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    Maharbal Barca

    Trying to get back into the community and figured the best way was with a video. LW is still my all-time favorite Urb game, and there’s still tons of mythos surrounding it, with no greater myth than that of the wendigo. Here’s a video of my attempt at summoning the great beast


    So this is what goes on Discord now – people discussing how to perform dark rituals. 😉

    First of all, I liked some aspects of your video-making: the suitable background on the sides, the appropriate musical accompaniment, the sped up pace and screen text when there’s something of particular note. Good job!

    Regarding the ritual, perhaps you should’ve taken the rotten flesh from the grave sites and even the skull with you. And you might’ve taken the cross from the “recently vacated” house to help with your anti-suicide prayers, then ditched it before performing the ritual.

    Something that puzzled me is you’ve cooked and smoked some of the flesh, instead of saving all of the raw pieces for the ritual. It might take a succession of abominable acts to invoke the insatiable one.

    The night was cloudy, so that might’ve lessened the mystical potential.

    Another thought: might it be helpful to find an indian stone circle, deposit a human skull in it then perform the ritual?

    Maharbal Barca

    Appreciate the feedback Bersimon! 😀

    I figured I would try all types of meet, not just raw to be extra sure that the ritual worked. Unfortunately, all of the items in the house were bugged, for at no point was I able claim any of them.

    The cloud cover does sound like something that would factor into arcane rituals, and stone circles definitely would help, because what else are they for?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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