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    So has anyone beaten the game yet? I can’t even get past the first level. Any tips would be much appreciated.


    I’m stuck at Khe San which, I believe, is last but one mission.

    Few basic information about units:
    Marines: These guys have relative good combat skills and are the backbone of your forces. Use them to eliminate the VCs, but whenever possible try to avoid 1v1 fights. They should win agains noraml VC, but will lose against NVA
    Recon They are faster than VCs. They have better range and combat skills than anyone else. Use tem to roam around the AO and locate enemies and assets. With a bit of careful management, they can be used as a harrasing unit.
    Engineers They can fight, but are anemicly bad at it and quickly die. However if they gain some EXP, they will blow up buildings in no time. Always have 1 team handy. Preferably packed into a Huey, or APC.
    APC Use it to transport the marines to intercept VCs and provide fire support during combat.. It’s tough, but not invincible, so pay attention to it’s condition.
    Dozer Will destroy enemy buildings on touch. Unarmed. Used to construct buildings on your own. Repairs FOB. Consumes A LOT of supplies.
    M60 Expensive, night indestructible and packs a punch. Normally fires an MG, which works as a normal attack, but sometimes fires a cannon, killing ~10 VCs with one shot.
    Huey Can transport 1 team. Poorly armed and armored. Nedd to land and take off to pick up and deploy troops. All helicopters land automatically when near FOB. They are VERY exposed when landed.
    Cayuse Very fast. Excellent for spotting and not much else. Very fragile. Dies almost instantly when exposed to AA gun.
    Cobra Glass cannon. Excellent firepower and mobility. Sometimes fires rockets which work like M60’s cannon.

    As for enemies we heve:
    VC Standard enemy. Weaker than marines. Build basic things.
    Snipers Will harras you from a distance. Die relatively quickly i confronted directly. Quite rare.
    RPG Sometimes fire an RPG, which deals lots of dmg to vechicles and buildings, but often misses infantry.
    Mortar Bombards your position. Easy to track by the smoke when firing. Will try to escape if attacked.
    Rider Annoying bugger with a stick and a bag. Will rob your FOB. Stolen supplies can be recovered.
    NVA Better at fighting than your marines. Build advanced stuff.
    Soviet Advisors Paradropped around the area. Deal horrendus damage, but are fairly easy to kill. Very dangerous and annoying unit.
    Light Tank Fast, deadly, hard to kill. Big problem.
    Heavy Tank Slower, deadlier, and unkillable beast of an enemy. Best solution is to press F5 and try to prevent the motor pool from being build in the first place.

    Basic Advice:

    -First team are marines. Always. Second team is Recon. Always. Third team are engineers. Always.
    -Injured unit is still a unit. When FOB is attacked use everyone who’s near to kill the attackers.
    -Always have at least one Recon team moving around AO. I recommend you make a scheme and follow it. I usually move them around the map, 1 tile away from the edge.
    -Strength in numbers.
    -If you are precise enough, you can put your Recons in position where they can attack the enemy, and are not attacked in return.
    -If you have multiple Assets in the AO, destroy production buildings first.
    -If there are villages in the AO. Have 1 marine team guarding each at all times.
    -Destroy any buildings you find ASAP. Having engineers loaded into the Huey helps a lot.
    -If your recons encounter an enemy, it’s sometimes better to follow then after you send a QRF to intercept. You will not risk losing them and can add Recon firepower to the fight.
    -There is not such thing as “Too many Recons”
    -Sometimes it is better to keep your supplies for healing current troops than purchasing another unit.
    -If you see only 1 soldier left in a squad, do not risk and keep them away from combat. Even if FOB is attacked.
    -FOB has 200 HP. That’s enough to give you some space to manouver and some time to reorganise. But do not neglect it.
    -First of all; CRATES!!!

    As for the building queue I’m using, it goes like this:
    (starter): Marines. Stick around the FOB until plane comes.
    (1st drop): Recon. Have them roam the AO and fetch the next crate if possible.
    (2nd drop): Engineers. Send them to destroy any assets spotted by the Recons
    (3rd drop): More marines to protect the base and kill enemies.
    (4 th drop): Save supplies for necessary heals.
    (5th drop): Either Recons, APC or save for heals. Depends on situation.
    Next ones depend more and more on the situation at hand.

    Well, that’s all I can say for now.
    Good luck out there.
    Let me know if any of this has proven to be usefull and
    URB ON!

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    Hey, thanks Kacpo! I think you have some solid stuff here. I’ll try my best to implement your advice.


    What is a strategy for Da Drang?

    50 Supplies. 3 minutes for an airdrop (150 supplies)

    3 VC and 3 NVA platoons. 1 VC tunnel and 1 NVA HQ

    My issue:
    I am struggling on this one … I seem to do better with engineer platoons at start but never really seem to be doing well. The marines if spawned first aren’t able to engage the enemy well as they often are swarmed with enemy units. At the same time the VC seem to build quicker than I can destroy.


    Personally that is the last FOB that I get to most of the time when I start over.
    Since the enemy units swarm you it is important to defend your FOB but at the same time grab every crate if possible.
    Luck is very important here. A FOB on rocks helps a lot for Marines defending from there due to the saves they get.
    Try to always fight from rocks or, if possible with Recons, from out of enemy range distance.
    Remember that the more units you buy the more expensive they become.
    This is where the Dozer (this thing can also destroy any enemy structure in seconds) and buildings can be better in the long run since their costs do not stack up.
    Problem there is that I am not sure if every building actually does much if at all save the Antenna for support calls.

    I am currently at Quang Nai (Operation Starlight). My favorite FOB since it plays a lot faster due to having them 400 supplies right of the bat.
    Will “play” with this FOB for a while and see if I can come up with more strategic help for the community.


    Managed to get up to Khe San, and I’m not sure it’s actually possible to beat it.

    Any troops near the FOB tend to get overwhelmed, and you have to have at least one unit out to retrieve supplies.

    I’ve tried leaving the FOB alone and rushing for a dozer + defensive emplacement, but the marines garrisoning the structure still get overwhelmed.

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