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The German Armoured Fail

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    German Armour
    A PSA by Polarfuchs,
    on how Tanks need a buff.

    The current in game state of German armoured forces is not very in depth, with a tank appearing with a wave of reinforcements or spawning in the map somewhere near the middle or rear. These tanks, as with the towed anti-tank and anti-air guns, will slowly move up the field to engage your troops and try to ruin your day. Sadly the tanks (and any weapon firing a large caliber shell other than the FlaK-38) can not actually hit targets within the boundaries of the map. Many players (and I assume URB as well) know that when a FlaK-36 (the 88mm) fires, the shell fire follow a normal path, but where it would normally hit bounces off sideways out of the map before detonating. The same thing occurs with the 75mm and 88mm on the Pz IV and Panzer VI “Tiger” when (if they even fire, as I’ve never actually seen an enemy tank fire its main weapon on my GI’s) they fire their main cannon. The co-axial and bow machine guns are just MG-34s with limited fields of fire, required the turret, or entire tank, to turn for them to able to fire on the target. This effectively nullifies the effects of the machine guns due to the way target selection works. The soldier or vehicle in question will chose the closest enemy to engage, meaning if you get even one soldier around the tank and sit him right next to it, the commander has a hissy fit that some GI is scraping his tanks paint off from behind and decides to turn the entire turret and sometimes tank around. This slow process allows you to just run past and leave. Another thing about tanks is how most players engage them. The current most effective and well known solution to killing a tank is just to sit on top of its turret, and picking off crew and tracks slowly, or just running past as the tank has no idea what to do. This is especially useful considering that the infantry is usually faster than the tanks that they are supporting, and by the time that the tank arrives to the front the infantry is mostly dead. This leaves no risk in running past the tank and ignoring it, defeating the point of the tank in the first place, to offer a challenge for commanders. In summary the tank is underpowered due to its weapon effectiveness, the low quality of the tank AI, and its slow speed. The main solution of this is to allow the tank to reverse (it can’t), up the RoF of its main gun, and speed up the vehicle.

    Hope this brings some attention to this problem,
    Best of Luck,

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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