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    The Tank growth stronger and powerful but still, something need to improve or add to make those beautiful baby as real as it should be on the WW2 battlefield.

    Here comes some video first.

    1. Currently Tank still with some unreal action while acting on MNB3. In the real tank Vs Tank fight, they moving fast to avoid the enemy shell. When they are going to fire their cannon, they hit the brake and fire to increase the accuracy. I believe this one will be the most important part while design the Tank Vs Tank AI model.

    2. An interesting factor can add to tank or even every big vehicle. Impact hurt for the infantry, although it will be hard to code, but that is sure a truly fact. In the WW2 battlefield, Tank will cause damage just by her own big fat weight to crush anything in front of them. Adding these function to hurt the opponent side will be a awesome idea. ( No need to instant kill, just lose some HP will be good. )

    3. The hurt to the top from bullet or front control men, no need to say more as it is the truth in WW2 and will be very easy to add.

    4. Back up combat way when turret broken have to add. Tank can rotate to aim the enemy when the turret broken, even it is not so accurate as gunner have to communicate with driver to do that. But at least it will not sitting for death.

    5. Fall back and attack should be add to future tank AI, also the moving to keep infantry away from her is needed. These will add much more fun and feeling to the game.

    looking forward the comment from everyone. >o<



    Vehicles doing damage to “things” would require a totally diffrent way urbzz games work.
    The only Vehicle or other thing so far that I have ever seen that “hits” another object is the Star Destroyer in an Asteroid field.

    I am personally against such mechanics in mnb since no soldier willingly just stands around to be run over by a slow moving tank.
    Also it would drastically complicate any form of HtH combat with vehicles/ tanks if that even comes into play.
    Better be a way for our men to effectively do something against Tanks or other enemy vehicles aside from using explosives.
    ….been searching the web for some tactics but aside explosives that we already have found none…



    Someone give me a suggestion on my Youtube channel about the tank fight.

    *The bounce off Tank shell:

    This can be add after some terrible German beast get into these game. Like Panzer V – Panther, or the tank monster Tiger. Their armor are be able to reflect the most of light armor tank shell and small rocket anti – tank weapon. So the shell somehow will be bounce off and reflect to flank side, or fly to sky.

    Like these (The pic I copy fron the fury)

    Maybe this can be some good stuff to add, also avoid the straight pass through hit too often. I believe the pass through or hit ground tank shell should somehow not lading, due to they use AP shell with very high velocity.



    While ricochets would be interesting visually, I’m not sure they’d add all that much gameplay-wise. Our M3/M5’s certainly won’t be bouncing much, and I figure only the heaviest of the German tanks would be liable to bounce anything, and we probably won’t see them much.

    There’s probably some potential in the mechanic, even if I don’t see it, but I’m on the side of trying to nail the tank behavior and SOPs first before adding more complicated stuff like that.



    Indeed! But for another view of point, post here can simply avoid I forgot the suggestion idea. Even it may not worth to add, at least now we have a small shot here.

    So guys just follow my machine gun!



    Talk about appeared chance of Tank. I believe the tank can have some chance to show up in the map when the game start, not always go in with reinforcement.

    Especially the City battle. put some point here:

    *Tank show up chance while start up the map will increase with the ahead days or game in a row. ( Even it still low )
    *Tank should not always show up, it should like any German that need spot to found her position. ( Like old setting in Recon )
    *Somehow Tank can hide near the tree or house to avoid Alley Unit to spot it.



    While @mrprofilen did everything right to post his German Tank ideas into the Enemy Unit Suggestion Thread but I feel that it could have gone here since Vehicles will not be under our constant control nor will they be very common in MNB3 since we are a squad of foot soldier that can be supported by vehicles and other stuff. This game will hopefully never get as crowded as MNB2.
    Therefore encountering enemy vehicles or stationary support for us should also be rather rare like 1-3 per 3rd field on average seams good to me.
    I am with arise’s last post here about rarity of tanks and such.

    Currently our Stuart Tank is very good in behavior and firepower.
    Only thing from me that could be changed be that when firing the main gun the entire turret should not blow back.
    Looks to unrealistic and thee is already a lot of great firing animation.
    Also I would suggest that you can call in a Stuart only 1 time per field or increase the cool-down timer drastically. Better be first.
    Currently as soon as it left the field you can call it back again.

    Then there is the timing when the Tank Skill usually becomes available.
    I feel that upgrading a GI to Officer early on very risky since you need all the firepower you can get and he is the worst choice there or better said he is totally useless until you spend 4 upgrades on him and alone getting them together is very hard right now.
    You would need to make him your point man in order to get a few more xp since he will not get them from hitting enemies and constant point men have very low life expectancy.
    With a lot of luck you can then use the Stuart towards the end of the first field.
    Usually the Stuart is ready mid second field where it is a nice attack addition but mainly for it’s bullet magnet power and not self firepower.
    Honestly, I have not used it recently since the Hedgerows, where it would be really good, are so tough that I need every real fighter just to make each field.

    Next; the Jeep.
    This thing seams great but since it is only good for one fixed place on the field and you need to wait for it. I will always upgrade my gunner with everything else first.
    So my big problem is that it stops on the spot where the Gunner made the call.
    To be in a decent enemy engagement range the slow Gunner must move deep into the enemy position.
    This is almost suicidal. Then the long wait. Then getting on the Jeep. Now you can rock IF there is anything to rock with still around.
    Since it does not move further up from that position all you can do is send it away so that you can eventually finish the field.

    One simple solution. Bug reducing as well.
    Call a Jeep with a driver and a Gunner for the .50 HMG.
    I do not think that this will overpower the player if the Jeep either be limited to 1 per field or with a long cool down timer.
    The Stuart is still a lot more powerful.
    Furthermore the Jeep should drive up to us faster. It is stuck in first gear compared to our walking speed.
    Also it should move up with our men. As a measure the game could let it move up to the same hight as the top most GI is and also fall back with him. Position check every 10 seconds.



    @lance Not bad suggestions on the current ‘class-skill’ vehicles. While the Stuart, though very costly exp wise, is certainly very useful on the attack (could use a tweak here and there), the Jeep as of yet doesn’t quite seem as useful to me for the reasons you stated. Not quite fast enough or versatile enough to be any better than a HMG like the Germans have. It definitely needs a second pass, or it could be replaced by another skill. Incendiary ammunition, perhaps? Would be good against light skinned vehicles and emplacements, no?



    I agree with the long cooling timer for all vehicle. At least should be as long as RTO support skill, about 120 Seconds.

    For the jeep, I would suggest just that this guy flank in to the battlefield, this will be fast and no need to change too much thing which we already have. As the future plan, The Sherman will flank in too.

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