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    A lot of cool atmosphere in that artpiece.



    Some RL insights on Campsite constructions.
    The Tarp in this vid could be exchanged with anything else that works in a similar manner like animal skins if not available through purchase.
    On more general input there is this whole series on you-tube on life in the frontier from these folks. Maybe not fully 1650+ Canada relateable since it focuses on 1700+ US mid but I think it is a nice source of inspiration.


    Maharbal Barca

    A “Living” spot for small structures (i.e. lean-tos, tents, possibly small huts/teepees,or maybe just a place to set down a bed roll) is absolutely needed. Just next to the fire perhaps, for ease of access.

    As for the lean-to itself, I know 1.0 had us make a wooden one, but perhaps 2.0 could allow for more decision: a wooden lean-to could still be made, being a bit more structurally sound/sturdy (but not by much) and allow pine branches to be laced on it. On the other hand we have the example tarp lean-to, which requires just a tarp, twine/string/(maybe babiche?), rope, and a few wood stakes. Less sturdy, but can still keep out the rain.

    Now excuse me while I go binge-watch this series XD
    Oh, this channel is a treasure-trove. Aaaaaand subscribed lol

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)

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