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    The Pig

    I have no idea why, but it is EXTREMELY(for me at least) hard to be stealthy in the AO. When I try to be stealthy I keep bumping into enemy forces and all the while when I hear them nearby I try to move away from them, but I end up running into the bastards. Anybody have tips on this? I know spotting skill is good, but I just want to know from others.

    Mikey Tran

    Well, I am not really an experienced player with stealth, however, I have been in your situation before and there are a few suggestions I have found useful to deal with such situation (thanks to losing many good rangers to the hand of those lucky bastard that happened to bump in to my team). Hope you might find them useful as well

    Beside spotting skill, stealth is also vital. Most of my rangers in my chalk have at least 1 stealth in order to reduce the chance of being compromised even when being spotted. I would suggest spending one point on each member which you would like to use them in your stealth team.

    Tactical pause. Not only does this tactic help you to prevent making noise to the VC and NVA around you, but also allow you to scan for flare trap or even mines and pungi spike. I bet you would not want to trigger a flare trap, especially in a stealth mission cause the trap trigger the QRF and the current enemies stationing in your map to come to the last known area. In addition, tactical pause allow your ranger to scan the AO more effectively, since moving constantly reduce the speed and the range of each ranger vision. If a ranger moving constantly for over 5 seconds, there will be 75% chance of him creating noise and 25% chance leaving track behind ( unless you have the HCM sandals, which leave no footprint). The main VC and the NVA are highly sensitive with noise and will investigate the source of noise.

    Listening to the environment. There are sound of VC and NVA coughing, yawning or even chatting. The previous were signal that the VC was alone, however, the latter mean that there are at least two Charlie. The louder the noises, the closer they are.

    Finally, know the Charlie’s facing direction and line of sight. If the enemy is moving constantly toward your ranger but have not spot you yet, leave immediately by break left or right, since this would give the VC a hard time to spot you. Don’t just run forward, going in a zig-zag maneuver is extremely effective in evading them. Sometime, the Charlie will stop his patrol and stand still, giving you the chance to quickly get your ass out of his sight.

    Using object to block LOS such as trees, stone or even smoke grenade if needed, since the more times you have been in overt status, the farther the range that the Charlie can spot you.

    Those are some of the tips that I have learnt from bumping into some of the VC, especially the main VC and the NVA while in a stealth mission. The result was brutal since they can mowed down your ranger quickly in close range while you are still shocked and forgot to turn on the “Weapon free” switch.


    turn your radio channel to bird dog as soon as you get in AO, do a low flight ground survey and leave your radio on tuned to bird dog. ground survey lets you avoid black foot trails and sometimes bird dog can watch for enemy movements in the AO. also make sure you are covering footprints(or the ones you want to cover) and try to keep your men looking in different directions.

    Unib Rovodkalan

    for me I make foot prints then claymore the end of the foot prints then backtrack and go a different direction


    Also note that sometimes sound queues (enemies making noise) aren’t entirely directional, but tend to be location specific. That is, they play at the same volume regardless of distance from your rangers and is tied to camera position, not ranger-enemy location.

    If you have rangers with high spotting (very important for staying abreast of and ahead of enemies), keep an eye on them as they tend to point in the direction of spotted enemies when they see them, especially in covert mode.

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