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Strategies and Tactics – Battlefield advances

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    1. Don’t rush

    2. Your men sometimes need a break:
    – to heal
    – to restore morale
    – to adapt to changing enemy assets, conditions, etc.

    3. Creeping barrage (as best as you can) when facing enemy hard-points:
    – infantry advances behind artillery bombardment (refer: ww1 creeping barrage as used by Canadian troops, Arthur Currie). Note: keep your spacing.
    – Use all your means of softening enemy hard-points.
    4. Scout, but don’t commit all your men in such a way that they are bunched up or at great risk of death.

    5. Find which specializations/classes work best for you and formulate a game plan with said preferred assets.

    6. Watch Generation Kill. be continued..


    What do you guys do when your un-leveled grunts are absolutely raped by enemy forces?


    @Squadaholic117 Lose until behind schedule then advance 8 or 9 times to get back ahead


    Very good answer Polarfuchs.
    However with then 9 days ahead the spectacle will repeat itself.


    Yes, But I sometimes have 10 map days that keep me 1 or 2 days ahead, it averages out you know


    My guys have never been ‘raped’. They advance one at a time, covering each other until contact with enemy is made.


    Alright folks, I got one for you about Advancing. Would appreciate advice on this one…

    Have gone 5 maps and only have a Gunner, Medic, Rifleman and Marksman left, having lost my Officer the first map and my Engineer on the 5th map.
    No Signaler because when I started I was deciding tween Officer & Marksman, got distracted and chose both. 🙁 Ooopps…

    Keep going? I was 3 days behind at start, so if I halt Ill be a day ahead, but if I keep going.., ..there’ll be that chance at getting U.R.B.ed. Sounds fun, hunh? 😉


    So I waited for a while, and no response so I went for it.., 🙂 And got another map! ..and went again and got my 7th map. 🙁 ..and my Marksman died on it.
    And now the big question is; Do I tempt fate and take on map 8 with only 3men?(a Gunner, a Medic and a Rifleman)
    I’m thinking No. Take my 3days ahead, and send me faithful wee laddies home for their pint.
    I’m willing to listen to the community’s voice…


    Gunner, medic and rifleman are a strong combo. You got a base of fire, sustain and a beefy man to push up or fallback using his skill set. If you feel you can work with that, go for it, otherwise, maybe you can call it a day and start fresh with a new line up of Greenies.


    Went with the fresh start. 😀 Oh Yea, this is the right place, got ALOT of U.R.B. 🙂
    Sitting on another restart while I peruse the forums and remember to attend to life. Willing to take suggestions for my next crew. I wanna Siggy for Arty & Drops, a Gunner for Mortaring -{insert Night Ranger’s tune here- “..I’m Mortaring!! What’s your price for flight?…”}- a Rifleman for those lovely objects he tosses about-{just discovered the Grenade is on a different timer than the Riflegrenade 😮 Oh Joy!!}- and a Medic, cause I like thinking I have a chance.
    The others are options and arguments.

    Always welcome to hash it out at the Bear….




    Got splattered the last two times out, so I’m thinking different approach, I’m thinking of doing the ‘Samuli Streak’ with Green horns.

    When the weekly challenge was to finish a map w/out upgrading your weapons, Space went the map without selecting his crew’s classes in an attempt to avoid the penalty and made it, now I’m gonna try. I’ll upgrade at the screen’s end where it’s safe.., 🙁 ..somewhat…

    Since I’ve gotten creamed the last two times and am now only ONE day ahead, I figure ‘Fork Em!!‘ let’s see is I can make it on schedule by making like a brothel-on-wheels and hauling ass outa there!

    Gonna run a Siggy, Medic & Four Rifleman. Can you sing G.I. Joe?!?


    Okay was asked a question recently and not sure of the answer.

    the hunter gamer asked on Youtube:

    What would be the best team for when the Germans send wave after wave of men and tanks?

    The video he ask about is where for 30 minutes my men were in the same area and not able to make any progress and even had to retreat. The waves just kept coming.


    Gunner, Engineer, Spec Ops, Medic, RTO, ( Marksman/Rifleman )

    *Engineer for Bazooka and Mine is a main weapon you can handle vehicle or reinforcement.
    *Gunner mainly to pin the large group of German and kill them when in closer range.
    *Spec Ops, TNT and call F-Force to reinforce your squad.
    *Medic, heal so you have chance to win the long fight, obviously.
    *RTO, New GI, Bomb and Arty support.
    *Marksman mainly kill German, Rifleman for three grenade as a nice AP unit and also can accidently be use as back up AT way.

    My Opinion when you are +6 or more advance the day, the fight will be long for each map for sure, but you can win if you handle well and patient.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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