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The Rifleman: The backbone of the army, an essential unit.

Activity Forums Mud and Blood 3 The Rifleman: The backbone of the army, an essential unit.

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    The rifleman is the most basic class upgrade in MnB3, and is very easy to understand. His job is to use a rifle, and do most of the stuff that specialized classes don’t do. Such as throw grenades, and generally be an all around good unit. The rifleman is a support unit and combat unit. His smoke grenades allow you to move up under cover, and his rifle grenade is an effective anti-machine gun weapon. Very useful in hedgerows with grenades and his maximum combat skill of 80 paired with his best weapon make him a murder machine to rival that of a fully upgraded gunner. The Rifleman begins his career with 35 rifle skill, 120 health, and an M1 Carbine. Although the Carbine is not the most powerful weapon (it is one of the least powerful) it can lay down somewhat effective suppressing fire compared to the Springfield rifle, allowing for your guys to get their shots out more often before getting suppressed themselves. Many early on will skip over him, instead getting something more interesting, this usually is the commando, sniper, or medic. The result is when the time rolls around for a big advance the said new player will not have the explosive power needed to take out enemy positions. Sure you have the bazooka on the engineer, but that has a 60 second cool down. The commando has TNT but you need to get very very very uncomfortably close in order to do any damage (it can blow up bunker however). The rifleman’s extra health means he can usually take a bullet more than the average soldier can, and he can use those tanky features of his to get in close, and lob some pineapples at jerry. Many experienced players such as the testing team, and some less experienced players, such as me, can use the rifleman to his full potential with enough practice. If I didn’t know what I was talking about I wouldn’t be writing this!! The weapon progression on the rifleman can seem a bit confusing. Upgrading from a short range carbine to a fully automatic assault rifle. The truth is that the assault rifle is just a better carbine, although I prefer it over the later weapons due to it’s tendency to make whatever is in it’s path into Swiss cheese. The next weapon is the garand semi-automatic rifle, featuring an 8 round 30.06 clip, and best of all, the iconic pang. Next is the I forget what it’s called upgraded garand prototype. It has the benefits of the garand, along with high accuracy, a rifleman with this gun can do a lot more than half the squad combined (if you include a medic in that half). The rifleman’s abilities are the three grenades. Smoke, Hand Thrown HE, and Rifle Launched HE. The smoke grenade, as implied by the name, creates a small smoke screen that blocks LOS (sometimes it doesn’t work). This can be used to cover a sneaky flanking attack, or to just create an artificial piece of cover by blocking the LOS of the enemy. Next comes the HE grenade. The HE grenade is a hand thrown device, filled with explosives and shrapnel. This is very good at taking out enemy infantry, MG, and AT emplacements if you get in close, but the range is low, and you need to risk your soldier’s life in order to throw one of these things. Luckily, if he gets it off, anything near it will be very very dead. Finally is the HE Grenade (Rifle Launched). This is a more accurate, longer range version of the HE Grenade (Hand Thrown). It does more damage to tanks, but does less shrapnel damage (from what I’ve seen). The longer range and better accuracy make up for this. All three grenades have a separate cool down and this makes the rifleman able to grenade spam everything everywhere at any time. With each promotion his combat skill gets ever higher, making him a more and more deadly machine, easily capable of dispatching any threat that isn’t armored, and that wanders into his line of fire.

    Overall the rifleman is a must for any multiple advance strategy, and the only way to get shiny new medals is through advancing multiple times. (who doesn’t want shiny new medals, I know I want them!)

    Best of Wishes,

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