, and not being able to fly past them for NO REASON.

    Other board games like Panzer General Online dispense of air units as ACTUAL UNITS, and just make them as special order cards that you can deploy. So you don’t have to wrry about any additional air units obscuring ground units when they are placed on the same spot. So these air attack/support order cards worked by having a specific area being designated as the spot that will inflict damage/bonus on units. So, the air order cards that the game had were <Dive Bombing> Inflict 2-4 damage that completely ignores armour values, <Strafe> Pick a line in any direction, and MG the shet outta that area (but you have to put up with armour values, this attack aint armour piercing)…GR8 against supply vehicles, and helps you to force enemy commanders to “deck” out by taking away their supply points [BECAUSE YOU NEEDED SUPPLY POINTS TO MAKE EVERY MOVE, AND IT ALWAYS GOT MORE EXPENSIVE TO MAKE THE GAME MORE SHORT, FUN, AND DECISIVE], <Strategic Bombing> Basically like strafe, but ignores armour, and has HUGE boxy area of effect, but significantly lower dmg…gr8 for scattering, and softening up armoured convoys, <Aerial Resupply> Gives you extra supply points, but you can’t use it all the time, because in a short time you will be losing fuel rather than gaining supply when you use this card for a long enough duration, <Air Superiority> Gives you certain, or complete protection against air attacks. To make it MORE interesting, there were specific ground units with the anti-air I-II ability that has the ability to nullify air attack dmg for the area they protect by the level of their anti-air ability. The other interesting part was that, in order to activate air attack orders (or ANY other special order in the game), you needed to have a certain amount of stars. And you get these stars from the amount of ELITE/COMMAND units that you have deployed on the board…and so that means if the enemy takes out your ELITE/COMMAND units, then you get less stars. On top of that, because the enemy has more stars then you at this point, he can draw more cards, so that he will have further probability of not getting shetty/useless order cards in his deck 😀


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    @mrprofilen Thanks.
    We’re just playing and checking what works, what does not. Some things that I’ve never considered before appear and I figure them out. Some balance issues become apparent and I already have some tweaking in mind.
    Other than that, I’m getting my ass kicked in my own game.

    Cool. Good luck with your game.
    I may post pictures of unit cards and tokens later on.
    By the way, how much exactly did you understand from the pictures I posted? I’m curious.

    Thanks boss. I’m probably going to use it to print a proper prototype to send to the publishers in hope of getting it out. If all my attempts at it fail, I may actually use this site to make my own copy.
    Or get one to a fried. Or anyone who’s interested in buying one.


    Ok, first: there are attributes, which give units some bonuses or special rules. Check among my previous entries, most of them are still viable.

    Believe it or not, my father, when he saw that game also compared it with Panzer Generals (although not online but the original ones)

    As for Air units: I had an idea to include them, but ended up scratching the concept. The map turned out a bit too small to make it work. They were supposed to be fast, have minimum movement range, and ignore terrain compleatly. They would have little to no armor and high chance of dodging attacks that are not dedicated AAA.
    But in the end, they didn’t make it.

    I had briefly considered veterancy of units, that is, better stats the longer they stay alive, but I decided it was too hard to implement and had potential to be game breaking. It’s on the long list of “things to consider that didn’t make it in.”

    I’ve never played Advanced Wars, but I played Battalion on Kongregate which, from what I’ve seen is very simillar in may ways. I took some inspirations from it; most notably the terrain mechanics: (cover at the cost of mobility)

    Other inspirations iclude: Warhammer40K (Stats, dice throws, original victory conditions) and Company of Heroes (MG suppression, AT guns vs tank gameplay, final victory conditions and supply system.)

    Anyway, thanks everyone for showing interest. I will continue the developement and let you know how things are working out.
    Stay awesome and URB ON!

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