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    @kacpo But seperating thw faster units’ movement from that of slower ones would kinda ruin the whole idea of moving as a squad. Will think it through.

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    Well, you can just move the unit at slower pace, trying to keep up with the slower ones.
    A faster unit does not have to move at max speed, does it?
    So it can just move by as much, as the slowest unit you want to keep it with.

    OR, you could introduce vechicles with “TRANSPORT” ability which enable infantry (or maybe also artillery) to move together at higher speed.
    Some vechicles may offer better transport capabilities than others:
    Jeep may transport a small Recon team, but not an infantry squad.
    A dedicated artillery tractor may tow a AT gun or an Artillery piece as well as carry the crew.
    Tank may carry an infantry section on it’s hull, but cannot tow guns.

    To solve the issue, we can introduce a “Transport capacity” and “Unit size” Values:
    Jeep: capacity of 4
    Tank: capacity of 8
    APC: capacity of 12
    Tractor: capacity of 8 + can tow a gun.

    Recon section: size of 4
    Artillery crew on its own: size of 6
    Artillery crew with GUN: size of 6 + GUN
    Machinegun squad: size of 8
    Infantry section: size of 8
    Reinforced infantry section: size of 12

    Just some examples.

    ONE thing I fear however is that we might bloat the game with too many numbers and make it too complicated to be fun.
    That’s remain to be checked once we have the basic concepts established. We may cut out or otherwise simplify the game by then.

    Speaking of complicating things, could you give me some numbers, as to How much resources units may cost, whsat’s their Health, Attack, Range, Movement speed?
    I’m not asking for everything, but just a general numbers so that I can get a basic idea of how to scale future suggestions.
    (Does Farm produce +1 food per turn, or +100, Is the movemnt speed 1,2 or in extreme cases 3 fields, or do they move by a much more.)

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    I tried the transport thing with LTV and it works fairly decent.

    Here are some stats of more basic units (at the moment that is):
    Rating determines food consumption and how much RP costs to summon.

    Infantry 4HP|3ATK|2DEF|3SP|Type:Infantry|Rating:1|SupplyCost:2|Perk:+1DEF when on the defensive|0Range|
    Soldier 4HP|2ATK|3DEF|2SP|Type:Infantry|Rating:1|SupplyCost:3|Perk:+1ATK when on the offensive|1Range|
    Militia 3HP|3ATK|3DEF|3SP|Type:Infantry|Rating:1|SupplyCost:2|Perk:+1ATK against aerial units|0Range|
    TDA “Miracle” 7HP|7ATK|1DEF|1SP|Type:Arty|Rating:2|SupplyCost:8|Perk:+1ATK against vehicles|3Range|
    HAT “Wall” 9HP|6ATK|5DEF|2SP|Type:Vehicle|Rating:3|SupplyCost:10|Perk:-1ATK when using ranged attacks|1Range|
    HCB “Cannon” HAT “Wall” 6HP|10ATK|3DEF|2SP|Type:Vehicle|Rating:4|SupplyCost:12|Perk: Cannot ingage in close quarters|1Range|
    MGH “Rotator” 5HP|4ATK|2DEF|3SP|Type:Air|Rating:3|SupplyCost:8|Perk:+1ATK against Infantry, immune to Arty and ignores obstacles|1Range|

    In order to gain food, you need to cap the Farm, which in turn activate all farmfields around it. Each Farmfield provides 1 food per turn if it’s not occupied by the enemy. Also they can be upgraded.


    kapico ive been working on a smaller scale game similar to bolt action set in world war 2 and you laying that stuff out kinda helps me set it straight thanks its so great to see all the people interested


    So I don’t really want to bother anyone with the art. This something I used before. Do you think it would fit (once I make ww2 soldier ones)?

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    Graphically they look quite good. I believe that they would do.
    I’m curious to see what designs you come up with.


    Ok,so it took me some time, but I’ve made a rough “idea sketch” of the combat system that relies heavily on stats, but also has a slice of RNG in it.
    When calculating I’ve took following aspects into equation:
    INITIATIVE – how fast unit reacts. This defines who shots first. Vechicles and artillery tend to have low initiative.
    HEALTH – Durability of the unit. Infantry and vechicles have high, while all sorts of support teams and scouts have low. Of course, when it drops to 0, unit dies (get’s destroyed)
    ARMOR – Resistance to damage. Infantry have none. Vechicles, especailly tanks have loads of armor.
    COVER – Unit’s ability to make use of terrain to avoid incoming fire. Does not apply to vechicles. Mostly affected by terrain.

    As for attacks, I took into account that some units may attack in several ways, so that’s why most units have more than one attack.
    The characteristics of each attack are:
    TYPE – High Explosive, Frag, or Piercing. Affects the way weapon handles. (Frag has random attacks, HE ignores cover, Piercing is “normal”)
    RATE OF FIRE – How many attacks does unit perform in it’s turn.
    RANGE – How far can the unit attack.
    ACCURACY – Chance to hit.
    PIERCE – chance to penetrate target. Affected by Armor.
    DAMAGE – What damage does unit deal with a single attack that hit and pierced the armor.

    The way calculation works:
    1. Check the range. If enemy is in range of a weapon, the unit can attack using that weapon.
    2. If both units are in range of eachother, check the initiative. The unit with higher acts first.
    3. Check the RoF of the weapon. Prepare that many dice.
    4. Check the accuracy of the unit. Roll dice for hit.
    5. D6 >= Accuracy
    6. For every shot that didn’t miss, check the Cover save.
    7. D6 >= Cover(unit)+Cover(terrain)
    8. For every shot that hit, roll dice to determine if it penetrated.
    10. For every hit that penetrated, roll the damage roll.
    11. The resulting damage is different depending on a weapon used. Some attacks (fragmentation or small arms) may just graze and deal no damage.


    Rifleman fireteam (Equipped with frag and AT grenades)
    INT: 5 (react quickly. Faster than vechicles and most weapon teams.)
    HP: 6 (quite durable. Can endure some stray hits and won’t go down after single lucky shot.)
    COVER: 2 (very resistant, negates 1/3 of all damage. Put him in a defensive position and he’s a pain to take out.)
    ARMOR:0 (It’s infantry after all)


    TYPE – Piercing (1 attack, against 1 target.)
    RATE OF FIRE -5 (a section of rifleman can put down some rapid fire)
    RANGE – 2 (still matter of speculation)
    ACCURACY – 3+ (very accurate. Unless enemy is in cover, will hit on 2/3 of time)
    PIERCE – 0 (no AT capability)
    DAMAGE – 0-2 (may graze but mostly deal 1 or 2 damage.)

    Frag grenade
    TYPE – Frag
    RATE OF FIRE – 2D6 (the fragmentations are random.)
    RANGE – 1 (need to get very close)
    ACCURACY – 5+ (affects the fragmentations)
    PIERCE – 0 (They lack any penetrating value)
    DAMAGE – 0-2 (they seem similiar, but the average damage is lower than that of a rifle)

    AT grenade
    TYPE – Piercing
    RATE OF FIRE – 2 (They throw two grenades)
    RANGE – 1 (infantry needs to close in to deal with the tank.)
    ACCURACY – 4+ (hits 50% of a time.)
    PIERCE – 4 (will need to roll at least 3 to penetrate the armor of a tank)
    DAMAGE – 2-4 (With such damage, penetration and rate of fire, infantry can shred tanks in one attack if they get close)

    Another Example:

    INT: 2 (react slowly. Enemies are likely to attack first)
    HP: 7 (very durable)
    COVER: 0 (no saving throws against being hit)
    ARMOR:7 (Resistant to all small arms fire)


    Machine gun
    TYPE – Piercing
    RATE OF FIRE – 3 (fires short bursts, becasue of limited stability)
    RANGE – 2 (enough to keep the infantry at bay, without risking the tank.)
    ACCURACY – 4+ (Hits on 50% times, but is likely to be negated by cover.)
    PIERCE – 0 (Can’t damage tanks)
    DAMAGE – 0-2 (Same ammunition as rifle)

    HE Shell
    TYPE – HE
    RATE OF FIRE – 2S (shared with AP)
    RANGE – 3 (can outrange infantry)
    ACCURACY – 5+ (hits on 1/3 of times. HE ignores cover.)
    PIERCE – 0 (Cannot pierce armor.)
    DAMAGE – 1-4 (Varies, but can be devastating)

    AP shell
    TYPE – Piercing
    RATE OF FIRE – 2S (Shared with HE)
    RANGE – 3 (good range to fight other vechicles at.)
    ACCURACY – 5+ (hits on 1/3 of times against vechicles. Less effective agains infantry in cover)
    PIERCE – 5 (Effective against vechicles)
    DAMAGE – 2-4 (Can potentially take out other tank in one volley.)

    Shared rate of fire means that the Rate of fire given is a total number of attacks a unit can make using “Shared” weapons, and is a max number of attacks unit can make using this weapon.
    In this case; The Tank can fire it’s cannon 2 times in a turn. It can fire Up to 2 HE shells or 2 AP shells.
    The tank can fire 2 AP shells at once, 2 HE shells at once, or one of each, but can never fire 3 times in one turn.

    Damage table: This is needed to calculate the damage done by any attack that hit and penetrated.
    It differs for every weapon nad also requires a D6 throw.
    Damage table for the examples above:

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    @kacpo Seems nice for urb kind of singleplayer. I’ll try to augment it a little bit to clean the rng for fair pvp stuff…


    Btw I made a Discord for easier communication if anyone wants to join:


    A (half-failed) attempt to draw a tank.

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    Hey, @vipility
    How’s the game going? Care to drop an update on the situation?
    I’m curious how it’ll develop.


    @kacpo Working on the original medieval counterpart of the game and experimenting with the combat system. Also school is a thing now…

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    Ok, cool.
    Yeah, school can be a pain when you want to work on something.

    The medieval original you say? I’m interested. I would like to see what’s it all about, if you don’t have anything against.


    @kacpo Pretty much the same, except the combat works since it was designed to be more CQB oriented.


    Hi. It’s been a while, but I’ve been thinking about the game, and made a basic, prototype set of rules and ideas by which a game may work. Keep in mind, that this is quite different from @Vipility -s idea and involves a LOT of dice throws, which means lots of URBness.
    It may not necessarily be more fair or pleasant, but hey, neither are URB games, are they?

    I still haven’t made any test copy, nor made a double check of statlines, to ensure at least some semblance of balance, but I tried my best to make it interesting and to even the odds.
    Off course every number you’ll see there is a subject to change.

    With all that out of the way, to the game:

    The main objective, by which you win the game is to either:
    Gain enough (20?) Victory points before the enemy.
    Have more points at the end of the battle (10 turns?)

    Victory points are gained through fulfilling tasks;
    There are strategic objectives, known to the player at the start of the game, worth the most points. I:E: control a radiostation at the end of turn 5.
    There are operational objectives, which are revealed through the game, via objective cards. (I:E: “Infiltration”: Have an infantry unit reach the enemy side of the field.)
    Some units may also give Victory points under specyfic circumstances. (I:E; loss of a command tank give enemy +1 VP.)

    These are the basic assets player has at his disposal/all the values he needs to keep an eye on:

    -Victory points. (Main goal. They decide who wins.)
    -Requisition points (Used to call in additional units, reinforcements and equipement)
    -Units. (They move around the map and do all the work.)
    -Equipement cards. (Used to empower units in the field.)
    -Command points. (Used to issue orders.)
    -Order cards. (Allows player to issue specyfic order to unit, granting temporary advantages.)
    -Objective cards. (Gives player a task which is rewarded with Victory points.)

    The gameplay is divide into phases, where all players must finish a phase, before they can begin the next one. That means that everyone first moves and only then do they start shooting.

    Command. – Special orders are issued. Tactical objectives cards are drawn.
    Movement. – units move from one place to another.
    Shooting. – Dakka, Dakka, Dakka!
    Deployment. – New units enter the battlefield. Units currently present on the field can receive refits, reinforcements and extra equipement.
    Radio procedures. – Command points are received and calculated. Available requisition is calculated. New units may be ordered for requisition. Victory points are distributed.

    THE MAP:
    Hexagonal fields.
    about 20×30 fields of size.
    Every field is of a certian type, giving defensive bonuses and movement reductions.
    Some fields are also divided by cliffs or rivers, which cannot be crossed normally.


    Road Does not allow “Dig-in” No movement penalties.
    Field -1 to wheeled vechicles.
    Hill -1 to tracked, -2 to wheeled vechicles. +1 attack range on main weapons. +1 cover to infantry.
    Light Forest -1 to tracked, -2 to wheeled vechicles +1 cover to infantry.
    Heavy Forest -1 to foot. +2 cover to infantry. vechicles must roll for difficult terrain.
    Swamp Does not allow “Dig-in” -1 to foot. vechicles must roll for difficult terrain.
    Trench Does not allow “Dig-in” -1 to tracked. Wheeled must roll for difficult terrain. +2 cover to infantry.
    Bunker Does not allow “Dig-in” +3 cover to infantry. Vechicles cannot stand on it.
    Building Does not allow “Dig-in” +2 cover to infantry. Vechicles cannot stand on it.

    Crossing difficult terrain Check
    Unit may enter a difficult terrain, under normal movement rules, but must stop immediatedly upon entering it.
    When they start next turn on it, they must roll. If they fail a roll, the unit cannot move and can even get stuck!

    -on 5 6, pass through.
    – on 1,2,3,4 fail and cannot move through the obstacle. Lose the movement turn.

    6 – if stuck, get out and can move out. Otherwise, same effect as with 4 or 5.
    4,5 – Can move out of the terrain, under normal rules.
    2,3 – Unit cannot move this turn.
    1 – Get stuck and cannot move until they roll 6 on any following turn. GET URBED!

    Infantry has seemingly less chance of successfull crossing, but notice that most of the time, they receive just movement penalties, while vechicles must make a roll.
    Infantry usually makes a roll when they cross a terrain that’s impassable to vechicles.

    Special rule for climbing cliffs and crossing rivers:
    Infantry may attempt to cross the natural obstacle of river or cliff.
    They must fulfill the conditions:
    -They must start turn on a field adjacent to a obstacle.
    -At the start of movement phase, a commander must disclaim if they’ll attempt to cross.
    -They must then roll for “difficult terrain”
    -Upon success, the unit can move 1 tile, across the obstacle.
    -upon fail, the unit loses it’s movement turn.

    Now, to the meat of all this, that is; the units fighting in the field.
    Each of them is represented by a series of statistics.

    Every unit has them, even if they are = 0.
    HP – health – durability of the unit. how much damage can they take before being destroyed.
    ! – initiative – their reaction speed. Defines who fires first.
    ARM – armor – resistance to hits. infantry have none but vechicles can have a lot.
    COV -cover – ability to take advantage from the terrain.
    MT – movement type – ability to cross terrain. Some units move slower on some types of fields.
    MS – movement speed – how many tiles does unit cover in one move. This value is heavily affected by terrain and movement type.

    then, there are also
    They affect every attack and are basically the other half of base statistics.
    Every unit can attack with ONE main weapon and ONE secondary weapon, even if they have more. Main weapons are rifles, tank-cannons and other guns that are considered primary. Secondary weapons include grenades, coaxial machineguns and personal defence weapons.
    WT – Type – So far there are only two types of attacks: Piercing and High Explosive. The only difference is that HE can deal more damage to infantry.
    ACC – Accuracy – basic chance to hit. Rolled agains D6. The lower the number, the higher the chance of hitting.
    RNG – Range – How far can unit attack with this weapon.
    PEN – Penetration – Unit’s ability to defeat armor.
    ROF – Rate of fire – How many times does unit attack this way.
    DMG – Damage – How much damage does this attack do if it hits and penetrates.

    All units also have
    These are special rules that affect the units behaviour and their effectiveness in combat. They do all sorts of weird things, like allow for re-rolls and manipulate the values of rolls. Some attributes allow to ignore other attributes or statistics. Almost all units have at least some rules applied to them.

    Infantry – Every AP hit received always deal 1 damage. For every HP lost, have -1 to Rate of fire of main weapon.
    Dig-in If not moved this turn, receive +1 Cover
    Suppressive Attacked infantry movement speed = 1 and accuracy = 6+
    Ambush If not moved this turn re-roll all misses against enemy that moved.
    Camuflage If not moved this turn re-roll all received hits from enemy that moved.
    Stalker Ignore “camuflage” and “ambush”
    Spotter Friendly artilley may re-roll all misses against enemy in range of spotters.
    Hit & Run can move 1 tile after attacking.
    Shock tactics If range = 1, ignore all enemy cover saves.
    Breakthrough If the unit killed the enemy this turn, they can move 1 tile and make another attack with main weapon. Once per turn.
    Deploy If not moved this turn, receive +1 to accuracy and rate of fire
    Set-up Cannot attack if moved this turn.
    Incendiary Ignore “Dig in” and terrain cover bonus. +1 damage if enemy is in the buildings or bunkers.
    Heavy Ordnance Deal 1 dmg on failed penetration. Enemy cover save -1.
    High arcing Re-roll enemy cover saves.
    Artillery Ignore “camuflage”. Cannot attack at range =1
    All-terrain Movement penalties reduced by 1. Receive +2 to “crossing difficult terrain” check.
    Evasive Receive cover bonus, equal to the half the number of tiles the unit moved this turn. (rounded down. 5->2)


    Aim and fire! – Infantry squad can reroll it’s misses on main weapon. -1 RoF on main weapon.
    Heads down! – Infantry squad can reroll cover saves agains AP. -2 Rof on main weapon.
    Get it working again! – Vechicle recover half of D6 roll in HP. Rounded up. (1->1, 5->3) Skip shooting phase.
    Spare no ammo! – Infantry can make 2 more attacks with main weapon. -1 ACC.
    Knock it down! – Unit recives +1 damage vs vechicles.
    Aim for weak spots! – +2 to penetration. -1 Rof on main weapon.
    Make it count! – Selected vechicle can fire once, has 2+ACC and receives +1 penetration.
    Run for it! – Infantry can move 1 more tile. -1 cover.


    Not all units can use all equipement. Some of them is exclusive to only one type of unit, while other are more accesible. Equipement can replace or add some attacks to the unit or change their statistics a bit.
    Semi-automatic rifles Replace normal Rifles with semiautomatic ones. Give +2 to RoF.
    Reinforced squad gain +2HP and +2RoF on main weapon.
    Radiostation. Gives “Spotters” attribute.
    Bundle grenades. Replace Stickgrenade with Bundle grenade for higher damage and penetration.
    Rifle grenades. Give squad rifle grenades which have same statistics, but can be fired at range of 2.
    Tank entrenchment tools. Give “Dig-in” ability.
    Camo net Gives “Ambush” and “Camuflage” abilities.
    Flame thrower. Gives unit extra secondary attack, which has: Type:HE RNG:1 RoF:2 ACC:5+ Dmg:1-3 Pen:0 Attribute:Incendiary.
    Anti-Tank rifles. Gives extra secondary attack, which has: Type:AP RNG:3 RoF:3 ACC:4+ Dmg:1-3 Pen: 4

    Ok, I know that’s probably a bit much, but I’m eager to hear an opinion: is it too complex to comprehend, or is something unclear and you want me to explain, or is it good sounding idea you’d like to know more?

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