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    I have a few games that I have no interest in lying around from bundles that I’ve acquired. Since I haven’t redeemed or even generated their keys, the option is still available for me to gift them. Below is a list of games with their store links, and if you are interested, post here and I’ll later give you the gift link by PM. If many people are interested in the same title, we’ll have to come up with a suitably brutal way of settling the dispute.

    Punch Club



    Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide (+ Drachenfels and Razorfang Poison item DLC)

    Hurtworld (a game staring a character who resembles a certain person we know)



    Punch Club looks soooo classic. Like on the first nintendo or so.
    The crocodile is a nice way to imitate a ninja turtle without breaking copy right.

    LiEat be something best suited for young teens. Interesting game but the combat or whatever seams awkward.

    Aragami is my kind of game. Nice fresh mechanics to boot the atmosphere.

    Vermintide is to much for my computer to handle. The hack & slash is truly epic with this one.

    Hurtworld is just that ee. Not so much my thing but I bet urbzz would love it.

    Désiré has astounding artwork. Playing this may become weird as far as I have read up on the comments.

    Very interesting collection you got there. Since I am well capable of buying myself any game I want others aside me may content for them.
    Thanks a bunch for putting this here. You are a real Santa Clause to us.

    Brian Jimenez

    A Warhammer Game sounds nice.


    @nobueno The game is yours. 🙂

    Anybody else?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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