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The Campsite

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    Maharbal Barca

    The camp. That first step of taming the vast wilderness, and making your mark in New France. In the OG Last Winter, this consisted mainly of just the campfire and some form of shelter, be it a lean-to or a tent. [Somewhat] easy to put down, and easier to walk away from. But what if the intrepid explorer wants just a bit more from his personal civilization but doesn’t want to deal with the tedium of building a full fledged Cabin full of amenities? I suggest creating a more fulfilling, modular campsite.

    A quick side-note, but relevant: one of my recent obsessions has been Civilization VI, and among many of the mechanics that this recent iteration has added and changed, the way it handles city buildings and the introduction of “districts” is what’s important here. In short, instead of filling the city itself with buildings, you instead place districts in the overworld and upgrade them with their specific buildings. For example, if you want to build a university, you first need to construct a science district, which has pre-designated plots for a library, and then a University. Here is a short video that humorousness explains this concept: Civ 6: New Workers.

    Now, back to the suggestion: the idea is to take this concept of district and translate it to LW as a “Campsite” that can then be further upgraded. Here is how that process might look:

    1: clear land for campsite: a plot of land is cleared of brush and debris, showing spots that would later be used for various constructs
    2: Construct fire pit: in its preordained place, a fire pit appears, and will stay there, even when the fire goes out. Fire pits give a bonus to restarting fires, and are harder to low out (less susceptible to the elements)
    3. Construct a Tent: again, in a place already designated in the campsite, a tent appears.

    Now here’s the kicker, as long as you are standing in the campsite, you get the bonus of whatever is constructed there, and can use whatever is there. (i.e. you will be covered from rain even when not sitting under the tent, can be dried/warmed by fire even if you are not directly next to it.

    The campsite could also be upgraded with a number of bonus providing items

    Fire pit: Larger than regular fires, give a bonus to restarting fires once made, and are harder to blow out (less susceptible to the elements) The idea here is that the Fire pit is unique to the campsite and can only be built in the campsite. Regular fires can still be made but should be seen as more temporary.

    Tanning/drying rack: bonus to smoking meat. making leather?

    Cooking spit: bonus to cooking food.

    The idea here is to (again) fill the gap between the very temporary (i.e. regular campfire and tents) and the permanent (i.e. Cabin).


    Great idea! Will it looking like the current “Clear an area’ in LW?

    Comparing it to the current size of “Clear an area” how much what will the size of the campsite be?

    Will the cooking spit be an upgrade or a separate structure to the fire pit?

    Maharbal Barca

    Size and shape would be totally up to Urb, but yeas similar to the current clear area.

    The cooking spit would be a separate structure, but would appear next to the fire.

    Ideally the campsite will also be something we can pack up to a certain extent, and carry components of it with us should we wish to move. Suggestions for other upgrades are also welcome.


    How will adding fuel to the fire work at a campsite? Will the cooking spit and fire pit share the same amount of fuel or will being next to one decide which one gets fuel?

    I can see all the items being added to the inventory … This campsite will be a place to settle for a while, perhaps heal from wounds, hunt some animals nearby, and then pack up and move on.

    There is a post on cooking suggestions and it seems a few members would like more cooking tools or items. Maybe they will post some ideas here. A rack or a box to hold items I guess?Or hanging a cooking pot over the cooking spit?

    Maharbal Barca

    The spit isn’t a separate fire, but just a simple wooden structure that sits over the fire, allowing food to be cooked more evenly. It is also sometimes just a few sticks perched on the side.

    It would be an upgrade to the fire, but it would be better to appear next to it so the player knows it’s there, or at least that’s my opinion. It could work either way. It would only give bonuses to coking meat and bird (fish would usually fall apart in this manner).

    This also gets me thinking, as I remember that there is a cooking pot in the original last winter that gave blanket bonus to cooking. What would be interesting would be to have more liquid-based foods: porridge, soups, and the like, which would require a bowl/pot to cook in. (could even have cold versions of these for less satisfaction?) This would also utilize the wood bowl and spoon items. Will expand on this more in the general Suggestion topic)


    These Camp Site upgrades sound real nice. Especially the fire pit stuff.
    A better place to sleep then on wet dirt is surely worth building.
    Such a “Camp” would be nice to have to spend some time at if the location is good for hunting or whatever you intend to do there for a longer period of time.
    Also, always nice to see others make similar suggestions over time.

    So what all could a good camp site of the time and place contain.

    Soup ingredients.
    People could always rely on soup, made from all of the most common vegetables, such as peas, cabbage or onions. Apparently, onion soup delighted everyone’s palate.

    Here some non-meat foods that could be implemented into LW.
    “Aboriginal people grew, corn, beans, squash and Iroquois pumpkin were the most important. Corn, unless roasted, did not excite much enthusiasm among the colonists. It was food for the coureurs de bois.”
    Most wild fruits, such as strawberries, raspberries, gooseberries and currants were already known in Europe. Cherries, apples and plums did not tickle the taste buds as much as blueberries, cranberries or butternuts. Wild grapes, after a brief period of optimism, proved immensely disappointing. Wild herbs such as parsley, chervil, garlic and chives piqued curiosity, but most people preferred domestic varieties from France.

    Here some fish.
    Favorite fish included a basic triad of eel, cod and salmon, and to a lesser degree, shad, and tilefish. Eel, rich in fat and proteins, was particularly appreciated in the 17thcentury. People also ate bass, walleye, muskellunge, sturgeon, pike, trout and turbot.

    By the mid-17th century, Pierre Boucher noted that the settlers drank beer made from spruce needles, a drink that helped prevent scurvy or vitamin C deficiency.

    Maharbal Barca

    @Lance, I didn’t realize you had started a topic specifically about cooking, so I reposted there, and Reid has put up a stellar suggestion as well regarding soups.

    And i’m glad you brought up the beer, alcohol brewing seriously needs to be in a coureur’s arsenal!

    Maharbal Barca

    So I was writing about possibly having more large structures to build other than just the cabin, and though why not apply the same concept of the campsite to the Cottage? Have one large cleared and set area where different structures could be built: the cabin, a forge, a warehouse/shed? Maybe even a well for water?….an outhouse (improves morale?)


    Absolutely. The more the merrier. I really dig the well (pun). Also, a cellar to conserve food and a smokehouse for processing large batch of meat.


    I though of splitting the Crafting into specific areas in the Metal crafting topic thread.
    Here we could have a Building Crafting topic thread to keep all structures that we can create. (by our lonesome self?)
    This could start with the simple fireplace. Improves warming the character, Cosines, Cooking, less fuel needed.
    In the mid (all still portable) we would have a solid, waterproof, tent like contraption. Simple furniture may be included like a chair, table and a bed of sorts.
    To transport this we may need a horse or dog with a Travois or sled of sorts or you may need to pull it all by yourself.
    Top be our own cabin with all them helpful additions like a cellar and smokehouse.
    At the very end of the building tree be our very own Sleeping Bear Tavern. 🙂


    Found the heavy transport means of choice for our adventurer. Toboggan
    urbzz mentioned this but misspelled it so it took me some time to find what he meant.

    This is exactly what I was looking for all along but the search engines can be real D*ks sometimes.

    This would better go to a “weapons” topic but till we have one I put it her.
    While reading through historical material I found out that this was still used in 1650 New France due to it’s cheapness to buy and maintain.
    Arquebus In 1609, Champlain, along with two other French companions, accompanied by his Algonquin, Montagnais and Huron allies, traveled south from the St. Lawrence valley to Lake Champlain, where he participated decisively in a battle against the Iroquois, killing two Iroquois chiefs with the first shot of his arquebus.
    He most likely used “Shot” at close range instead of a single ball. The chiefs probley had never seen such a weapon and simply walked right up front to get blown down.

    Maharbal Barca

    Wasn’t it you lance that also mentioned the Native American Travois? Could be an alternative to the toboggan, and could have varying sizes for dog or horse. The toboggan could be just a small pack and be better suited for winter? Whereas the travois could carry much more goods. Next would be wagons with horses?

    And I talked with Urbzz regarding Matchlocks, and how they could be cheaper, less reliable rifles. The big thing was determining how the match would operate; he suggested having to re-light a new match every minute or so to use?


    I remember that discussion on matchlocks. The important thing is to have mechanics that reflects realism without being abrasive. I think we said that a match would work for an hour (two minutes real time) or event two (4 mikes) before being spent.

    It would be a heavy (if you don’t use the support fork piece you would have maluses) piece of gear too and with a minimal range. Regardless it is still a boom stick and would deliver considerable punch of you score a hit since it has been recorded having a much greater penetration than bows and even crossbows.


    Back on the topic head. Here a real nice concept art look at a small settlement in the woods.
    NOTE: The picture is posted for coolness and not reality.

    Maharbal Barca

    Looking at the forest bed, that looks quite a bit like a jungle, so mr. Cowboy here looks veeeery out of place.

    The vertical-ness of the huts really does look neat. Kind of if the kid inside us could build the treehouses of our dreams.

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