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    Franco Bartolozzi

    Hey everyone “ooo RRAAAA!!!”

    I have been playing Mud and Blood 2 for a long time now. It is, right now, and probably for a long time running, my favorite game. i have 2 suggestions for MnB2 that i think might have some positive impact, however not much to the point that it is heavy handed on one side.


    1) Scout soldier can detect when the next wave is coming, and can move while shooting. That is all well and good HOWEVER, that is it. I suggest that when a scout reaches the exp of 80 or more, the scout can also calculate the STATS OF GERMAN SOLDIERS AND VEHICLES. What i mean is, its a numbers game right. if you have a soldier with a rifle of 18 and he is shooting at a german soldier coming from a new wave, wouldn’t it be nice if you can put your cursor over that german soldier to check HIS STATS. The reason for this suggestion is 2 things. A: i notice that sometimes a Pak38 will come out, shoot, blow up 2 of their own men, then i see a soldier tag appear above the PAK38 as if it leveled up. I would like to know what it leveled up to, so i can readjust my strategy. B: Sometimes a PAK38 comes out and they cannot hit the broad side of a barn. SOMETIMES, they come out and the first shot blows up your bunker, then the second shot is a direct hit into a trench. I would very much like to know the statistics of that PAK38. Just think it will make it more interesting, and make for more NEWER strategies for this gorgeous game. Also it is going to shake the weak when a PAK38 comes out at WAVE 4 and the stats have 54 rifle. Thats considered “shit yo pants time” lmao

    2) ZOOK. YES THEY SUCK, YOU NEED 55 OF THEM JUST SO THEY CAN BE PRODUCTIVE LMAO, MAYBE AFTER THIS SUGGESTION THEY WONT ANYMORE. I understand URB nerfed them. After that change, you need minimum of 3 of them just to make a scratch on the German line. The suggestion i have is when you zook reaches the exp of 25, your officer gets a new “CONCENTRATION FIRE” order, allowing you to shoot the zook and only the zook at the indicated target. Once the zook soldier reaches NCO status, it an be done without an officer. The timer will have a 120 second cool down, PLUS, PLUS this will make way for a new ribbon. Get 20 zooks to NCO and you will get a 1% chance to have a free zook at the start of the mission or have 1% chance of getting a zook to start with exp of 25 or something.

    Awareness: Im extremely excited for MnB3 to be available for play HOWEVER since both games are different platforms, their is a good chance that people are going to play both MnB2 and MnB3 just as much.

    Thank you for this great game. I wonder if a version will ever come for a home system in FIRST PERSON VIEW ooooooo mmmmmyyyyy

    OOOOOO RRRaaaaaa!!!!! Bartolozzi 333 out…


    Very good stuff here! Even some of idea is a little bit over powerful but is sounds like a future version MNB2. Probably can be discuss when we are going to update the MNB2. Well, guess this will be a hard working year for Urb. As there are lots of good game require him to code. XDDD

    Keep up great work and have more fun on Urb game. >o<


    I like the idea of being able to tell some info about the Germans. Gives them a little more personality before you obliterate them with an arty shell. Nice suggestions overall!


    While the suggestions sound nice, I’m not convinced about them.
    For scout: the stats are randomized, and they do not define anything. That’s the whole beauty of URB games.
    Your 90 rifle Sniper may miss thrice in a row, while 5 rifle Frenchie might kill an enemy from across the map.
    As for enemy leveling up, the Germans share the same exp system as allies, which means that if they kill 10 friendlies, they will be promoted to PFC. And yes, it most often happens to artillery and PAKs.

    As for Zook. I’d absolutely love to see it.
    But the thing is: I’d kill the URB in the game.
    The whole beauty of the game is about rndomness, being screwd over by the unluckiest dice roll ever, having Tiger at wave 1, snipers gibbed by stray mortars, Sarges killed in CQC by Volks.
    Having more or less direct control over the actions of a soldier is one of these things. And if you can make them do exactly what you want to, that’s kinda breaking the experience.

    However, your suggestions bring up something very interesting:
    Veterancy related special skill.
    Now this is an idea I’d love to see explored.

    So far we know about Scout’s boom-spam ability, officer orders (+1TP, -1flanker) and Sarge (unpin, exp for officer, morale for everyone)
    I’m thinking about some of my own, but I’ll let you come up with something in the meant ime, because I like that idea very much and I’d like to hear URB opinion on it.

    Franco Bartolozzi

    I WAS only suggesting this for zooks and scouts not with snipers. oh and how many of you actually had a ZOOK go past EXP of 50. i never have and i have been playing the game for 3 years. Even when before the nerf, i used them and i still did not get one over 50 exp. that is why i dummbed it down to 25 exp. i would like to see what urb has to say about it lol thank you for the replies.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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