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The New Idea and New World – Last Winter Suggestion

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    Maharbal Barca

    i recall in the old forums I had suggestions regarding how different blades could work compared to each other.
    For example currently I believe the scalping knife is the only one that explicitly states that it gives a bonus to scalping. The idea would be to give bonuses to all knives based on their nature:

    cutting stone: -5% to all cutting actions
    Obsidian stone: No bonus
    Common knife: No bonus
    Stone Knife: +5% to all actions (due to value materials use
    Bone Knife: +10% for crafting/carving actions
    Fillet Knife: +15% for gutting fish
    Hunting Knife: +15% for skinning animals
    Dagger: +15% to combat
    Woodsman’s knife: +20% to all actions (“Now that’s a Knife”)
    (all values just for example)

    The same could be done regarding the large blades of the game, and iirc I suggested using the “rock-paper-scissors” design of Sid Meier’s Pirates! Love the life:
    Cuttlass gets bonus to defense,
    Rapier gets bonus to offense
    Sabre is balanced.

    Lastly, been pondering the concept of a bedroll, made with a blanket, straw/twigs? gives bonus to sleep, can be used to upgrade tents and lean-tos.


    LW being made in LUA adds a lot of possibilities as of before i was looking at reducing the load of the save file by taking some decisions for the player (this will be a travel game) now, we can revert back to ‘the player does whatever he wants’ since settling up and living of the lands is a solution and quite frankly and nice goal.

    Different knives gives different bonuses is definitely something that needs to go down, same with muskets.

    Maharbal Barca

    Chatting with LWillter regarding cooking and such, and recalled that there was a cooking pot, wooden bowl and spoon in the OG last winter. So what about some liquid based foodstuff? Things like porridge and soups that give high level hunger satisfaction. Most of these could be made either cold (w/o fire and cooking pot, but less hunger and/or morale bonus, also you might get a nasty bug) or cooked (requires cooking pot and fire, but gives better hunger and/or morale bonus, less likely to get a stomach ache)

    Carrot Soup/stew: simple: carrots, water. low level soup
    Porridge: using wheat and/or corn and water. mid level
    Vegetable soup/stew: carrot, wild corn, onions,beat etc. high level
    Rabbit stew: Rabbit meat (or just meat) carrot, onion. High level(might also be cooked only, can’t serve cold)


    This is a bit different …

    Currently the Native American character gets a trade penalty on items. My suggestion is that they get no trade penalty or less of one when they trade at English establishments. It seems that the French are unfairly trading with the natives and also adding on taxes for goods going to France.

    Came across this excerpt:

    In the collection of “Documents Relating to the Colonial History of New York” (ix., 408-409) the following comparative table of prices at Fort Orange (Albany) and at Montreal in 1689 is given:

    The Indian pays for at Albany at Montreal
    1 musket 2 beavers 5 beavers
    8 pounds of powder 1 beaver 4 beavers
    40 pounds of lead 1 beaver 3 beavers
    1 blanket 1 beaver 2 beavers
    4 shirts 1 beaver 2 beavers
    6 pairs stockings 1 beaver 2 beavers

    As one can see Montreal is at least double what ALbany (New York) pays. Mind you some factors come into play such as distance from the beaver hunting grounds, no government meddling in prices … maybe instead of all English tradepost or forts, some certain forts in the English colonies could work. It’d be similar to a Cour de bois hunting north of the great lakes and selling in Montreal.


    I have a protective, as in from attacks, clothing suggestion.
    As far as I know there is no such thing in the current LW but do point out to me if there is.
    Buff coat was an item of leather clothing worn by cavalry and officers during the 17th century, it also saw limited use by some infantry.
    Buff coats were made in sleeveless and sleeved variants and were garments typically crafted from cowhide or buffalo hide.
    Buff leather was produced by a method of “oil tanning”; following treatment with lime the hide was scraped to remove the outer layer which gave the finished product a matt surface. The hide then had cod oil worked into it in a process called “kicking” and was finally air-dried. The oiling and drying steps could be repeated. The finished leather attained its characteristic buff colour and was supple, durable and weather resistant.
    The buff coat was also worn by civilians requiring a protective and durable garment, such as huntsmen…
    It also provided good protection by slashes from blades and pistol bullets or shot but not from a musket ball.


    Is this LW alpha out for the public to play? because if so i would love to test it out.


    Almost the right thread.
    If you would have looked closer to the topic list of the Last Winter sub Forum you would have seen this
    hmm I changed the topic name but in the link it still has the original name… . ..


    The buff coat sounds like a good idea, especially when you are expecting to be in a scrap. Wonder how it fares against bear claws.


    Is this still in the works? I’d play the hell out of a first person Last Winter.


    Is this still in the works? Iā€™d play the hell out of a first person Last Winter.

    The last I heard was a rumor that Last Winter was shelved indefinitely, though I forget where I’d heard that. I’d be happy to see it moving forward in any form.


    awww I am fairly sure that I gave you a status report on the New Last Winter.
    It is definitely in the making. However urb got sidetracked again and is now “trying” to get Statecraft into a good beta version.
    After that . . . who knows. šŸ™‚

    Maharbal Barca

    LW has always been the forgotten child. Easily one of the most ambitious in terms of scale, which is probably why it’s hit so many snags. Most other urb games have a set goal some sort of “progress” in game. LW is a sandbox and suffers from all the baggage that comes with that genre (not necessarily a bad thing.)

    *looking back over the topic*

    The cavalry/buff coat looks interesting, and the bonuses would be welcome. But now I’m thinking of what other “armor” a desperate woodsman might wear. Trudging through the woods with a cuirass would probably not be fun.


    A cuirass would provide great protection to all but musket fire and pistols at close range, but would be heavy and cumbersome as you mentioned, Maharbal. Expensive too I bet. Leather armor pieces and wood armor from the native tribes would likely be candidates for a woodsman in need of some physical protection while out in the wilds.

Viewing 13 posts - 31 through 43 (of 43 total)
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