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The New Idea and New World – Last Winter Suggestion

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    Any chance that, given the scope of Last Winter, this might be the first game to be made in Unity instead of Flash? I get that it is a hurdle to switch over, but if there is a project to do it for this is it…


    We did have a lot of good ideas on for a new Last Winter.
    I suppose that urbzz will stick to what he said that the New Last Winter will be firstly a Last Winter Light where traveling, hunting and survival in the wild be the core idea of the game and not settling down.
    I like the having a constant “search” mode on
    ha ha. I suggested that some 7 or 8 years ago due to my frustration of having to pick up ever rock I come across in hope of it being useful.
    The “search” mode could easily be the same as in Recon the Spot Skill where in LW it would need to be Skill relevant based (spotting tracks can be different then spotting a useful stone) and also movement speed (slower= higher % chance) plus movement mode type. Stealth, Peace or War modes. First and last are bad to find stuff.
    Also not only spot things but also identify them automatically for better or worse. Another skill roll.

    No farming. We are fur hunters by nature and we do not stay in one spot till crops are ripe.

    Towards Body /Status effects. Maharbal is fully right. A few bars in the BODY Page indicating important statuses would be great so that we do not get surprised by pop ups.
    Thirst, Hunger, Stamina (general physical well being (endurance too) / improves with good food+drink), Mood (Morale), Exposure (This indicates if you are not warm enough, wet for to long or overheated where the last would be rare.) Exposure and Stamina could be one and the same status effect since they directly effect each other.


    I’m happy to see the trains is starting to roll out again for LW. Other than MnB 2 and the folks here, LW was what had me coming back to the old site and adventuring about.

    To throw an idea around, maybe it would be good to have the player control movement via the WASD keys, and the mouse would be used more for interacting with things, getting tooltips, or other things like that. Might solve some problems in terms of having to switch in and out of modes to do one thing vs another, no?


    You point out the key here Tyrud, I guess it can easily fix the searching mod potential problem, so a little bit like Recon.


    This one is continuous for Fire

    Camp Fire System:

    Fire is a specific status for survival, usually be use as a camp fire in the wild. Player can choice what kind of fire he wish to make. Different way to build the camp fire can provide different effect.

    *Cooking Fire: The fire with much stable fire which provide stable heat for cooking. It can give higher successful chance on smoke and roast the meat.
    *Sleeping Fire: The fire which can hold enough longer when you are sleeping, also it save the fuel you need. Also it can against light rain.
    *Signal Fire: The fire which can create lot of smoke and light, mostly use for SOS or help someone find the way. Like if you fall into the hole and get no way to get out there. Hope this can let someone saw and come to save you.

    Char Cloth:

    This also call as “Char paper” It is a fabric which made by the vegetable fiber that has been converted via Pyrolysis into slow burning fuel which have low ignite temperature. Usually use for ignite Tinder can increase the fire successful chance. It also is easy to make with some equipment once you have a fire and container.

    *Char Cloth can be made by a fire and a container(Glass bottle or Pottery container, as they both can resist the camp fire burning without problem).
    *Container have some chance broke during the making process. This is up to your skill. If the container broke, then you fail to make it.
    *Char Cloth can increase the successful chance while making fire, also only require very short time to build up a fire. It can also be use as Tinder if you put enough in, the effect will like a dry tinder with better successful chance.


    Found some map:

    Link come from here.

    • This reply was modified 3 years, 6 months ago by Arise.

    I slightly update my body temperature condition equation with a new factor in – The wind.

    *Player have body temperature X.
    *Environment temperature is Y.
    *Wind factor is B. ( It will be identify with no wind, gentle wind….to strong wind. Base number will be 1, and become higher when wind become stronger)
    *The clothe will provide Z heat score as it will store the heat.
    *Player have a heat bank A.
    *The player will expand (X-Y-Z)*B heat score to air if it don’t wear anything, every timer.
    *Once the lose heat more then 0.10A then player become light Hypothermia and get -5%, once lose 0.15A it become dangerous Hypothermia get -15%, after 0.20A the player will dead.
    *The wet clothe will give +10Z instead of -Z, the wet cloth will expand the heat very quickly.
    *When you close to a fire, the heat expand equation will stop, and the heat bank will bring back to max. once you leave the fire the equation will start up again.

    Sure this is not the balance number, the balance job between the factor should be check. This is just a example to show that how we can do to combine all survival factor with our body condition and make the game close to real wild survival situation.


    Rip clothes to make bandages or get string.
    edit: Also when spear fishing please just have it go over and over rather than clicking each individual miss.

    • This reply was modified 3 years, 4 months ago by Shane.

    Welcome to the New World Shane.
    Making bandages from your clothes is in game I believe. String too.
    Have not played in a while so please don’t scalp me if I am wrong.
    Right on with your edited issue:
    Automatic repeating actions till you cancel would be the easiest way to do things like fishing, making a fire, ect.


    You know I thought that you could rip clothes, but I must have forgot where the button is.


    After saw this video.

    It give me some very important thinking that we need a large recipe system in the Last Winter, Of course with large material too. That is the way to enjoy the life in the wild.

    I hope we can have the craft system and custom setting like this, so everything goes very deep. Especially the make fire or some craft weapon in the wild. >o< ( Well, Will not modern like that. XD )

    • This reply was modified 3 years, 3 months ago by Arise.

    Okay, going to comment to each post in order of the person who posted. Short Cut for topics:

    Arise – Fire being a seperate skill
    Arise – Wet and dry wood. More complex fire starting
    Snarst – Putting fires out
    Snarst – Dieing of mushrooms of plants
    Urb up for ideas
    Reid – Foraging, Horticulture, and Agriculture
    Arise – Multiple Timer and Pause Timer
    Arise – Inventory, Bulk, and Containers
    Arise – Collecting items
    Mexican Batman – Indian Rangers
    Arise – Spotting and Viewing the enviroment
    Arise – Tracking
    Conditions affecting Players
    Urb’s desire for the game

    @ Arise Fire being a seperate skill amd Wet Dry materials to make fires

    I don’t know if fire should have it’s own skill. Making fire is one of the most important survival skills in Last Winter … only behind drinking water and catching frogs. It is a survival skill. No need to make it a skill on it’s own.

    I do like the preparing different fires and even pits though. If Urb wanted to he could make digging a pit for stakes the same as for a fire. And to light a fire would be in that same section, like covering with pine branches is for traps.

    Unsure on the wet dry though … definitely realistic … but will make the game harder, we can go for that; but it will seperate those who survive for a few days far apart from those who survive for 2 weeks. Maybe will allow more construction … I mean carrying all those branches and twigs around waiting to dry will make travelling slower. Maybe if we can but it under(in) a lean to to dry it could work. Or drop it near a fire. I am not a great survivalist but that’s what I do with branches and logs … if they are wet, place them outside the fire a bit to dry as the fire burns. On the subject of wet/dry … wood could also be green/grown/rotten. I think in the long run though it may be an addition for later on in the game if implemented.

    Something that should be immediately implemented is your Hypothermia idea. Must admit haven’t played winter for a long time in all my days alive in Last Winter, but would be interesting for sure. Seems Urb said certain animals were in more regions (Polar bears up north, Englishmen down South) 😉 Durn red coated furry critters. Maybe certain regions will be colder or warmer. Example … 800 latitude would be colder than 1200 latitude. While 200 and below would be noticeably colder all the time while 1800 and above would be warmer the time except perhaps winter.

    @ Snarst Putting out fires and dieing from plants and mushrooms

    Both ideas sound nice, I know in the current state of LW I would love to put a fire out because it seems to be buggy with fire. Also, a less often reason … but maybe I am distrustful of people … is to prevent people from finding you. Fire actually attracts people in the current state of Last Winter … I have been cooking before and out of the edges somes a group of people … am overburdened with Hellos which quickly turn to hate and involves a fight or flight from the screen.

    Also like your poison idea, not an instant kill mind you but perhaps a serious poisoning. I have died many times in last winter due to poison, even weak poisoning as it demands alot of water and food. Perhaps a <5% chance of getting moderate poisoning from one mushroom or plant.

    Which Twitch video did you mention LW in? Trying to find out where Urb mentioned LW

    Foraging, Horticulture, Agriculture

    The Foraging would be nice if improved on in LW. Someone suggested bushes staying on the map. This would let the player revisit certain places for food (hint hint at what Urb wants) Horticulture would be interesting if the game is capable of having items on the map change over time (not in the inventory … it can do that now, I know trees can change … but I mean items you can put in your inventory) So if you ate berries for instance you would get seeds or there is a possibility an unripe bush would appear on the screen (and take a long time to bear fruit)

    Unsure on Agriculture … how was the history of farming at this time? Being from North Carolina I know many of the early colonies even in warmer climates struggled with producing food … primarily because they lacked knowledge. Was farming popular in New France at this time? If it is implemented would be late game, I see Urb has farm tools and object in MNB3 so he could transfer … and the brown cleared out patch now in the LW game could become a fertile spot.

    @ Arise Multiple and Pause Timers

    I like the Multiple Timer option, but not crazy about the Pause timer. Even the bow now is a multiple step job … get a branch and then make the bow … no need to pause there, a 2 step process that is fairly quick. I can see where the Pause timer would be useful perhaps for digging, cutting trees, building, or actions that take a long time and won’t need to start from the beginning (a hole doesn’t become level, a tree doesn’t grow back where it was cut, and a buildings foundations lay intact. For simple or quick actions no pause timer. Like making an axe, bow, or fishing. That’s my opinion. Love the smoking idea though and the burnt food. I like to imagine it’s in the game (while you wait, in my mind you are resting, if you are too distracted or inexperienced it burns)

    We need total failures!!! More URB!!! Adding to your fire idea, can make a setup for smoking … add it into the inventory. Or a spit fire … different fires for different amounts of time or success (spit fire more likely to cook than an open fire). Also perhaps adding rocks to a campfire will help it last longer (stealing this from Stranded Deep)

    Bulk/Container Inventory, Bulk, and Containers This idea sounds interesting, having some trouble seeing it clearly I like it though. Would it be possible to make an animal a container as well? Carrying a dead deer, rabbit, or beaver? Currently we can carry tree trunks separately so can see an option to carry other things. The weight penalty is already in for containers, but not the inventory benefit (I don’t think)

    Collecting Collecting items I like this idea … sometimes i am afraid of developing that bone problem in your fingers … forget the name now, but if you type or use your fingers alot it’s bad. Hotkeys would be great. Spotting items would also be nice. Currently there is “Walk” and “Run” in Last Winter … I don’t think stealth makes your walking slower, but may be wrong. Perhaps in the future make stealth slower than walking. Especially useful bonuses for sneaking on animals but also a bonus for spotting objects.

    Indian Rangers Indian Rangers

    Interesting idea … this would be a new class? Might be nice since the Native is only one of the choices … the ranger would be like the Former Soldier, but a Native version … perhaps less gun skill still, but a small increase in tracking, skinning, or another survival skill? Could branch out into other Native choices.

    Viewing system … Spotting and seeing things (which may or may not be there) Spotting and Seeing

    I like this idea Arise, seems like I’ve said that alot of times already. Ha. In the current game there is a limited sensory out of view context but primarily sound or smell related (hearing a tavern, a strange sound, or smelling something nearby) I think there is a sight one as well … have seen a message about something not seeming right, or being in danger … not sure which or if all senses that it. I know there are sound cues, such as frogs croaking when there is a pond or a lake sound of water, but sometimes I can’t see them due to trees being over them .. so in the new game it might be similar … in a dense forest might be harder to find water though you might hear it is nearby. At night it is difficult because I think certain sound tracks have frog noises even if no water nearby.

    Tracking Tracking

    Nice idea. I like the tracking in the current game, but it always seems to say undefined on what animal is nearby 🙁 I like the things you can learn, but think it shouldn’t be finite in tries … treat it like the corpses … same criteria except for ‘how he died’ will be ‘where it went’ “When was this track made? What was it? Where did it go?”

    Okay question on the fading away … do you think it should automatically show on the map or fade in as you search, spot, or walk closer to it? I think rain should definitely be the end to the tracks.

    Conditions affecting Players Conditions affecting Players

    I wholeheartedly support Hypothermia. Can be caused by temperature and moisture. For instance in the current game I can stand naked in the rain and not get cold in the summer while in real life I might catch a cold.

    Urb’s plans for the game so far Urb’s plans thus far

    I have touched here and there in all the post about this, and will do so in the future, just in case someone didn’t see your mention.

    Okay I have no idea how long this will be be, but I will post again later. Sorry for being so far behind. I’ve not forgotten you if I haven’t responded! I will definitely respond. Sorry been having trouble posting this.


    WoW What a big response, @lwillter !!!! XDDDD

    Thank you very much, seems what you post are about all idea in this thread, so I can’t response everything at once. I will response each topic step by step. >o<

    If say a separate skill for fire, maybe better say I simply wish to change the skill training system to make them be more real to close real wild survival. As we know, when you do some action, you can train some specific skill in Last Winter. However, there something wrong in these skill, especially about fire.

    To be honest, the ” Making Fire ” probably is the hardest skill when anyone try to survive in the wild. Although everyone know Bow Drill can use to make fire even you don’t have any modern equipment, but actually it is too hard for a normal person without survival training. That is why most of modern wild survival book try to teach people stay alive without fire, because make a fire is almost a impossible mission for an unprepared person.

    Making Fire require Tinder, Amber, Try Wood. The amber is the biggest problem, the environment will limit the amber create process you can choice. Like in Swamp, even a perfect wild survival expert can’t easily make amber in such wet environment.

    So if making fire is such a hard skill, then there are no reason ” You can improve the chance to making fire by catching a frog ” Because they both relate to ” Survival “, that is what currently we set in Last Winter. XDDD


    So we must need a new skill system to handle new version of Last Winter.

    *Fire ( making fire, making torch…)
    *Fish ( Fishing, Catch frog… )
    *Cook ( Cooking….)
    *Trap ( Set Trap, Disarm Trap, Spot Trap…)
    *Throwing ( Tossing Rock, Tossing Boomerang…)

    Just some example, I will give a whole thinking article for the skill system later.

    • This reply was modified 2 years, 8 months ago by Arise.

    Continuing replies …

    Maharbal’s ideas – Static Conditions, Chat History, Berry bushes that stay, Roads/Dirt paths, Resupplying Trade post, and Huts.
    Tyrud – Hotkeys
    Arise – Campfire system and Char paper
    Shane – Repeating Actions

    @Maharbal Barca Maharbal’s numerous ideas.

    Static Conditions and BodyI like the sudden notifications 🙂 Feels less gamey in the sense that you can calculate how many fish you need to catch to be happy or such. That depression dropping in from out of no where will make me worried. Can see it being beneficial for sure and wouldn’t mind it being implemented. Would it be always available to see on the playing screen on on the screen with relations, money, and such?

    Chat history Support this … sometimes your doing an action like fishing and you get one of those ‘sensory’ messages and not sure what it says … or a skill level ups like dodge … and your unsure if you almost fell or cut yourself.

    Berry Bushes that stay I like this idea. I think it ties in well with what Reid said about horticulture. Your Apple trees or fruit/nut bearing trees sounds good as well. Do you think there should be an option to forage? Perhaps instead of seeing a bush and picking it. You use the forage skill to search … could find potatoes, turnips, berries, mushrooms … there can still be images of them on the map though.

    Roads/dirt paths I like this idea as well. Even if just between Montreal and Quebec. I see MNB3 has roads so they could be transferred … unsure how they would work with Trading post though since they randomly appear.

    Resupplying trade posts I believe, I may be wrong, but I believe this is already in the game. I am testing it now and seeing if the items change … I think it takes a long time though 2 weeks to a month.

    Huts Also a nice idea. What could a player do with a hut? What would be a benefit? I think it would be warmer … perhaps a small storage spot. This would help close the wide gap between a lean-to and building a cabin.

    Hotkeys Support this as well. Not sure on WASD for movement, but we’ll see. Would definitely like hotkeys, and the option to assign them … even if it is just those few options in the top right.

    Campfire system and Char paper

    Campfire system I think I replied to this before but I like the idea of different fires that can be made. The signal fire can also be used to attract people (to trade with … or attract mean characters)

    Char Paper Definitely seems possible. Seems the only way to do this in Last Winter will be to sacrifice a piece of clothing.

    Wind effect on body – I think this is a good update to body conditions … can freeze to death or cool down. There is wind in the game but not as visible … used for smell.

    @ Shane Making Bandages and String , Repeating Actions

    I can confirm that you can make bandages and string. It is in the crafting option where you can make harpoons and stakes.

    The Repeating Actions is also a good idea.

    Whew I am done.


    Remove the sexual aspect of the game

    Hmm I am playing Last Winter and came across an outpost and thought of something that might improve the appeal to Last Winter by encouraging younger players. I want to first say I understand it is historic and accurate but gives the game a very adult option I think makes it harder to be acceptable for younger players.

    This option comes in two choices that I know of depending on if you visit a European or Tribal establishment.

    Spend some time with a squaw & Buy yourself a good time.

    I think these two limit who can or would play, I know they are not required to play but do offer a boost. I was thinking if just change it to “Socialise with others.” or something like that and for the noises use some gibberish like some actions have in the game currently.

    I remember being a bit on my toes when my younger nephews played even when in their teens.

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