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    1) Current HMG behavior and damage.
    So in my last game I came across 6 HMGs all in bunkers.
    Strange was that not a single HMG fired at my men despite all of them shooting at the HMGs till the crewmen died.
    Also called a Jeep. It fired on one HMG but did not kill the crewman over some 5 minutes.
    It did kill a wandering soldier that came into firing distance but that also took a while.
    Will upload cause it was interesting test wise.



    FYI, even when I am logged out this post still appears in the update feed. However I could not actually hit the link to the post itself or reply before logging in. Still, what we post in the testers forum is currently visible to everyone, so that might be a problem. I am ok with deleting and recreating the testers group if that is necessary.

    I will test the HMG some more in my next round of MnB3 and post a report here.



    Perhaps it’s an LOS problem where the bunker is preventing the HMG from firing? It shouldn’t be the case though, since bunkers provide cover, but don’t block LOS (right?)



    They block LOS in the middle/ other side but not on the edge where the HMGs are placed.
    Yes I noticed that it is on the front page but the description of viewing says that all members can see all posts so maybe non members can not.
    Need to ask a non member of the group but as you stated Reid that if it shown even when logged out then ….
    Let’s see what urbzz has to say to this Forum idea here.



    I encountered 2 HMGs near another and both ignored all my men. No targeting.
    A bit further up one HMG finally fired on my men. No hits therefore no damage count. Shot the crewman out.
    Experiencing a strange lag since the last patch. Sometimes when I select someone the game freezes for about 2 seconds. Happens under heavy load I think.



    Sweet a forum.



    But it shows to everyone despite the privacy setting.



    I don’t think it shows to everyone. It’s the intent for it to show on the front page feed only to those who are part of the group.

    Unless i’m right out of her. Which may have happened once or twice ­čÖé



    I can at least confirm that it is visible on the feed when signed out or in incognito mode. Have yet to test with a separate account. Let me know if anyone sees different.

    I think the last resort should be creating a new Testers group and deleting the old one, then making a forum at the same time like with the Newsroom. Although I say last resort, I really don’t know what other action can be taken other than that unfortunately.



    It can be read on the front page, No matter no account, or an account not in the tester group. But it’s link will not be read by non tester, guess something might be wrong inside.

    The Worst of consider will be restart a new tester group, as I have all activity back up in my computer, so that won’t lose anything.

    Any thought?

    I think simply restart a new will be easier then trying to dig it out why it doesn’t work.

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