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    After few round about the MNB3 and Skirmish Line. Now I start up with some idea about the MNB3, for the new German unit.

    German unit:

    *Panzer IV

    Currently we only have different weapon to divide German Infantry unit, so this give me some interesting idea. In the MNB2, the German don’t have Medic so they don’t have medic. Well, finally the day come, now both German and Alley will disable in the battlefield. How about the German Medic?!

    German Medic:
    *German Medic equip with pistol and seldom use it.
    *German Medic have a red cross on his helmet.
    *German Medic will run to the disable German soldier to save him or heal the men which get hurt in the battlefield.
    *German medic run fast as he is light.
    *German medic heal 1/2 slow then Alley medic to make sure the game balance.

    Another is a new factor can be add in the game, facing direction. It means when you face somewhere, the behind attack will be the most easy to kill your, as you are very hard to find it before it shoot you.

    Facing Direction:
    *The facing direction will affect the soldiers ability to avoid the bullet hit. ( This still can be reduce by exp, as a old soldiers always have six feeling about danger. )
    *System will simply detect about the front, flank, back and give different penalty on protection.

    *This factor can lead a surrounding box or box tactic be much more deadly, also affect the sneak attack in real battlefield.
    *Facing direction also affect the spotting chance, so when someone flanking, other one will have much less chance to spotted the target.

    And comes to the hiding tunnel German. This is the idea come from many place, from fury to MNB2 and MNBR.

    *These unit call flanking unit. They will hide until you pass through. ( Normally )
    *they always hide in a small tunnel which is very hard to be spotted, tunnel and the German flanking unit both. ( Just like in Recon )
    *When you pass through, they will go out and hit you from the back.
    *If there is a MG hide in there, the MG gunner will not go out but will continuous shooting at your men.
    *Scout Scan skill can somehow show up this kind of threat.
    *The Tunnel German will run out if the Shell directly hit on it or very close on it, no matter it is spotted or not.

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    Enemy Medic unit would be evil in a way as shooting them seams cruel.
    But then again they shoot our medic so why not.

    I am strongly against soldier facings in MNB3. This is not Recon and I do not want to manage 6 or more men’s facing constantly so that they engage something especially since you would need to turn them around each time they hit their movement destination since they do not fire on the move. Way to big of an hassle.

    hiding tunnel German
    ee No. Just no. Better be German Flankers. he he MNB2 revenge.
    Simply let a few German Soldiers spawn from the side. Could be anywhere on the field but then they would head towards your closest unit.

    German soldier suggestion:

    Funker. (Signaller)
    Unlike the US forces the Germans did not have the means to equip every larger squad with a Signaller but in MNB3 there should be some of them standing by with support calls similar to what our Signaller can call in.

    Offizier. (Officer)
    Gives nearby troops a +5%to all rolls. Calls more support over time. Unpins nearby troops every 20 seconds. Can call in a Vehicle like a Tank, Half-Track or a Sd.kfz.222. *muu haa hha haa hha haaa.*

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    Maybe MnB3 will be the game where we start to see even more deadly and “better” armored vehicles deployed by the German Army during WW2, hypothetically speaking (because whilst the Tiger II had higher zoom/range, it was prone to breaking down and was very slow).

    Deadly LATE game armored vehicles that saw action during WW2 (especially during Normandy)

    Panzerkampfwagen Tiger Ausf. B (Tiger II) – A deadly tank from range, the Tiger II saw combat from Normandy (1944) in the Western front to the Eastern Front. Proving prone to flank attacks by T-34 and IS-2, and ammo explosions in the turret, the Tiger II proved weak but also strong.

    Panzerjäger Tiger Ausf. B (Jagtiger) – Another deadly tank that suffered from being extremely slow and heavy. The Jagtiger also lacked experienced crews, leading to more tank losses than through actual combat (however, in combat the crews got it killed due to inexperienced troops). Not many were produced, and probably shouldn’t be added to the game. But, should be kept in mind as an idea since it was used from 1944-1945.

    Panzerkampfwagen V Panther (most likely the Ausf G. variant) – Oh boy. This one is one I am surprised wasn’t in MnB2. The Panther was a medium tank produced to combat the new Soviet tanks, the T-34. This tank was quick, and had substantial fire power for a medium tank. This medium tank was practically a Tiger with less side armor.

    Now, I could add more suggestions, but this list might get a little too long. These, in my opinion, would obviously be contenders for being added (if balanced correctly, however the first two options would be a pain in the ass to take out, especially if we only get a damn Stuart. Damn Stuarts…)

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    More vehicle must be good. >o< @mrprofilen I do love those Tank to stand in front of my troop. It is going be a tough day.

    Well, I still can not sure why @lance you don’t like the facing direction and hiding enemy idea.

    For the Facing direction, it is not about a Recon or not. It is a system. Soldiers will auto turn to the target when they found it so this is not the problem, If you will feel tired that is because you wish to keep every head on the right place to max your potential ability, but that is up to player. As a commander can not high concentrate on that, it will back to normal.

    Why I suggest so? It is because I want to add a factor really can represent the tactic to both Alley and German. When I am in the St-Lo against the German in the city, my team lose cause will usually be the truck. While I am contact with the enemy in front of my line, a truck bring the troop to my back and hit me. But actually I am not die by the surrounding, I die is just because the numbers. ( Well, some of part is by surrounding as I can not retreat, and panic is another problem… )

    In the real battlefield, surrounding is so deadly is because you have to defense everywhere, but enemy only have to care the front line. So they get less casualties and you lose the exchange of fire because you lose your men too quickly. When firing power is the same, the numbers change the war. When the height is the same, the direction you have to face, should be as less as it can be.

    This factor will change the combat situation when you are been surrounding. With that, soldiers have to defense both side and easy been shot. Also affect the Recon job, make the flanking or even the surrounding tactic can be use for Alley. Scout can be more useful as it can check the German moving route and direction, even the kill with hand to hand combat, because the first strike is defenseless. Can combine with Spec Ops fast moving and stealth ability. Maybe can give officer an ability to decrease the penalty as he can keep soldier concentrate. ( See the Band Of Brother?)

    This also can show why the sniper and hiding enemy is so deadly. Because the soldier can not keep high alert all the day, only the first shoot will be deadly. after that, all soldiers will get into high alert and face the direction where the gun shoot come from. The sniper is the unit can make sure the first shot.

    The same, why hiding and wait the alley to pass through? It is a classical trap been use in every war. Hit the enemy from the back will be the best way to kill as more as possible. Flanker is needed, but it does not mean we can not have hiding enemy.

    Shell can also involve, as the men can hear and see where the Mortar shell or RPG come from, they will act fast. So while we give the penalty for the back and flank, we also give the benefit to the front. Make the soldiers can act well, the same as to the German unit.

    I only concern is ” Will this be too hard to add in? ” That is a big problem, so this is just a crazy idea. If @urbzz is going to push the MNB3 as good as possible, why not give some real crazy idea here?!

    That is all my though about Facing Direction.

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