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    Hey everyone, it is being a while not post something big on the forum. lol Today, I am gong to discuss something not important but quiet serious, about the suggestion, feed back and reply. Before I start my discussion, I am going to share and introduce myself first. XD

    1. Wrong Time, men!

    I am a student, a board game designer and also MNB community tester. >O< About 3 years ago, I tell my friend it is easy to build the game with poker. To prove my theory, I build a Zombie against Human Game with a deck of cards. It is a simple game, some of number have special effect, others is just for attack and defense. My friend really love it, so they give me some of suggestions and put the game with more factor and tactic. So Game keep grow up and go better and balanced.

    After about 1 year, I already update my game with 20 times to make it better. I introduce this game to a friend who just come back to Taiwan from other country, I share my game to him. He tell me:” Why you use poker? It is a stupid idea!!! Why don’t you replace card with…… You can write as computer language………. Also it is very important to use dice………. “ Orz………… Well, I really feel heart breaking at that moment. My game been tear apart to nothing, so I learn a lot of lesson from this event.

    Ok! Back to the Community.

    Game maker love suggestion and feed back, so does tester. Suggestion make the game strong and balanced, also help to debug process. Suggestion is the best reward to game designer, so we love it.

    But sadly, somehow some of suggestion come in the wrong time. When the MNB3 is still very early alpha state, about patch 0.14 or early. We are still building the game engine and main system, even still setting the game concept. We do release a lot of discussion and game play video, hope everyone to tell us about how we should build the main system. We get very very less feed back, so the game almost build up by very few person idea and test by very few guys.

    And finally, the beta 0.23 out, many men start try it. We get a lot of suggestion which is helpful, but some of them come too late actually. An example like someone ask me:

    “ Why there are no ammo count like Recon “
    “ The concept is unlimited ammo”
    “ That is not real “

    So I think everyone know, what I will talking about. Too late men!!!!!!

    The whole game is already been build up, and now we are seeking for more add, then you come here to tell me my general system and concept is wrong?? Yeah! Maybe it can be wrong, maybe we can think more, But…… Too Late men!!! If you ask the designer to change the game concept after he build up a lot of stuff, it is almost the same you ask him to write a new game.

    I would say, it is a common fact in the community, everyone is not active when we need everyone. After game out, everyone come up and alive but sorry we can’t change too many thing now. So hoping when next time we are trying to build some new game system. Everyone can join us on time, yeah! Maybe even the new game like Last Winter. Timing make the important suggestion become meaningless, so we need more follow on time and more feed back on time. XD

    2. What? I don’t understand.

    “ Why don’t you add XXX ?! “
    “ I think XXX is awesome! “
    “ XXX doesn’t work!! “
    “ There are some bugs in XXX function!! “

    It is another common fact in the Community, people can/don’t explain the things clearly.

    * Add XXX?!

    How to add? Why we need to add? What Function it have? How it change to game?

    * XXX is awesome?!

    <- Suggestion………Orz………

    *XXX doesn’t Work!

    What does mean not working? Any special sign before bug happened? What did you do before things go wrong? What you think may be the cause? How can we avoid this?

    MNB Community is text platform, we come all over the world, have different time zone. So it is not effective need to ask, answer, ask answer. Better to put more information, to let everyone know the point. Suggestion or bug report should never be less, you should write more. Everyone can not figure out the meaning from short text, but we can verify the important message from large text. Every sign play different character in different view. Some report is meaningless to player but game maker or tester can smell the bug from the message, that is why we need more text to take the situation.

    Also, in oder to help each other to catch up the idea, and make the team work better, complete the suggestion or report is needed. That is why we constantly ask: “ Specific the problem you have!! “

    Things play very different between two example:

    Example 01

    Arise:” Jeep Have bug!!! “

    Urb:” What bug? “ After 1 day.

    Arise:” My gunner disappeared when get on Jeep “

    Urb:” I will take a look on it.” after 2 day.

    Nothing fixed, as Urb can’t figure out what is the problem.


    Example 02


    I just encounter with a bug, my gunner disappeared on the jeep when I order him to get up jeep.

    *It take about 3 seconds to disappeared, then I found something under my jeep, shooting the jeep.
    * After a while, and my men start to shoot something under the jeep.
    *I do saw some blood after I clear something under jeep.
    *My jeep is near the German empty HMG
    *My gunner show up after about a minutes, when I click the smell icon, it take about 1 minutes, and he get in from the flank side.

    It is possible the German disarm code affect the Ally jeep, so my gunner been disarm when get on the jeep near the German supporting weapon. The Show up German under my jeep, possible come from the Dispatch German code, so it transform my gunner to German troop. I have no idea why my gunner can go back from the flank side. “

    Urb: “ Thanks for head up Arise, will fix soon! After 1 day.

    See, although my English skill is poor and maybe type a lot of meaningless investigation result, but it does help the coder to fixed the bug. Sure bug check need some game sense and more investigation, but the comment change the situation quick. You found a bug, then you give a report, give some of your guess, no matter how could it been wrong, it is better then nothing.

    We will not ask everyone to typing a lot, as typing take the time, but sure more stuff, more help!

    3. =_=!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Although these are rare, but still an issue!

    “ Ok! I am very disappoint on the MNB3, here is how you can fix it!….. “ 0o0

    “ Why the f-ck you force player to have new squad every times??!! f-cking game!!….” =_=

    “ I think the game is not good, I am afraid I am going to play other game until this game fix to much better situation, it is too hard and too……….. “ QAQ

    “Did you know I have a way to hack the Mnb……. “ =口=

    So you all know what I am talking about……… lol


    *Everyone don’t pay to play Urb’s Game. This is some important fact, so we keep polite here. We suggest, not oder! We are friend, not customer and owner. So we commonly will need everyone keep polite here, as designer also love some good feed back here. No need to talking like that, we live in a comfortable place without serious pressure.

    “ What the fuck “ can transfer to be “ Why the hell “ or “ Why “ those thing commonly will be the military style joke and funny saying >o< , but we all know what it will come when you use it in the text on arguing someone, very very un-polite!!!! So please don’t! Joke is good, but keep less pressure on each other.

    *You know everyone have different love. Some love killing and some other love sneaking, everyone have different habit and lover factor in the Urb game. So don’t blame the coder, or blame the style we finally choice. We will try to make the game been Unfair, Random and Brutal, also hope to as close as everyone love. But we also try to dig new thing, like new system, or new toy.

    We can not make sure it will be a good option or bad choice, but we try to put it to best. The game make concept – we don’t make the same game!!! Please slight accept our meaningless insist, that something may not sounds good for some of men, but that is our love.

    *Please!!! Don’t even talk about the cheat or Hack in every MNB place, just don’t! Every game get break down because the hacker and cheater in history, and these will keep happened in future day. I will not try to stop anything, but just hope our small community will not have to suffer the pain of hacker. It is really disappoint for every game maker, with a game been overwrite without permission.

    For cheater, those score is not real, so please play the game like a true player. We are glad every pay intension on the game, just hope it can be a real one. >o<

    That is all I want to share, thanks for long reading, and sorry to bother everyone with my poor English Skill. XDDDDD



    You spoke right out of my soul dear arise. *sniff
    This post is so much more . . .
    I stickied it on top of the forum here for everyone to always take notice as they come by.
    You are a great Urbanian.
    Keep up the awesome your my man! 🙂


    Very well written post, Arise. I don’t always have the time to read over everything in detail, but I think this is a good post that everyone ought to put a little time aside to have a look at.

    In the end we’re all here because we love urb games and the community that has grown around them. We want to see them grow and flourish, and working constructively together is how we can achieve that. Always remember that guys!



    . Brother, That was well said. And the Pink Panther pic…

    From now on I will attempt to be more detailed in any “Shit Went Wrong” report I submit, but alas, am not sure how far into the future I can travel, so as to provide you with ideas before it’s too late, but can only try. Humunie-Humunie-Hhhmhmmmmmmmmmm…..

    As for anyone that might complain about these games? 😀 Piss On ‘Em. They don’t know shit! Man, they wouldn’t know a good thing if she was sitting on their face. 🙁 ..or maybe if the adjustment was right they would.., ..know shit. ..might like it then… 😉


    tengo una idea para un nuevo juego de guerra basado en la epoca moderna en el cual eres un capitan de un portaviones puedes hacer misiones reclutar obtener aviones cazas helicopteros etc las misiones pueden ser de rescate ataque reconocimiento captura de blanco liberacion de rehenes tomar posiciones y defender el portaviones etc etc seria un gran juevo


    Urb ha hecho un prototipo de juego de portaaviones pero ambientado en el teatro pacífico de la WW2, por lo que el marco básico para tal juego ya existe 🙂

    Además, este no es un hilo de sugerencia. Eso está aquí:

    • This reply was modified 3 years, 7 months ago by Reid.

    Hey guys! My names Jonathan. I go by Jon. Anyways though, since we got the formal introductions done and over with, I have been kinda just messing around and tryna make like a new page for that I want yalls feedback for. It’s not done. I want it to be the homescreen like you have that then brings you to this website. My version of the site though would include a (debatably) better look and more options such as being able to see pictures of the games that Urb has made and the option to go to the games off of that screen. Now I’ve just been working on the website for a little bit and I haven’t asked anyone for help yet so that is why I need y’alls suggestion for what you guys would like to see so I can make it.


    That link just shows what it looks like so far and you can see the hyperlinks and stuff I have set up and the ideas I am kinda planning on implementing into it


    Well now my fellow Brothers-in-Arms, we’ve been notified that things have to be “Re-set”, so I’d suggesting tossing out ideas NOW while it’s still marinating. Like @Arise pointed out to us in amongst those eloquent words, once it hits the grill we can’t complain about the grill marks.

    Am I the only one who has opinions? Sshhiiitt. Like I’m buying into that. I also find it hard to believe I have to go first. 🙁 Or am I supposed to trot over to the Discord channel and chew on earlobes? :&


    So, i was watching a video on the cold war and how it originated, and it made me think about either a M&B game in the middle east or another game like Recon set in the middle east. has it ever been a thought, or is my dream just a dream?


    It’s an interesting thought, and I’d think the ‘Recon-Style’ game would be a better version to play, rather than one where the enemy was perpetually in front of you.


    what if we could play as either the germans or americans? i think that would be so cool. like choose your faction at the start when you type in your commanders name. also is there a way i can support the game via funds?


    @pearson there’s a picture of uncle sam handing out ordnance near the bottom of the right side of the website. it has a link that goes to a donation page, although im not sure it works


    @littlebunny Cool to have you back on the front line.
    However you misinterpreted the topic of this thread. Read the first post here and see.

    Some changes where made to this HQ site in points of security and handling so well all hope that this place will see a bit of fine casual input and mostly those things that should be categorized and conserved as was always the case for the older regs around here while the Discord takes the blunt of the fast chattings and acts as a quick hub to get in touch with the community.

    Chi Long Qua

    I don’t know if this is the right thread, but will an online save feature or a way to transfer saves (those long as text with random characters where you copy and paste) be implemented into future URB games on the LUA engine?

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