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The Vehicles of MnB3

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    Polarfuchs’ guides, No. 7: The vehicles of MnB3.

    First let’s start small, with the Truck, ¼ Ton, 4×4 (a.k.a. .50 cal jeep).
    The .50 cal jeep is the fastest vehicle in game (even if it seems slow), and can get to your position faster than a stuart (or upcoming sherman) would. The Jeep is armed with 1 .50 Caliber M2 Browning Heavy Machine Gun, and this can be manned by the gunner. Though the jeep is fast it attains speed due to it’s low weight, and can be damaged by just about anything available in the german arsenal. The .50 is inaccurate but powerful, being able to due large amounts of damage if and when it hits. The jeep is called in by a gunner, and one is needed to mount the .50 caliber machine gun.

    Next up on the allied side something a bit more armored, the M3A1 Stuart Light Tank.
    The M3 and M5 Stuart tanks were the backbone of the light tank force of the United States Army until after the war, when M24 Chaffee production replaced the M5 Stuart. In game we are left with the older M3A1, a development of the standard M3, itself a development of the M2 Light Tank. The Stuart is Equipped with 2 .30 Caliber machine guns, perfect for suppressing infantry, and a high velocity 37mm cannon. The 37mm cannon is underwhelming against other tanks such as the Panzer 4, and can’t even do much to a tiger. The 37mm cannon is meant to be used as a support weapon, blowing up cover and killing the occasional german soldier. The M3A1 is slower than the jeep, but is fast by tank standards. The stuart tank is called in by an officer, and has a one use per map, (for example I called in on one map, then kept going to get ahead of schedule, and called it again on a different map,) and is a very useful asset. Due to the Stuart’s relatively high speed it can arrive at the front on time in most scenarios, but not before one or two of your men have been hit or even killed. In order to effective use the Stuart Tank a commander must possess a good understanding of the upcoming situation, and whether or not the squad can handle themselves with it or not. The Stuart Tank is armored enough to deflect small arms fire, but a well aimed Panzerfaust or 88 shell will almost always destroy the tank outright. In cases where there are many enemy machine guns, such as Mortain, the stuart can be a savior, but is generally just another fire support option like an air support strike.

    The final allied vehicle in the lineup (excluding aircraft) is the M4 Sherman (most like a M4A1, M4, or M4A2). The Sherman is a reward from completing community challenges that appear every week, although this feature is new at the time of writing and so nobody really knows exactly how it works (except urb, he designed it). The in game Sherman has the short M3 75mm cannon, able to counter the Pz 4 medium but unable to damage a tiger very much from the front. The Sherman is very very very very tall, and so might see less effective LoS blocking, but this is just speculation on my part. For anti-infantry weapons the sherman has 2 machine guns, the co-ax .30 caliber, and the radio operators bow .30 caliber, both of which are able to deal out damage effectively, but are better at the suppression role. The sherman has very weak armor, able to deal with the 75mm from range but an 88 will go through from thousands of meters. Disclaimer: Armor is for noobs.
    Another Disclaimer: Glass Cannons are cool!
    You could also include aircraft like the P-47 or Typhoon/Tempest as allied vehicles, but they are never actually seen on the battlefield.

    Next up the German side of the war.
    Disclaimer: This will not include fixed weapons, nor will it include anti-air or anti-tank guns.

    The lightest vehicle on the german side is the Opel Blitz (manufacturer, name, meaning the vehicle was designed by Opel, and was called “lightning”). The Opel Blitz has no armor, but carriers 6-8 soldiers, usually with one machine gunner (carrying an MG42). The Opel Blitz appears on those roads that go horizontally across the screen, dirt and paved, and if you are not within a distance check the truck will just drive by the screen without deploying its troops. It is easily stopped by grenades and a single bazooka hit that is aimed well can take out the truck and everybody inside instantly. The vehicle is the fastest on the german side but is not on the map for much more than 10-20 seconds. It is unarmed so don’t be afraid to blow it up from outside the distance check range.

    The second german vehicle is the SdKfz 251 Half-Track/APC.
    The SdKfz 251 is a lightly armored vehicle capable of carrying troops safely to the front. It is impervious to small arms fire of low caliber, and is equipped with a singular MG42. It can carry up to 6 troops. The SdKfz is not a problem on it’s own, with the MG being inaccurate at best, and with only 6 Germans to drop off, it will not end your game outright. The SdKfz is likely to come in reinforcement waves (same as tanks) along with some infantry, not a big problem. But as Urb replied on the site “Half tracks by themselves should be manageable.. (just like in the movie) it’s when you have your hands full and these suckers come and drop a section at the front lines that it becomes a nuisance.”. The halftrack is a potent weapon when you are bogged down, as it safely brings troops up to the front as you will have already used your rifle grenades and bazookas on the fortified enemies, with no way to effectively damage the vehicle.

    Third up is the Pz 4 Medium Tank, with the short 75 howitzer.
    The Pz 4 F1 (the most modern version with a short 75 for anti-infantry usage) has the 75mm L/28 howitzer that has the options of firing AP, HE, or HEAT, though the shell modeled in game is the HE shell. The L/28 can go through stuart armor, and will wreak havoc on infantry, but will have a hard time going against the M4 Sherman. The Pz4 has moderate armor, and is completely immune to small arms fire, although grenades and rifle grenades still have a decent chance of disabling the vehicle. The Stuart can fight well against a Pz 4 but will most likely lose due to the low caliber of the gun and the weak armor. The Sherman is the most effective weapon when dealing with the Pz 4. The vehicle also comes equipped with 2 MG34 LMGs, one co-ax, and the other manned by the radio operator in the front of the tank. This makes the Pz 4 a very effective anti-personnel weapon.

    Finally we come to the beast of a tank that is the Pz Kpfw VI, Tiger.
    The Tiger has the KwK 36 88mm L/56 gun. This gun can go through everything you have at your disposal, and can also one shot said vehicles. The Tiger also has the strongest armor in game, with even the M3 75mm gun being unable to do much damage against the Tiger. Along with the 88mm and the amazing armor the Tiger has 3 machine guns. A MG 34 bow machine gun, manned by the radio operator, a MG 34 Co-ax machine gun manned by the loader, and a MG 42 Anti-Aircraft machine gun mounted by the commander. These 3 machines guns when all firing at the same time can pin your troops for what seems like an eternity, allowing the 88 to go to work. Small arms fire, as usual with tanks, is completely useless. And grenades and rifle grenades might disable tracks, break a machine gun or two, and stun the crew for a bit, but they are generally useless. The tiger was developed to counter Soviet heavy tanks, and because you don’t even have a heavy tank to counter with (it would either be a churchill or a Sherman Jumbo [76]) you have to play smart to take down a Tiger. Get around his sides with fast moving units, such as commandos, and plant TNT under the tank, outright killing it or tracking it. Then call in artillery or a bomb strike to finish off the thing and move on feeling great about you success, only to get massacred by a MG 34 position.

    Best of Luck fighting these beasts,

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