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The Drop Box Massacre of 2017

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    This is the Polarfuchs way, guns a blazing.
    My squad weapons consisted of:
    3 Stoners, 1 Stoner LMG
    2 Grenade items (6 each) (12 total)
    1 WP item (3 each) (3 total)
    1 Smoke Grenade item (2 each) (2 total)
    1 battery pack (2 each) (2 total)
    1 Medkit (2 each) (2 total) (none needed)
    3 Dressings (3 each) (9 total) (none needed)
    1 IV pack (3 each) (3 total) (none needed)
    some other stuff like flak vests, a camera, the radio, and C4


    the image didnt load, soooooooooo
    heres the recap,
    26 spots, 30 kills, 3 enemy assets destroyed, nobody took damage, 15% map coverage (mostly in the middle going around and massacring the VC looking for the box) 11% stealth (you know why) 31% heat (a month of nothing to bleed that off, ;-;) ear for killing a section, multiple mission success bonus, no medals.


    Very nice AAR, @polarfuchs.

    I can imagine the Stoner shutting in the jungle and killing those poor VC. lol

    However, I did not sure why you don’t bring M72(Or maybe you forgot to mention XD ), as the more heat you have the more vehicle there should be. But whatever, Grenade should be able to take care them unless it is a BTR. XDDDD

    Keep up good work. >o<


    the only vehicle was a guy wheeling around a creaky old cart
    and the mission started at 0
    also 12 nades is enough to wreck an vehicles

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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