Tanks not Gaining Exp for Vehicle Kills + Minor Thing

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    So I’ve been playing this game a lot quite recently. I enjoy it and have been since before the root menus where categorized, or at least before there where half-tracks and pillboxes.

    Since coming back a big thing I’ve noticed is that my tanks wont get Exp for killing vehicles (opel blitz, bikes,222’s and what not.) I thought I had read somewhere that you were supposed to get exp for the kill + passengers, so an opel with 5 guys would give 6 exp to the tank. That might be true for zooks and not tanks, but thats not really the point I’m trying to make. For me Tanks don’t get exp for vehicle kills.

    Another small note is one of the tips is slightly outdated saying “all units can fire under camnets except mortars” which isn’t the case anymore since they nerfed the zook/camnet spam.

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