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    Wow quite a few ideas are getting thrown around oon the subject of map design your gonna want some viritey so that each force even at the beginning hold something the other doesn’t have (say one sides got more farms while the others got more mines)so its not 0 sided witch the units with differing skills would help with but from experience change it up a bit
    on the subject of units they seem to all look playable and balanced accept you might want to debuff your murican men a small bit and i had a idea on how to display army’s take paper card stock etc. and stack them to signify your army



    1. Maybe in the future, but for now I don’t want anyone to be at a disadvantage. Maybe an attack/defence map in the future?
    2.While The Colonel sounds pretty strong, they require insane amount of resources. Not to mention that they use mainly vehicles, which get f*cked over by 50% of the events.
    3. The way it works at the moment is by stacking chips representing certain units on a said field, and you can always spread them in nearby fields.



    Sounds good keep me posted



    Here’s a rough example of an attack/defence map.

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    A hex map from one of my other prototypese. This type of map or the other one?



    While I like the free form movement possibilities of the first map, A hex or checkerboard map greatly simplifies things like movement, attack/defense calculations etc. In the end, a hex map can always be overlayed on top of a very nice looking visual map, so perhaps it’s best to start with something like that.



    Good idea actually.

    For now I’m focused on the combat aspect, because it’s very stale with the lack of d’s in order to reduce “Player 1 won because of RNG”.



    The combat at the moment, which is composed purely out of calculations:

    Position: The player chooses in what order to position, with the first always taking the beating.
    ATK: Damage dealt per attack. Minimum is 1.
    DEF: Damage absorbed.
    HP: How much damage a unit can take before dying.
    SP: Who attacks first. If there is an ally and an enemy with equal speed, the unit on the squad that is on the offensive goes first. If there 2 allied units with the same SP, the player chooses which one to attack first.
    Ranged: The ability to attack from adjanced fields.
    Perk: Stuff such as:
    Anti-Tank guns dealing extra damage against vehicles.
    Shieldmen taking less damage from ranged attacks.
    Snipers having better ranged attack.
    Mechanics increasing the armor of vehicles in the same squad.

    What do guys think?

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    I think it can be more complicate. lol

    *Terrain will provide some protection and different benefit.
    *The high ground also increase the range attack…etc.


    Suggest as give multiple weapon action for a single unit, at least two.

    damage type as AP(Anti Person such as bullet and Fregment), AT (Anti Tank the damage for vehicle )

    Like Tank with HE, AP round and .30MG which provide different damage ability.

    Would let combat more realistic and easy to set the roll. XD



    Question regarding fights;
    Are they In any way affected by RNG? Any dice throws? Or is it always for the same squads, the same result?



    @kacpo No rng at the moment.

    @arise Sorry, but I can’t really understand the Google Translator. Could you write it simpler?

    Edit: However, you can upgrade individual squad members with variety of upgrades, such as:
    -Basic Stats.
    -Extra something against a specific unit/s.
    -Bind squad, which increases all parameters of squad members, but they are stuck forever.
    and so on…

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    lol Actually that Google Translator is My English skill level. QAQ

    Uh~ I mean, the combat should be put more deep relate to weapon type, not just give some specific effect when face some of enemy.

    Whatever, not very important. I think I am cooling down, lol. XDDD



    Ok, let’s get technical:
    What are the most basic information we need to resolve fights:
    Conditions under which unit dies.
    The other statistics, such as Speed of movement (range of terrain covered during one turn) is not considered, because it does not affect combat.

    1 most basic
    The simplest way is to give just two stats: HP and DMG
    HP – health, when 0, unit dies.
    DMG – damage done with every attack
    Unit attacks, deals DMG against enemy HP, if HP drops to 0, unit dies. over.
    And that’s it. The bad thing is that it doen’t take into account anything else, and therefore result in simple “Worse < Better” mechanics, which are not fun.

    On the other hand, heavier vechicles, which then have better HP and DMG can be countered with the “Random events” we know will happen. So that’s one, very simple option.

    2 more complex
    If we want something more complex, we need some other stats in there, that could affect the combat and therefore allow for Rock-Paper-scissors mechanics, which are optimal.

    So, we could also use:
    RANGE – distance at which unit can attack
    ARMOR – damage absorbed during attack
    SPEED – distance covered in one turn ()
    ATTACK – attack strength against enemy
    HEALTH – self explanatory

    The Fight would be calculated like this:
    1. Check the unit RANGE. If the enemy is within unit’s attack RANGE, then the unit can attack.
    2. Check the unit ATTACK.
    3. Check the enemy ARMOR. Reduce the value of ATTACK, by the value of ARMOR.
    4. Check the enemy HEALTH. Reduce it by the amount of (ATTACK-ARMOR).
    5. If HEALTH drops to 0, unit dies.

    2.5 Slightly More complex

    Now, I’m thinking about few other things that could also be used here:
    INITIATIVE – decides which unit attacks first.
    PIERCE – How much ARMOR is ignored during attack.

    Examples, of why this matters:
    Infantry can have a lot of HEALTH, but becasue of no ARMOR, they receive full damage from all sources.
    Machine gun can have good ATTACK and INITIATIVE and will mop up infantry, but AT gun have better PIERCE, which makes it effective against tanks.
    Tanks may be powerful, with high ATTACK, ARMOR, RANGE and PIERCE, but because of low INITIATIVE they can be destroyed by seemingly weaker enemy, who will attack first and deal damage.
    Airtillery can have devastating ATTACK, PIERCE and good RANGE, so they can be really dangerous against any enemy, but have low INITIATIVE, HEALTH and ARMOR, which means that they lose any fight with the enemy who get’s close enough.

    Now, the fight would be resolved like this:
    1. Check the unit RANGE. If the enemy is within unit’s attack RANGE, then the unit can attack.
    2. If Both Unit and the Enemy are within RANGE of themselves, Check the INITIATIVE of each of them.
    3. Whoever has higher INITIATIVE, attacks first.
    3.1 If the INITIATIVE is Equal, they both attack each other at the same time. (possible double kill)
    4. Check the enemy ARMOR.
    5. Check the Unit PIERCE. Rduce the enemy ARMOR by the value of PIERCE
    6. Check the unit ATTACK.
    7. Reduce the value of ATTACK, by the value of (ARMOR – PIERCE).
    8. Check the enemy HEALTH. Reduce it by the amount of (ATTACK-{ARMOR- PIERCE}).
    9. If HEALTH drops to 0, enemy dies.
    10. If the enemy is destroyed by the attack with higher INITIATIVE than his, they DO NOT attack back.

    Another thing to consider are various SPECIAL EFFECTS or PERKS or EQUIPEMENT (depending on how do you want to call this.)
    All the numbers are pure speculation
    Infantry: AT grenades : +2 to PIERCE if RANGE is less than 2.
    Infantry: Dig in: +1 to ARMOR if they hadn’t moved this turn.
    Tank: Blitz : +1 to ATTACK if they moved this turn
    Tank: Rangefinders : +1 to RANGE if they haven’t moved this turn.
    AT gun: Surprise attack: +2 to PIERCE and +2 to ATTACK if their INITIATIVE is at least twice the INITIATIVE of the enemy.
    Airtillery: Set-up : Unit cannot attack if they moved this turn.
    Airtillery: Zero-in : +1 to ATTACK and +1 to PIERCE if they attack the same enemy as before.

    At this point, I need to ask:
    I assume that Each TURN will be divided in PHASES, or so, right?
    -Building phase
    -Card drawing phase
    -Resource collecting phase
    -Movement phase
    -Combat phase
    You understand what I mean. All the combat actions we’re talking about right now, should be taking place in “combat phase” leaving the rest of the turn for other things.

    OK, now with that behind us, let’s get to the

    3 Really complicated stuff with a side of RNG

    While previous system seems good enough, I personally would preferr some dice to be thrown in there, just to add the typical MnB-styled “UNFAIR, RANDOM & BRUTAL” there.

    That means that each unit get’s their stats, but they are also affected by Dice throw.Just like in Warhammer 40.000

    However I’m tired for today and this one is the trickiest to figure out, so I’ll probably write it down later.

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    @kacpo I really like the idea about a Pierce and an Initiative to the game. Originally it was supposed to be a medieval game (which will happen) and all units were supposed to move 1 field at a time, with archers having the ability to fire from a distance and the cavalry having the ability to move 2 fields and do extra damage on Impact (which is bonus damage on the first attack if you are on the offensive.

    Yes, the game is set onto phases:
    -Random Condition and Random Event Draw.
    -Skill Card Draw.
    -Resource and trading Phase.
    -Building Phase.
    -Unit Recruitment Phase.
    -Upgrade Phase.
    -Combat/Movement Phase.

    Also Arty has a range of 3 fields and deals damage based on the distance, but cannont engage units on the same field.
    +1 ATK at 1 field.
    +3 ATK at 2 fields.
    +2 ATK at 3 fileds.

    Maybe also different pen bonus at distance.

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    Movement and combat being in the same phase, may result in units moving out of range before fight begins, or coming into range after the fight has ended and generally cause some mess.

    It could be solved in two ways:

    We check the initiative of each unit, and they move THEN attack as first ones.
    Then, there’s movement and fight of those with lesser initiative
    Finally, the slowest units move and attack.
    This still may cause some problems, but because of MOVE THEN ATTACK it should be done without any moajor complications.

    Split the move/combat into two phases:
    Each unit, (maybe starting from those with highest initiative or movement speed) relocate
    When everyone has moved, then there’s next Phase:
    Now, starting from those with highest initiative, each unit makes their attack (unless they are destroyed before they can attack.)
    This makes things even simpler.

    That’s my opinion.

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