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    Weapon Progression: Grease Gun, Thompson, M2 Hyde (This gun looks really badass)

    Health, 90-100

    A battle-hardened veteran, who is specialized to hold is own or work within a group.

    Perk 1- Suppressive Fire- Increases accuracy of the men around him, while also boosting his rate of fire (must have 2 men around him, will not boost more than 3)

    Perk 2- Half Track Support- Summons a half track with a howitzer or some sort of cannon. Can also be used for cover.

    Perk 3- Grenade Launcher- Much Smaller explosion than rifle grenade yet more accurate and faster respawn rate.

    Let me know what you guys think!



    First of all: This is World War 2 and standard infantry section. We don’t have access to weapons not widely used in the theater, this “Hyde”-thing of yours (which does not even have actual picture of it) is not one of them.

    90-100 health? What?

    Suppressive fire: Officer passive ability. No.

    Half track: Stuart Light tank, officer 3rd ability.

    Grenade launcher: How were you planning on deploying a grenade launcher when there were none at the time?

    Overall: Too little effort, too little thinking, too grandiose plans. Points for properly extensive suggestion, as in containing weapons and skills.



    While writing this and switching tabs to do research I accidentally closed this tab and so deleted my entire detailed reply, but overall I agree with @hyyppa on the issues with the abilities, another added point is that we already have a Commando class, who can function on his own, or with a squad, and has some very useful and diverse abilities (especially the French resistance call in). Due to my accidental deletion of reply I will only go over the story of the M2 Hyde .45 ACP Fully Automatic SMG.
    This will only take a few sentences: “Marlin began production in May 1943. Marlin’s production failed to match the trials prototype performance; and Marlin’s original contract for 164,450 M2s was canceled in 1943 upon adoption of the M3 submachine gun.” The original contract for this gun was cancelled because the grease gun did the same job more reliably, with better performance, and for a greatly lowered price tag. If you did a lot more research, and a bit more creative thinking, you might be able to think up something new and exciting for the game! Keep up your thinking and I might rethink this topic but for now I see it as a little suggestion that doesn’t fit in with current game mechanics.
    There were grenade launchers in the Second World War, like the M7, which was the M1 garand with the rifle grenade launcher. The current game models this as just a rifle grenade for the rifleman but in reality if you were using rifle grenades you could not use live ammo. But I agree with you that there were no true “Grenade Launchers” until long after WW2 and even after the Korean War.
    A workaround for the rifle grenade ability for the rifleman: every time you use the ability he reloads twice, once before, once after, the first time loading in blanks, and the second time a magazine with real live rounds.
    Sorry if anything in my reply sounded a bit harsh!



    Thanks guys for the replies, totally see your points about how it would not work. Also next time your tab closes, try control + shift + t, that has saved me a million times. I guess I was just trying to find something more useful than the scout. Maybe it is just me, but besides his first ability, he just doesn’t seem to be that useful. I think the resource drops that can add weapons are pretty sweet, maybe something along the lines of being able to pick up enemy weapons. To be honest I was just spitballing, nothing in your guy’s replies sounded harsh or anything more or less just really good counter arguments!



    Good to hear! And thanks for feedback!

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