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    From what I’ve experienced and hear other players stressing:
    Take Your Time


    Do I get ‘Raped’? Oh yea. 🙂 Think that’s why I play the game, cause I know that somehow, somewhere, my shit’s gonna fall apart in front of me. More than once I have been heard to cry out from where I sit in front of my monitor. 🙁 ..not always nice things either, cries of “Oh, Fuck You!, What the FUCK?!? or even just Oh that’s just bullshit!” are often heard. 😀 Of course there are also times it’s more like “That’s right Bitch! Ungh! Who’s your daddy now?!?” I really like those times, they’re good times, just so few and far between.., 🙁 ..all the times I was raped…

    From where I sit, I get the impression the name of the game is Advance, and the more of it you do, the better off you’ll be.., :/ ..but the harder it’ll be.., 🙁 ..which is better. Mm’Kay I’ll just give you that one…
    In any case, Advancing is what must be done, but done carefully. -{although Lance showed how to get there the Usain Bolt way)- I agree with the idea of separating into two groups -{but may play with the 3 group idea}- as this forces the enemy to Choose between targets (which can be a tactic unto itself) and allows you to get in close when needed, like against those damn Machinegun Nests. -{By the way Urbzz, I hate those things. They have been the the singular cause of all those “Oh Fuck You!! out-bursts. Nothing worse than watching the dirt kicking up around your guy as he rushes to safety, only to see him explode.}-
    I generally advance- Against the sides, Three to a side, in a leapfrog fashion. Example;
    Send Medic to 0, then Engineer to O
    as Medic passes Gunner send Signaler to 3, then go to Rifleman and prepare to send to 8 as Engineer passes Commando. Make sense?
    I make good time on the map this way, but have discovered a nasty surprise. It can be real easy to walk guys into a Machinegun Nest.

    Crew? Signaler Hands down the most important piece on the board. The Medic may prove to be valuable, but your Siggy can be invaluable. If he is your LAST piece, you may still get One More via Reinfrenchments -{anyone hear from him anymore}- but the Medic will just try to make it to the end. ..checking his little pulse as he sprints along…
    Gunner Not only does his habit of spraying bullets around the field like a damn lawn-sprinkler help out when the Krauts are bum-rushing you with 8+ guys, but when you have him(and his buddy, cause I run 2)popping off mortars as the Siggy is calling in an Air Strike.., Sweet, Sweet Destruction. 😀
    Rifleman One word, Rifle Grenades. 🙁 Wait. Two words, I meant Two words..
    And Yes, I get a Medic, although have lost him and Still went a few more maps.
    Option number 6… I’ve never settled on a “Fer Sure” on this one, and accordingly have tried a second Rifleman, a third Gunner, an Engineer, a Scout, a Commando and a Officer. Would like to try a Bobba Fett but haven’t figured out how to call him yet. Maybe it has something to do with a Frenchie and some wine…

    I’m still struggling along on the outskirts of Mortain so have more to learn, and so saying bid a farewell as I charge-off into the jaws of the beast…



    It is quiet fascinating that after all these years of playing these games that I can still get “loud” sometimes when thing are going south.
    In those moments I know that the game is well made. :mrgreen:

    The Usain Bolt way ee hmmm… currently more like this

    Reinfrenchments -{anyone hear from him anymore}
    He was suddenly gone for months but resisted again a few weeks ago. Has not posted at all so far.
    Sure miss the old chap. 🙁

    My favorite set ups are just asking to get URBed but seemingly I like it that way and most importantly I still win my fields.
    Lastly I got myself a Rifleman, a Commando and 2 Gunners. 6th man decided to leave the party early on a stretcher.
    Only flaw with this set up was that I had plenty of pinning power but not much of killing might.
    Hence the 4 consecutive field game took a while.
    Ended with 2 (live) Frenchies, of which one was a true super soldier, and the 2 Gunners since they always took their sweet time to move up to the action but that saved them a lot of hot lead poisoning. :mrgreen:



    Okay Boys and Girls! Suggestion Time

    I’m starting a run(again) and I’m looking for advice.

    My Intent is to take an Officer, 2 Medics and either 3 Riflemen or 2 Riflemen & a Gunner.
    I’m leaning towards the 3R as this will keep me light on my feet.
    I’m starting off in Brest which has a central street up the center and an assortment of Empty lots & Houses, both intact and destroyed, on either side.
    I’ve encountered 2 tanks so far, and anticipate more.



    Since the Officers 3rd and most important skill seams bugged I would not take him.
    In my experience two Medics are not worth it but one is definitely needed.
    As it looks you plan to get 3 poor fighters in there. Seams suicidal but then again could be fun to watch. 😉
    Riflemen are the best so using 3 is totally cool.
    And for the others maybe 2 Engineers with Bazooka and Mines would enrich the street party with their own fireworks too.
    BTW. Did you know that a Rifleman the is fully rank upgraded gives constant xp to all other soldiers still under 30 xp till 30 xp like Sarge does to Officers in mnb2?
    Well NOW you know. 😀

    All this assuming that 6 men are still alive till specialization time. 👿



    Even though it is a small tip, I often slightly move troops that are locked on to dead corpses. this allows them to reset their aim on more dangerous enemies. (Mg gunners are less of a problem with this with the suppression targeting)



    Good tip.:)
    Also resetting the firing sequence saves mag ammo. Less reload and chance to jam = more shooting.
    Wish there be a few more universal commands like the 9 move all in line key.
    Things like Reload for all troops or Falling Back that ignores pinning. Similar to Panic but wit a longer run and you control when they all do it.

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