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    Joe H

    So you’re in Mortain and you’ve put yourself woefully behind schedule because your men keep getting torn to pieces by machine gun nests. It doesn’t have to be that way!
    In this guide I will provide some strategy I have learned from playing. Hopefully by reading my guide you will spare your men from being gibbed by those awful machine guns.

    Before I begin with that part, I want to talk first about how I play the game itself. It works for me and if it works for you, perfect.

    I make extensive use of the numbers at the top of my keyboard to play MnB3. By using these, you are able to quickly move soldiers where you need them without having to click on their icon(thus moving the camera). It is also vastly more efficient than individually clicking on each soldier. It should also be noted that the 9 key will be invaluable to keep your men away from artillery flares.

    I prefer to move my men in squads of two. I have read in other player guides that a strategy of threes works well too. Though I have had success with the groups of three, I like two for several reasons:

    –I like to keep my men spread out. This prevents grenades/panzershreks/rifle grenades from doing as much damage. This should be something one has carried over from MnB2.
    –I like squads of two because it allows for quick leapfrogging. A very basic strategy is to ensure that for every soldier moving there is one providing cover fire. So I move my squads two at a time, ensuring that four are providing cover fire. I’ve found that it is less dangerous to move two at a time than three.

    I compose my team of three riflemen, a medic, a radioman, and a special operative. I will talk now extensively about this composition as it is a key part of my strategy.

    –Ideally, I prefer my composition to be in a specific order. First, imagine the 1-6 keys. I like for a rifleman to be on every other number, with a “specialist” on every other number. So Squad (1-2) is a Rifleman/Medic, (3-4) is a Rifleman/Radio, and (5-6) is a Rifleman/Spec Ops. The order is not important of course, but you see my strategy here: each two man squad has a rifleman.

    –Riflemen are, in my opinion, the most valuable asset in the game. Your goal should be to get them rifle grenades and heavy barreled rifles as soon as possible.
    —Use your rifle grenades to wipe out machine gun nests, heavy guns, and cheeky snipers. Its range allows for it to reach out for virtually anything or anyone that can reach out to you.
    —hand grenades are useful for the large advancing hordes of Germans one sees from time to time. I also like to use them to bust up barbed wire.

    –Medics are obviously a necessity no matter the composition of one’s team. Getting your medic’s special powers leveled up should be your first goal for him.
    —At times I will have wounded men come to him if it’s a slower battle. Otherwise I will have him go to them.
    —Thankfully in MnB3 the Medic is actually a scrappy little fighter, unlike the cowardly MnB2 Medic. A Medic ranked Corporal and up with a Tommy Gun or better can be a real bastard on the battlefield, not unlike a Spec Ops(since he moves so fast).

    –A Radioman is also a necessity when I play MnB3. A well placed artillery barrage can save lives on the battlefield. In addition, Recon can be a real game changer. What follows now is a little Radioman strategy.
    —Obviously you want to get his artillery barrage as quickly as possible. Your next priority needs to be getting his rank up. A higher ranked Radioman calls signals faster and the signals(at least to me) seem to be more accurate as his rank goes up.
    —Recon is something you should do at least once a map early on if you’re lucky enough for the call. Machine gun nests and heavy guns will remain visible long after German soldiers disappear in the fog of war. If possible, go ahead and artillery barrage those heavily built up areas. Remember, he can call them for anywhere on the map.
    —No calls for Recon? No big deal. At the start of a new map, I like to call a barrage on areas I feel to be built up. Especially in Mortain these areas are not difficult to figure out. I have often had great success doing this.
    —Though it is better than nothing, I find the Close Air Support to be nearly useless. It does less damage than one would like to German Soldier waves, and is a waste to use on anything bigger. The same goes for the Air Strike. Unless one has a high ranking Radioman who can quickly call an accurate strike, this usually does little to affect a dire situation. Artillery strikes are terrific all around, especially when they’re accurate.

    –I like to use a Spec Ops because of his speed and high rate of fire. A high ranking Spec Ops with a BAR can tear through Germans like toilet paper. I’ll share some Spec Ops strategy here.
    —Get the Sten out of his hands asap. After the Grease gun, alternate ranking him up and upgrading his gun. I like to start upgrading his specialties only after he has a BAR, since his specialties don’t usually factor much into my strategies.
    —Working in two man squads is ideal for the BAR. This allows the Spec Ops a faster reload. What you effectively have is a fast moving machine gunner when you use this strategy.
    —The invisibility technique can be neat sometimes but I haven’t found exceptional use for it aside from occasional flanking maneuvers. His bomb is extremely powerful, even more powerful than an artillery strike, but I am not ballsy enough to use him to sap anything with it. A machine gun nest or tank would have him torn to pieces well before he was within a safe detonating distance. His French Resistance call can come in handy sometimes, but don’t expect Frenchy to do much fighting. Advance him early and he will either draw fire or rank up. Once I had a Sergeant Frenchy who had a shotgun that was a mass murderer. Good Times.

    Before I get to the primary aim of this post, silencing machine gun nests, I want to talk just a moment about how to start a map.
    -I first start any map by surveying what’s ahead all the way to the end. Even with unspecialized recruits this is wise so you know trouble spots before they sneak up on you.
    -My first advance is done by spreading out my groups of (1-2), (3-4), and (5-6) onto the first cover or field of view obstacles I see. In Mortain this is sometimes difficult to do because there is often only a few rocks or trees before the first sandbag walls. Note here, I do not recommend making your first advance to these first sandbags. There are almost always enemies here and you don’t want to just march your men into a honeypot.
    -With recruits, their lone strength is the range of their weapon. With this in mind, you want to creep up the map with them.

    Finally I want to share with you my strategies for overcoming machine gun nests. There are two distinctly different ways I play them based on what resources I have. I’ll talk first about approaching nests with raw recruits.
    -Slowly advance your six recruits. I can’t stress this enough. I have lost so many men just by going too quickly. Advance two at a time. If you take fire, don’t move your men til that German is dead(unless your men aren’t in cover or shielded from view).
    -Machine gun nests are deadly but their range is their weakness. Your recruits can shoot the nest before it can even hit them.
    -If you happen to walk up on a nest and it fires, retreat at once! If you’re lucky enough to have one of your men spot the nest, wait there and let them start shooting. Pay close attention to it. It will start turning its barrel toward its target before it fires. If the barrel starts moving toward your men, you’re too close.
    -Be patient with this part. It will take a little while for your men to kill the machine gun nest. Do not try to flank the nest, especially not if there are multiple nests. They have no problem gibbing your whole squad. Just keep in mind that your recruits can hit the nest before it can hit them. That is my strategy for defeating nests with recruits.

    Let’s assume now that I have my preferred squad and all of their specialties are leveled up. I will give you my strategy for defeating nests with these men.
    -Do not get cocky just because you have a crack squad. It is still important to advance with caution and tact.
    -Use those rifle grenades! If you have three riflemen as I prefer to play with, spam them! I have found that a nest can be taken out with a direct hit, but rarely they need two or three.
    -Use artillery heavily. Always remember when your next barrage can be called. In fact, I like to keep an eye on the cooldowns of every specialty. Keep sending those grenades and artillery barrages down range. Show them no mercy!

    I hope that this guide has been helpful. I look forward to any questions or discussion this post inspires. Thanks for reading!


    The Lone Ranger

    Hope this helps any newbies going into MNB3. On a side note how long did it take you to write that WALL of text.


    Joe H

    Well I would say 2-3 hours in all, but I had to stop for work. I just wanted to share the stuff that I have found to be effective. Hopefully I can learn from folks picking apart my strategy too. Although I will say that there’s lots of different ways to do well in this game.


    The Lone Ranger

    One thing to note: This strat is only concerning at least two sections of MNB3: Mortain and The Battle of The Bulge.

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