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    Good to start up with new thread here, as the MNB3 is almost going to the beta version. Soon lot of player will join this awesome trip and share with their experience, I believe it is good to start with a new topic for the new player and old player. (I strongly wish other tester post their own experience here)

    For old resource file, click here.

    More to follow.


    What I’ve found to work best for me so far (in all of two games I’ve played) is to work my squad as two pieces. The first group is a rifleman, gunner, and medic and the second group is usually a signaler, engineer, and scout. Moving those two groups as cohesive units to cover each other’s advances seems to work so far.

    If this wasn’t an Urb game, I’d go with a second rifleman or a sharpshooter instead of the signaler, but when the SHTF it’s nice to have options. Even if I never use his abilities, it’s nice having them if I should ever need them.

    Beyond that, the only advice I can give is to prioritize improving your soldiers’ accuracy before anything else except maybe the medic’s skills. Rifle grenades are insanely powerful and accurate, enough to rely on, but they just can’t take out tanks like the amazingly inaccurate bazooka (I’m guessing) can. The one tank I’ve run into so far took out 5/6 of my unit and I had to sneak past it with only damaging its treads and co-ax mount.


    One of the most important starting things to keep in mind is that all GIs are poor shots and seriously undergunned but their Springfields have very long effective ranges.
    Therefore try to engage the first enemies at long range and try to use cover in form of Trenches, Sandbags or anything else that can give cover.
    – Move slowly forward in a line and let your men “check” the field so that you do not run into them blindly.
    – Whoever gets to shoot first is always at an advantage.
    – If they are to tough then retreat a bit and pick of those that come charging at you.
    – Maximize firepower on as few of the enemies as possible.
    – Place wounded GIs immediately in the back.
    – Use Line-of-Sight blocks like Trees to your advantage.
    – If sight is severely blocked there is always the option to charge at single enemies by ganging on them in Hand to Hand combat.
    Risky but sometimes a better solution then letting them pick of your men.
    – Splitting up your men in 2 or 3 teams helps a lot in outmaneuvering enemies that are hiding behind something so that you can get a clear field of fire on them.

    This is Mud and Blood so expect serious unfair situations to deal with.
    A Hedgerow, Wall or Road where a Troop-Truck comes in right at the start can be frustrating.
    Alas there is always the next day to go out and win a previously lost field.
    Good luck commanders.


    Some of my own basic guidelines:

    – Avoid moving your squad all at once at all costs. Aim for a 1 to 1 ratio, i.e. for every dude who is moving have a guy who is staying still to cover him.

    – Like Lance said, split your guys up into teams for easier manageability. I like to use this formation:

    1A — — — 3A
    — — 2A — —
    — — — — —
    — — 2B — —
    1B — — — 3B

    – Stop and gather everyone together before crossing hedgerows. Several Germans will likely be waiting for one of your guys to pop out of the bushes, and they will pounce quickly. Have everyone cross the hedgerow at once, and stop them as soon as they are clear of the hedgerow so that they can take aim at any enemies.

    – Hand out the medic skill first. What happens early on in the game can really seal your fate, and so having a medic asap is key to keeping the squad alive long enough for the rest to get the other skills.


    When dealing with hedgerows, I like to pepper them with a strafing run and (rifle) grenades then toss a mortar barrage at the most likely spot enemies will be built up on the other side. You can absolutely deforest the greenery of a hedgerow.


    Won’t help if you have hedgerows right at the start of the map with a fresh squad…



    If you got a hedgerow in the start, that means bad luck. Bad luck means that is rare to happened.

    In the hedgerow, fire fight come to different way. You probably have to charge to win the fight, otherwise you can not saw the enemy but stand in the open is asking for big trouble. You can also choice to keep distance, and wait for German to search you, then open Vs open is much easier. >o<


    When talk about general tactic, I will not put some rare condition to discuss as it is likely meaningless. There are too many of rare condition you have to deal with it, I will not put those rare thing to argue a tactic’s effectiveness. The tactic is just a principle to follow, player have to deal with accident by quick reaction and some good idea, but that is not about the tactic itself.

    Exp gain is a big topic in MNB3, especially a bad starting situation, sacrifice is need. That is whole thing you are dealing in the MNB3. >o<


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    I find My unit composition to be spec ops, scout, marksman/signaler, Gunner, medic, officer.
    Keep the marksman/signaler and the gunner in the back use them to suppress the enemy.
    Use the scouts and spec ops to get up close and flank those suppressed by the gunner.
    have the officer and medic in the mid range fight.
    Always use the scouts spot closest enemy skill set up the gunner to fire upon the spotted enemy.
    When you come across armor use the spec ops stealth and tnt or gunners mortar to disable it and retreat out of line of sight. If the tank is being supported by infantry retreat and let the infantry come to you.
    Lastly when you lose a soldier the spec ops frenchy skill is amazing you can call in plenty of disposable units with that skill. If at first you don’t succeed keep throwing frenchies at it.

    Nicholas Andersen

    I find that spamming Intensive Care can be really useful.
    If you find a line of walls/sandbags, use a bazooka to demolish them one by one.
    HMGs and PAKs can and should be flanked or exploded. Look at where the cannon/barrel is pointing!
    The Scout´s first ability is priceless.


    In the beginning of the push where i get fresh troops I always overwhelm the enemy in melee (thats if they dont come in large groups though) I usually keep the first three soldiers as a team and the last three soldiers as a team. After they are all leveled my team comp is this: gunner, medic, sniper supp and base of fire, engineer,rifleman and scout assault team. Reason why rifleman is great for assaulting is his smoke and grenades and if you combine it with the engineer you have some amazing explosive power. When my guys rush positions I have my squad fall back and let the gunner fire his mortar first, after the mortar is done and the enemy is either killed or suppressed and beginning to fall back from their cover I set my base of fire then have the assault team rush them with their high fire rate weapons flanking any enemy who has not ran from their cover. the assault will throw his smoke to cover their advance then the engineer will fire some rockets to destroy cover and kill grouped enemy’s. My rifleman will use grenades and rifle grenades to decimate the enemy while they are grouped, suppressed or running because of my gunner. and boom there you a go you got a take it to them strategy. the only thing that can mess up this strategy is if the enemy has grenades and if they do and you don’t spread out i guarantee you will lose your entire assault team and if you don’t lose the entire team you lose 2 guys or if your guys are lucky bastards and the enemy misses then screw you for being lucky. cuz i’m never lucky đŸ˜›

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    Although apprehending a lone Enemy is a viable option, a more preferable choice for me is to advance and fire; At the beginning, you would start off with your bolt-action Springfield. More than anything you wouldn’t want to underestimate the capability of how well this weapon can do especially in groups.

    So as you start, you would want to keep your men in a jagged line formation with two leading men upfront.
    Once your men spotted an enemy, you would want to engage as soon as possible, keeping them in a line of sight and after every shot allow them to move up an inch getting as close as possible whilst maintaining a large line of your men. The best idea would be maneuvering them from the left or right but be sure to always move your men once they had fired their shot as it allows you a significant chance being able to kill and gives you more than a capable firepower.

    If any events one of your men are under taking fire, it’s important to change their position as to allow them from not getting shot at and the kraut will have to readjust for a new target whilst being fired upon thus delaying their time.

    From here on out, it’s all on you how you would plan to advance your troop.


    Surviving Hedgerows

    From my experience and to everyone that has been through it, Hedgerows is one of the toughest place to be at in the bushy field of France.
    And as the words of Urbs himself, ”Hedgerows is where you separate men from boys”

    There will be situation that you are force to advance into the bushes only to find your men picked off by German snipers behind them. Or in my situation, having your defensive position that you’ve made to defend against Kraut’s reinforcements targeted by artillery thus forcing your to cross the river where they are being picked off by German forces behind a bushes across the river bank.

    Such situation can be disastrous and no matter how many krauts you’ve killed, losing 1 of your men is as disastrous as ever, even when you survived a German onslaught for 3 rounds. They still got more up their sleeve in their HQ

    So in any scenario that you’d find yourself trying to survive, or planning how you’d cross the Bushes,
    Always plan to have a tactical retreat with a Machine gunner in place to provide covering fire for your men. Scouting is important as to detect Enemy movements in the bushes And explosives or artillery are the most effective measure when clearing a bush. Otherwise just like me, It is better to Hold out and wait for them to advance.

    Enemy snipers, stated before are able to pick your men off behind the bushes so it is important to carry at least 1 sniper to counter this.

    Though keep in mind, Chances of you surviving through the bushes no matter how well planned you can be aren’t that simple even if you follow through a step guide as the odds can be turned against you in an Unfair, random and brutal fashion.

    So it is important to improvise planning and having a flexible unit that can even the odds.


    The only thing i really fear is Sinpers. They usually fuck up my strategy taking out one of my first line men (Scout or Mark).
    In any other situation, i go slow with bombing everything in front of me, two or three times if necessary.
    Enemy spotted->Arty Strike->Mortar Strike->See if someone is still alive->Repeat.
    When german start to reinforce, Arty->Mortar-> Rush a little with Scout, Mark and Medic to gain a position to prevent more spawing.
    I’m not in hurry, i have all the time in the world to blow their ass up.
    Same with Hedgerows. Make trees explode before approaching. Walls? Same thing.
    Signaler is your very best friend.
    Sometimes i throw arty strikes in the middle of nowhere just to see if something starts to bleed.


    May be a bug, mut if a medic is downed (hp below 11 but above 0) he can use experimental drugs to get himself up immediately.


    What do you guys do when your un-leveled grunts are absolutely raped by enemy forces?

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