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    Some people showed some interest, so I will create this topic to post updates and ask for your opinion about stuff. At the moment the game consists mainly of scribbles, so… yeah.

    The game is turn-based (obviously) PVP set in an alternate universe where 4 factions battle for territory (Yes, I know, the most cliché plot ever). Now I wanna make this clear that the game is Inspired by Mud and Blood, not Mud and Blood itself (which can change of course).

    The gameplay at the moment consists of hiring various units and moving them from field to field and capturing buildings that provide an advantage over the enemy. You can also your own small stuff such as gun nests, barbed wire, etc. Units vary in stats and skills: Infantry, various vehicles, choppers, etc.

    You can also purchase upgrades from “Outposts”.

    Resources are the crucial thing in this game:
    Food: Needed to feed your soldiers. Overfeeding them consumes more food, but improves their stats.
    Army Rating: Different and more powerful units have higher rating than others. Their combined rating cannot exceed this value.
    Supplies: Used to build structures and buy upgrades.
    Radio Points: Used to recruit units, use radio calls and skill cards. Replenishing it works similar to Hearthstone’s mana.
    Skill: The amount of skill cards you get every 5 turns.

    Radios increase AR and RP, farms provide food and mines produce supplies.

    Skill Cards: For RP, it can provide some advantage, whether it is to get additional units, get free upgrades or sabotage your enemy. Some are reusable.

    So yeah… that is kinda the premise of the game. You can post your opinions if you weren’t lazy to read the wall of text above.

    Problems: I can’t draw for sh*t and the box will probably be half the size of my house, so I might need to remove stuff.

    Also let’s not forget our lord and saviour RNGesus that blesses us with Random Battlefield conditions:
    They change every 5 turns and can range from good harvest, to muddy battlefied which damages vehicles, to deadly winter which destroys your supplies like nothing. On the other hand they affect both players, so I think it’s balanced for the most part.



    Sounds intersting so far and I’ll admit, it pinged my interest.
    Partially because I’m really into all sort of board games.
    I’ve got few questions:
    -What inspiration did you drew from MnB exactly? Unit call-ins? Tactical combat? Small squads?
    -How do you imagine the board to look like? Maybe upload a rough sketch, so that we’ll get the general idea.
    -What RNG elements are there? I know about deck of Random Conditions, that’s probably shuffeled and drawn face down, but what else? Combat rolls to decide the fights? Rsource acquisition rolls? Other random elements?

    If you need any help with brainstorming, I’m here.



    1. Yes, the unit call-ins, the small squads, the feel of limited resources and manpower.
    2.I have it drawn on a piece of paper, but I have 0 functioning cameras, so the best I can do is to struggle for paint (I will still try it).
    3.At the beginning of each cycle (5 turns) there is the battle condition that lasts 5 turns, another random event which something like “You must pay 30 Supplies or bye-bye to all your vehicles”, the skill cards you draw are random and you might not get what you need at the moment.

    Also I tried to avoid RNG as much as possible because the game at the moment is PVP and I don’t want one player to get f*cked over while the other one is swimming in gold. If I somehow manage to make a singleplayer one, I will probably introduce 2 versions: The RNG one and the SK1LLS one.

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    Hey this sounds awesome may i ask what time period?
    Have you considered using plastic models?
    and i might suggest simplifying it a bit



    1.When I manage to save enough money after ~6 years.
    2.Maybe simpler shapes.
    3.I do intent to cut some stuff at least for the first version, such as units, upgrades and buildings.



    Time period meaning ww1 The Napoleonic wars etc.
    Ever thought about using plastic army men?
    i think from what i read mind you you might need to cut a couple mechanics



    1.Mostly WW2 with some WW1 elements.
    2.Would be cool, but the way the game works, it’s just not gonna be comfortable jamming 5 plastic men on a single 2 square cm. Also it would be more expensive for my empty Balkan pocket.
    3.I would eventually make the demo, try it out with friends and see if it’s too complicated or uncomfortable. If it is, cuts will be made.



    its seems to be a more command orientated game and i like the way it sound tell me if i can help



    My interest is peaked. 🙂
    A board game? 🙁 You mean a Global map style like Axis and Allies and Risk, or more like Stratego where it’s a limited AO? (that would definitely effect piece size)
    And I’m with The Cowboy on this one, you need help, Urbanians are here. 🙂 ..maybe if you toss out what your looking at, one of these talented artists With a camera can toss out what they see….

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    @thealphacowboy No work needed at the moment. Mostly opinions.

    @kacpo The half of the map, and the other is supposed to be similar in the name of Balance. Also you probably won’t understand anything for obvious reasons.



    @mo-tah Come to think of it, making it an entire community project could be a lot more better and interesting…



    I see.
    HQ, 2 secure resource points, a forward outpost, easier to defend, but not impossible to capture/destroy and higher ground, right between the beases. And some lakes to shape the map and help form a frontline.
    What worries me however is lack of central objective. Something for players to strive for. Some object of importance, right between the players to give them reason to fight and not just camp their ends of bottlenecks between lakes.

    I’ve made a rough design of map and I could suggest the following points to consider:

    -Symetric, therefore fair map
    -Give each player a safe base of income
    -Opportunity for more income (and therefore advantage) in the middle, to give the players incentive to push forward and fight for it.
    -Important structures (Radios) are in relative safe places and are available for both players, but at the same time can be harassed by the opponent if he makes a bold move.
    -Advantageous areas (cover and higher ground) in the middle, to once again give the players an incentive to fight.
    -Diagonal setup of lakes, which create natural barier between the players, means they are less likely to just hunker down on their half, with their resources and wait for the enemy to make a mistake or for RNG-esus to decide the match.
    -It also creates the dynamic; “It’s close, but it’s on the other side of lake, in enemy territory. But it’s so close…”

    And finally, have you considered simplifying the map, by switching to Hexes?



    @kacpo An interesting map design indeed. The map I made was just an example of what to expect. Main idea was to hold the High Ground, which provides immunity against Arty and Choppers, and additional damage protection from ranged attack, and then charge the farm, seizing your opponent’s food supply. But then again, sky’s the limit and, hell, even make an entire pack with maps.

    …Just let us not add the Hedgerows as a map, please…

    I considered using hexes and I used it on other prototype games. Works extremely well, but would slighly break the immersion of this uneven, muddy and bloody terrain. I got an entire paper supply, so we can try out stuff as much as we want.

    EDIT about my map: There are 3 factions (4 with the neutrals) and while “The Colonel” would want to bottleneck in order to buy time to get thy expensive Heavy-*ss vehicles, “Asle” might want to rush instead due to their weak defence. An Asle bottleneck can be cleared with 2 simple “Koiff” Arty strikes, so spreading their units would be more beneficial.

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    Unknown why urbzz did not post her in this forum topic so as that this does not go missing I reposted it here to keep the timeline intact.

    urbzz posted an update 3 hours ago

    We kinda made a MNB board game back in the days me and few friends. It involved a d20 and a couple of flames of war figures/vehicle. Terrain was randomly created and germans had compulsory movement toward the end line until they have US soldiers within their line of sight. It was fun.
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    Sir Vipilius replied 3 hours ago
    Sounds fun.

    Arise replied an hour ago
    I did once made a prototype for MNB2 defense with few of my friend which can made unlimited wave for multiple player to defend. Require Unit support and Healing, also got ammo count….etc function. The Blitz is also been made.
    Sadly, it lose when my friend’s disk broke.
    But still pretty fun. XD



    Here are the factions in case blah blah blah:

    Koiff [Red], aka the Руссианс. Heavily oriented towards damage and arty.

    Special Units:
    Koiff Infantry: Slightly more lethal than standard Infantry.
    Koiff “Rifle”: Marksmen with deadly precision.
    VTK-3 “Pazac”: Medium tank with increased firepower and speed, but crappier armor. Looks similar to A-20.
    Sekva Artillery: Lethal, but no armor whatsoever. Something like the A-19 122mm.

    Skills: Primarily artillery fire.

    The Colonel [Blue], or the Brits/’Muricans mix.

    Special Units:
    Royal Gunmen: Slightly stronger than Soldiers in offence and defence, but are more expensive.
    Shieldmen: They carry Ballistic Shields that provide extra defence to allies.
    AAVT-L “Blowback”: SPAAG. Something like Sd.Kfz. 7/1.
    HBV “Harrison”: The M1 Abrams of WW2. Extremely powerful, but very expensive.

    Skills: Primarily associated wtih vehicles.

    Asle [Green], the um idk some guerrila sh*t shut up.

    Special Units:
    Asle Militia: Very weak, but very cheap.
    Recon: Can move really fast. Useful for capturing undefended points and ambushing small squads.
    Private “Shcolar”: Weak, but receives 2x effect from upgrades.
    LTV Mk. II “Barker”: Beep beep, it’s a jeep. Can transport troops faster.

    Skills: Mobility and sabotage.

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