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    The Lone Ranger

    Im not sure if anyone besides me and Mexican Batman have reached a point where the Germans have better spotting range and accuracy to the point where within the 1st gunfight[ at least for me] my FRESH squad would take at least 1 hit or more hits and have almost no chance against a full squad. If anyone can tell me why the Jerrys get so good pls respond, because its currently a bit annoying.


    I would say at +5 days ahead of schedule, there’s not much you can do, except pray you get lucky. I like to rush for marksman, since they seem to be the most combat efficient troop at the first promotion. On the other hand, if you lose enough times, it’ll get easy enough for you to recover and advance multiple days.

    The Lone Ranger

    Well the thing is on DDay+97 ON SCHEDULE the Jerrys are already annoying [as I have mentioned in my first post] so I dont want to go ahead of schedule since I can only imagine how bad my new squad would fare against Jerry`s that would be on steroids.

    Mexican Batman

    well currently if they push you back you have to have it happen a few times then catch up with a vengeance to be on schedule. I do think maybe some things could be fixed a bit.

    The Lone Ranger

    Imagine how they would be by the time we reach Czechoslovakia.


    Am going thru Brest right now, and the Germans I encountered, while being good shots, were not terribly difficult. I encountered a Panzer -{another name from the past -Lance? }- but it caused me little problems. 🙁 ..except for the yellow stains in my shorts…

    Now there are potentially different reasons -{for the Germans tactics, not the yellow stains}- why they didn’t seem to be a problem.
    1) Adapting to my squad
    2) Struggling to catch up with my strong push(started 5 days behind)
    3) Were anxious to get home and watch Nobody’s got Talent.

    The Lone Ranger

    Well its hard to adapt when in your 1st gun fight you always have at least 1 or more G.Is on low health due to the Boche always hitting. Not to mention the fact that they cant be pinned early on when you have springfields which gives them extra time to hit.


    @A 2nd Lieutenant with a map and compass
    In a post earlier you said this: “Imagine how they would be by the time we reach Czechoslovakia.”
    Now before I go and criticize you about you’re misunderstanding of the state of the German army by this point I will summarize the plan for dividing Germany and the plan of where the forces would meet. At the conferences that planned the separation of Europe into separate zones of influence (Yalta I believe?), the marking lines were drawn up as the Elbe River and west. By this time the Battle for Berlin itself would be coming close to ending, and most if not all of German industry was under Allied control, the German morale was broken, and most unit’s were retreating west to surrender to the Americans, not fight them. If Urb develops the game with an accurate historical sense, then I hope that the heaviest German resistance will show around cities like Aachen, that are historical to the NADSP, (long name for the Nazi party), and to the German people. As the Fuhrer himself ordered these cities to be help to the last man. After the West Wall and the initial taking of the Rhineland the German war machine was crippled. At Pilsen the American tanks drove up, fired a few shots, and the whole town erupted into cheering knowing that the Americans made it to them before the Soviets. As for your debacle in Northern France the fighting there was some of the fiercest of the war, up there with the hedgerows and initial blitzkrieg of the CCCP. This is because the German Units were best organized and had the most experienced men, and when you reach Belgium things will get worse.
    Sorry if anything here sounded a bit harsh, or if you don’t think I put in enough research on certain things!
    Best of Luck, Polar.


    Thanks Polar. Not sure why some folks just expect the Germans to hand them the West Front without a fight. BTW
    German troops detection range remains unchanged regardless of your rank, days you have in advance and where you are in the war. It’s cool to some here and bitch that you got brutalized (although wtf do you expect if you come here and play our games), but make sure you have your fact straight. Happy Canada day btw.

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    Aiy, panzershreck (how he spelled it) it was. Very lively young fellow of ancient times.
    I called him Panzi (little tank) due to our age difference.
    Was active long before me but we had our good word wars none the less until he left together with the original moderator crew.

    As to enemy difficulty as your days go up.
    As far as I know the difficulty scales according to 3 factors.
    1) Mainly being days ahead, per day ahead.
    2) Your Profile Rank similar to Recon. So once you hit General the game will literally be out to get you.
    3) …awee..uuuuhh..LOL I forgot 😉 but it could be by how many days into the campaign.
    If that’s the case then I can see why some people here are going nuts after finally having reached Day 100 anticipating the URBness to at last tipple towards the end.

    Infamous 222 ring a bell. Armored car with the gibbing HMG on it that surprises you on every field you start.
    Brandeburgers that come into game via STEALTH commando mode, armed with STG44s and 99 combat, placing TNT behind your most valuable man.
    Tiger II Tanks or Panther rolling up as you reach the end zone.
    Wirbelwind AA Tank. This is the equivalent of the Half-tracked quad 50 only fully armored.
    … I see a horde of player charging me through my computer screen right now… 🙂
    Keep Calm and URB ON!

    Wait! Need to write something on topic from my own experiences.
    So I am at mere Day 40 now. I usually lose games till behind a day or 2 and then move up to 1-3 days ahead.
    I am playing a bit wild card style by experimenting around a lot with different soldiers and tactics but I must admit that when starting a new game the enemy is sometimes way to OP for me to have much chance of getting more then 2 screen away from the start line.

    Usually there is a single enemy that pops up first right now but even then this dude can ruin a game as in my last one since he had an MG42 and killed 3 men right then and there at the start line with his target switching.
    A good start depends mostly on if in the first encountered enemy soldiers have automatic weapons that ruin moral and hurt a lot and/or if there are more then 3 firing at my men at the same time.
    The first leg is usually the pits since I usually do not have good skills unlocked by then.
    Also the game difficulty tips way in favor of using certain specialists.
    Scouts are way to needed to avoid ambushes and mostly swing the first shots favor to your side.
    Without some poor sucker needs to play chicken run till he gets nailed so that is not really a good option.
    Signalers are also to important because without there are no supplies ( I have not found a single enemy supply crate in the last 10 games), no real reinforcements and no real support attacks cause ARTILLERY rules the battlefield here.
    / rant ….

    Mexican Batman

    So I am at the Liberation of Belgium and the fighting is truly fierce , the Germans push me back a few fields every time I start fresh but then once I am behind a day or 2 I push them back until I am on schedule . It is challenging and interesting , I have not seen any German tanks yet though.

    The Lone Ranger

    Well thanks for some background Polar on why the Jerrys up here are putting up such a good fight. Ill admit that I was a bit salty last night, but now that I know why the Jerrys are so good up here I cant complain that much. Also Urb looking back on it now it does look like me bitching and I couldve fixed that I was simply trying to find out why the Jerrys seemed to kick my arse more than usual.


    @polarfuchs small correction, party`s name was NSDAP
    I agree with Lance that it needs some lucker on first map with first encounter, had some top moments where I met an MG and a sniper – my whole squad did not survive the first firefight there 🙂


    The Krauts piss everybody off at one point or another! I can see why you would bee upset about being destroyed so easily by a few Germans, take it slow, keep your focus, and good luck in the field!
    Best of wishes, Polar.

    The Lone Ranger

    Thanks for the advice thankfully Northern France only lasted like 5 “levels”. I hope that Belgium won`t make me go full salt again.

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